Top Ten Reasons Why The George Floyd Riots Are Terrible

Originally these were riots that happened in Minneapolis, but seem to have spread to the rest of the US. There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG with the riots regarding justice for George Floyd that it's ridiculous

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They don't do any justice to George Floyd

Originally the peaceful protests did, but now, not anymore. What really needed to happen was that the police officers who were responsible for George's murder were to be arrested and fired. Guess what? That happened. Those guys are arrested. Except the riots are still going all over the country, and if you look at other items on the list, you'll soon realize that justice is almost nonexistent in these riots. Even George's family is saying the riots aren't doing him any justice.

If the policemen who were responsible weren't arrested, I'd gladly be part of a peaceful protest. Now that they're arrested, what is going to happen from protests?

Again, these are few and far between. The vast majority have been peaceful, escalated over police action that gives strong Iran Protests vibes, so saying protests should stop (not referring to this list by the way), is like saying because some dude died from choking on a strawberry no one should eat strawberries

People are so misinterpreted into things. He was a typical person, which's important because people are important. But we never reacted like that to a death of a celebrity from murder (not even John Lennon, Selena Quintanilla Perez, Christina Grimmie, XXXTentacion, Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, Corey LaBerrie or Houdidi). He was murdered by police during arrest & protests took place that then turned into riots & spread across the country. Yet despite being caused by the murder, they don't do any justice to him. Nor Breonna Taylor (who was also killed earlier). I mean we should all think of white & black-skinned people as ordinary people & appreciate each other for our natural beauties. Murder is wrong to any innocent person regardless of color.

Great list. TheTopTens needs more reasonable people like you on it.

People actually got killed in the riots

All these riots about one death, and the sad thing is that those who defend against the riots end up being targets. Like the Oakland Federal Protective Service man, also a black guy, who ended up dead during the riots.

Yes, and there's no riots about him. I'm all for peaceful protests

We should stay peaceful, what the policeman did was bad, but we shouldn't be killing people to get our point across. If anything, you are just making it worse.

A total of 14 innocent people killed in rioting so far, and they are not over.

This is probably the fact that most shows how stupid the riots are to me at least.

The riots are destroying private properties in businesses that have nothing to do with the issue

Are you serious? A lot of people who are poor and are trying to start businesses and family restaurants have had enough crap with Coronavirus shutting their doors and preventing them from making money. And now their glasses are being broken and locations are being set on fire. These people have had their lives ruined and some of them probably wish they were dead too, but the protestors are the ones responsible for their new hardships.

You can see in multiple videos black folks at those riots saying that they wanted these riots to be peaceful, but there are some troublemakers that are starting to paint and damage buildings. These kind of people make them look bad. Most of them are probably a bunch of SJWs that claim they are fighting for Black rights just to make themselves feel good, even though they don't need to be defended and can defend themselves.

I can understand that George Floyd's death was horrible, but rioting and destroying valuable property only makes things worse. Besides corona already had a huge affect on the world and rioting by destroying other people's property and even killing other people only makes things worse.

People are already dealing with distress due to coronavirus and destroying businesses for no reason does nothing but adds onto the trouble

None of the rioters practice social distancing

It seems stupid to my mind to sacrifice many lives by spreading Covid-19 to potentially hundreds of people over ONE man, however tragic his death was. The whole thing is mad.

I know. Is it really worth getting coronavirus? I don't think so.

I bet these protesters are the same type of people who were demanding businesses stay closed through Covid. If we get a second wave these people will be to blame. We couldn’t have businesses open or gather in groups of more than 10 for the past few months now giant protests are okay? You can’t have it both ways

It's as if the narrative on Coronavirus ended up falling apart after the death of George Floyd. Protestors huddle in loads of locations, but given how Coronavirus spreads, how much you wanna bet that these idiots actually contributed to a potential second wave?

The rioters make Americans look bad to other nations

Most people worldwide want to see other nations for what they are. But with the riots going on, people in other nations tend to look at Americans as utter animals just on the basis of all these protestors.

They also make Americans look bad to other Americans.

It already was before this. Smh

The rioters make both Antifa and Democrats look bad

Ooh, does this make you feel better? Antifa already had it coming when Trump declared them to be a terrorist organization. They're called such because of them looting and destroying locations that have nothing to do with the murder. And they do it for...racial justice, which doesn't add up at all. Democrats, and several Hollywood celebrities, are apparently aiding them in their violence by donations and such. Uh, what? Weren't most of these people telling us to stay home?

The vast majority of people who pose themselves to be Antifa are White Supremacists.

Antifa already had a bad reputation.

Some rioters actually target residential areas

There was a notorious tweet that says that Antifa would target neighborhoods (specifically white hoods). Except that's going to cause way more stir because now you'll be making people very angry and homeless too.

All this is going to do create more pain and suffering that isn't needed.

Target Homes to make more People homeless! That won’t make them mad at all

Which could be a felony offense!

The riots hurt the jobs of police officers

Police officers aren't bad, people are bad. It's sad, but it's true, people that murder other human beings exist and sadly some of them happen to be police officers.

And they act like some black people haven't committed hate crimes in the past. In my area, a young white boy was beaten up by 3 black teenagers last year and had to be taken to the hospital. But of course, nobody mentions events like this one because it doesn't suit their agenda. There was also another incident in my area a few months back: a 20-21 year old black man hit an old lady with a car (still waiting for his sentence by the way) and he was laughing it off, you could see him smile in the newspaper.

The police officers responsible for the murder were bad, yes, but are we really going to go by the ACAB moniker on account of a few bad cops? That's terrible. Also the rioters burn down police stations.

yes they do. some police officers are kind and nice and are genuinely trying to help the world. I'm black, and I hate seeing these things happen in the name of black people.

Look I get Chauvin and the other 3 officers were in the wrong. But most cops are just trying to protect communities and keep citizens safe. Obviously they committed a heinous crime and an excessive overreach of power. But dear God I’m so sick of the whole “a few cops are bad that means all cops are bad!” and the whole idea of “if you disagree with you spawn from the devil and need to die” seriously there’s so much ignorance and finger pointing on social media it’s insane. STOP. Just STOP! Get off social media NOW! All it has become is a giant cesspool of misinformation and nobody can see through it

This same logic also applies to the protesters themselves. Some are violent so the media makes them out to all be rioters despite the fact that some are actually peaceful protests

The riots show which kinds of people are complicit to the riots

Remember what I said that the riots hurt Democrats? That's cause a lot of them are complicit, and do nothing to help cull the dangerous situations. As opposed to when the National Guard steps in. Those who are complicit will probably need to watch themselves.

Many of the riots are actually staged

What do I mean by this? I've seen a video of someone showing off a huge stack of bricks that were simply placed in a specific area, away from the construction sites they were in. It's as if they were put in deliberately to make the protests easier to show off damages. Even more, a great amount of actual protestors seem to have been paid to actually cause agitation, having come in from buses

I'm going to add on to this and say that some of those riots that get staged happen in the middle of peaceful protests. One thing I'm thankful for is when the peaceful protestors notice the rioters trying to cause trouble and make the peaceful protestors look bad and stop him before he can cause any damage. So yes, a lot of the riots not only are bad, but some rioters are sent up in places of peaceful protest to make THOSE people seem like criminals, when they're not.

I agree with this. People are being manipulated in participating in these violent riots. There's something going on in the background. That's nothing new though, things like that have been happening for centuries and there's clearly a lot of stuff happening during/with Covid 19 that people aren't aware of.

the deaths aren't staged

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The riots put George Floyd as the face of something he wouldn't have wanted

I doubt it. There will always be people who are racist. Not only is there racism between black and white people, there are people in Asian nations who are racist, and other nations have racists as well.

Floyd's brother even said in a speech, that we're not even a quarter as upset as he is, and you don't see him rioting. George was apparantly an extremely peaceful man, he would hate to see the world like this

Will George Floyd become the face of the end of racism if things go succesfully?

All Lives Matter

oh my god I hate how people are only saying this as soon as the Black Lives Matter movement showed up. Stop taking the attention away from Black Lives Matter. I'm literally white and I think "all lives matter" is a bad thing to say when someone says black lives matter. Just look it up why it's not an appropriate thing to say right now. Its not that hard to understand. Do "all lives matter" to you when indigenous people go missing? Do "all lives matter" to you when the people in Yemen are facing a humanitarian crisis? Do "all lives matter" to you when women are being sex-trafficked? Do "all lives matter" to you when the LBGTQ+ are being murdered? I'm just asking.

Heedrie, what the previous person is saying is that ALL LIVES MATTER NO MATTER WHAT. I think people have forgotten that lesson. But yes, we need to help the black lives because people are ignoring how they are a part of our society. To an extend, all lives matter but it's up to us to remember and uphold that motto.

And also, all children are special but children are very special to their mothers. And the houses that are not on fire matter so they can be safe and prevent getting their house burnt down.

That is something people seem to forget. It's not just about Black people, it's about everyone. It's crazy to me to see all these leftists telling people what to think in these times. Black conservatives can't even voice their opinions on this. They even hide an interesting statistic from 2019 WaPo Fatal Force Database:
- 6.3% of black suspects killed were unarmed (15/236)
- 6.6% of white suspects killed were unarmed (25/376)

All lives matter whether you're black, white, a color in between and/or you have a disability of some kind.

They give America a bad reputation

This country already has a bad reputation. I mean have you seen our current president?

Forget the president. Other politicians have made themselves look bad in their efforts to undermine him, and unlike Trump their continuous demanding has made them worse in the public's eyes. Just look at Jacob Frey, the Minneapolis mayor, who defunds the police and then asks for federal bailout.

I wonder what George Washinton would say about America today...

America already had a bad reputation before this happened! Probably because of Donald Trump, or should I say Tronald Dump!😂😂 smh

They will spread Coronavirus everywhere

They're already talking about a second wave right now now that the riots died down.

So it all seems strange.

After the collusion failed, they tried impeachment
After the impeachment failed, coronavirus came and with it the lockdowns
When lockdowns receded and the country is reopening, then all of a sudden George Floyd's death occurred and now we have riots going on.
Now riots are dying down and the second wave with LOTS of confirmed cases is going up! I've even heard that some tests just put it as positive for covid even if you have regular flu-like symptoms. Something is truly amiss.

I have no idea what America is prioritizing anymore

With the tear gas, as well as no social distancing...

Talk about poor timing.

They're pointless

Well they're not pointless really, as the motive was clear. BUT, if they want to make their point better in so-called rioting, they need to target buildings that matter most, not the Targets, not the small businesses (who I've already mentioned, are still struggling with the coronavirus stuff), and DEFINITELY NOT INNOCENT PEOPLE. If the rioters hate the government and police that much, they should be targeting their buildings and stuff. But because they target just about anything they can target, it becomes random violence and is frowned upon.

People are just attacking people and damaging buildings/businesses that have nothing to do with George Floyd or his death. It's just pointless.

Very true. I saw a rioter break into a store's window on the news. Pointless things are happening.

Expect they’re not pointless. Systemic Racism exists in America and is a problem. The point of the protests is to improve the justice system and try to end racism.

Rioters are just showing their ignorance and stupidity

They're now taking down statues of Abraham Lincoln and vandalizing monuments of Jimi Hendrix and the 54th regiment, plus statues of well-known historic figures who were OPPOSED TO SLAVERY. I thought they were rioting for justice for black lives but if they vandalize figures of those who fought against slavery something tells me they're stupid.

Most of the people burning and looting are white supremacists who want to make black people look bad

I've watched a lot of the protesting and rioting on television and I haven't see any white people looting, burning and trashing public property and motor vehicles.

This is false. A very few of the rioters are KKK who are pretending, but not many.

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