Top Ten Reasons Why Game Theory's "Rosalina Unmasked" Theory is Wrong

My second least favorite Mario theory from Game Theory is "Rosalina Unmasked" because MatPat parades this theory around just as much as "Mario Is Mental". MatPat's evidence is just plain wrong. He even destroys his own theory in the video! Now I want to say I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST MATPAT. This list is here so GT fanboys can see a different perspective from their "god" that they constantly believe. Here's why Rosalina is NOT Peach's daughter.

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1 Rosalina was ORIGINALLY going to be related to Princess Peach

Thank you for posting this! Rosalina is family to me. I was able to think up all of the reasons except the telescope part. (GREAT CATCH) I know if Mama (Rosalina) was here she would say, ''May the Stars shine down upon you.''

Which means she isn't related in the first place. - RosalinaX

Thank you Yoshiaki Koizumi for giving us this information. Otherwise we couldn't actually BLOW UP this theory. He said that Rosalina was originally going to be related to Princess Peach. Uh...MatPat? You alright there? You sure you checked ALL of your evidence? Really? Okay...well you blew up your own theory. Keyword: ORIGINALLY. This means that they were GOING to make them related, but they decided against they AREN'T RELATED. - DCfnaf

Mat Pat you ok? You seem a little embarrassed. Maybe that’s beacause you blew up your own theory.

2 The telescope in Luigi's Mansion was not a real telescope.

I won't deny the fact that Luigi has a telescope in the mansion, but King Boo and the rest of his minions created the mansion AS AN ILLUSION. So it's not a real telescope. Plus the mansion disappears along with the telescope at the end of the game. - DCfnaf

I don’t think MatPat has played Luigi’s mansion if he did not know the mansion and telescope was an illusion.

3 The tree in the storybook is different from the tree in Galaxy's ending.

They are different kinds of trees, stupid MatPat. Apparently he can't tell the difference. - RosalinaX

The one in Mario Galaxy's ending is a deciduous tree. The one in the storybook is an evergreen tree. Plus they're both in different locations. You could say "But since the universe resets that means the tree could be different u stooped" but since the characters don't change genders after the universe resets the tree probably wouldn't change its type. - DCfnaf

4 Rosalina aging really slowly means Peach can't be the mom.

That means Rosalina is probably hundreds of years old while Peach is about 20ish? (No ages are ever confirmed.) It's impossible for a child to be older then their mother. - RosalinaX

Somebody FINALLY said it!

It would make no sense to make mommy princess peach. I hate game theory’s because most of them make no sense.

Peach can’t be the mom because she would be dead after Galaxy and if Rosalina aged super slow she would’ve not existed.

5 Using genetics to compare the characters isn't really sound evidence since they were all made by the same artist.

The artist probably decided that EVERY human character would have blue eyes and attached earlobes (Wario and Waluigi don't have blue eyes but they DO have attached earlobes). So this means literally ANY of them could be the parents by this logic since Nintendo decided to just give everyone similar features. Also, Mario and Luigi aren't tall enough to be the father according to the storybook. Waluigi WOULD be tall enough, but he doesn't have blue eyes. - DCfnaf

6 Luigi doesn't show any interest in Peach according to Chemistry

Peach practically friendzones Luigi in Mario Party, considering their team name is "Green Escort." - RosalinaX

Luigi wants Daisy.

It's a MASSIVE stretch to say Luigi and Peach are getting together. Peach does not act cold towards Mario, she's MUCH more cold to Luigi. Team Names from Mario Party 5 also show us that Mario and Peach is "Cutest Couple" and Luigi and Peach is "Green Escort". Luigi is just protecting Peach. Luigi and Daisy is "Steady Sweeties" meaning they are a couple! Plus, Luigi has no chemistry with Peach in the game! He only has chemistry with Mario and Daisy. LUIGI AND PEACH ARE NOT DATING. - DCfnaf

I agree. Nitendo didn't say anything about Luigi having an affair with Peach

7 The Galaxy doesn't get reset. The entire universe does.

MatPat says that the Galaxy resets which explains why Peach is alive now and why Mario gets more lives. But Rosalina would also be reset since the UNIVERSE gets reset, NOT the Galaxy. In other words, no matter how fast she travels, no matter where she is, SHE SHOULD GET RESET ALSO. - DCfnaf

8 The Second Luigi can't be from a previous cycle.

If Luigi 2 was from a previous cycle, why wouldn't there be a second Rosalina from the current cycle? Also, when the universe resets, Luigi 2 would be ridden out of existence and all of the things he did, such as collect power stars, would not have happened! - DCfnaf

9 Rosalina's eye shade is different from Peach's

Rosalina's eyes are an aqua shade of green blue. Peach's are just blue blue. - RosalinaX

Rosalina has the "True Sapphire" shade of blue, but Mario, Luigi, and Peach have the "Brilliant Blue" shade of blue. Wouldn't it make sense that Rosalina gets the Brilliant Blue color if Peach is the Mom and one of the bros is the Dad? - DCfnaf

Rosalina has light blue, while peach has blue blue. -kittenpaws01

10 It says that Rosalina's father strokes his mustache in the French version of the storybook, not the Japanese

Considering that many countries adapt their versions of stories to fit their customs and language, this isn't evidence
unless it's the ORIGINAL STORY. - RosalinaX

This lowers the effectiveness of the evidence since it wasn't the ORIGINAL creators' version of the storybook. The French just CHOSE to add this little thing in for some reason. - DCfnaf

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11 It says Peach x Luigi but Peach is with Mario and Luigi has a crush on Daisy

And also has shown his interest in Rosalina throughout super Mario Galaxy. There's a picture of them together at the end and Luigi constantly wants you to tell Rosalina that HE was the one who found it. But it seems Luigi is more committed to Daisy... ;( Sorry I ship Luigi X Rosalina, but I enjoy Luigi X Daisy. - DCfnaf

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