Reasons Why Girl Meets World Is Bad to Watch

These are reasons why you should think twice before watching Girl Meets World.

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1 Riley Sounds Like She Has Snot In Her Throat

Stop rasting me and my voice. I was younger then and I don't appreciate you all roasting me on a spit. So please go roast your family instead. Why you bully me?

She need to be on that nose clogging ad to remove it

Why you bully me?

Yea what happened to her voice? Is she not done with puberty? Anyway she really needs to fix her voice so it's not annoying. And for you people writing all good things I think your on the wrong website so

No she doesn't not really, but I don't think Riley really talks like that anymore. - Anonymousxcxc

2 It Is Boring

It just talks about everything and their life witch makes it boring also doesn't do anything in history class but talk

It would be the only good show if it had traveling for example, China and share facts about the countries instead of sit at school and interrupt teachers. That would be a great impact because it's called Girl Meets World, not Girls Learns World.

You can think that it's boring if you want to. But I think that it's worse than boring.

I’m sorry, but how?

3 It Ruins Boy Meets World

Although nothing can ruin boy meets world I find it a cheap rip off - happyhappyjoyjoy

It's a spinoff, they are adaptations of the original shows, ripoffs are not adaptations.

Boy Meets World is such an inspiring show!

Have you guys watched the interview about the spinoff of boys meet world and girls meet world. Like seriously so what if they created girls meet world based off the original the boy meets world cast didn't seem bothered when the creator did girls meet world.

Ruins the characters actually, I don't recall cory being so goofy that he runs from topanga who's running around the house with a chicken on a fork. The freak? And they said they weren't going to be goofy parents. HA what a joke

4 They Play the Laugh Track a Lot

Yo, my fam I went to one of the airings and they basically just had a sign that turned red when you had to laugh. I am serious as anything bro. I ain't lien

They have a live studio audience, but even that audience isn't supplying the majority of the laughter we hear. The show isn't even funny enough for that, IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I smiled maybe a few times but that's it

They play the laugh track, like, every 5 seconds

And tries to act like they don't use it here and there. uh yeah been watching T.V. for years boo, you can't fool me..

5 The Jokes Are Not Funny

Watch the beginning of the episode girl meets farkle's choice or whatever, rowan/riley was doing way too much and maya was over the top like it's not even funny why are you cracking up? The show is stale in comedy, just like all the other Disney shows so people need to stop pretending that it isn't.

Focus too much on being serious and not enough on the comedy. sometimes I cringe, othertimes I do kinda laugh here and there, and then most times I rethink my life choices because the jokes are so bad.

Who cares if it focuses too much on being serious? I love seriousness and despise most comedy nowadays.

They're always so serious all the time so when they actually try to be funny, it always end up being goofy and annoying. - Jackie_smith

For some stupid reasons cartoons don't make me laugh

6 It Is Pointless

The only thing with a point is Cory's ugly butt nose

Exactly, they claimed they would be different from all other Disney shows but it's all the same. Unfunny, characters you want to slap or tell to shut up with their whining and basic problems that can be solved in one day, and definitely stereotypical characters

It doesn't really seem to teach anything useful.

All their episodes are just plain stupid and pointless. Like Girl Meets Bear when Riley lost her dumb bear and everyone pitched in to help...The problems are so small, but they make it as if it's so big. Like Girl Meets Fish. That was probably one of the dumbest episodes... - Jackie_smith

7 Auggie Makes You Want to Sell Your TV

Why does a 5 year old have to be in a relationship. Disney's obsession with couples is getting on my nerves. For example, I'm 15 and I've never been in love and I live a perfectly goid life, but on Disney Channel almost everyone has a love interest, which can ruin a lot of things. - LeaPurple2003

They literally have a laugh track after almost everything Auggie does...and he's not even that funny. And why have his parents become okay with him being married (or whatever he is) to the controlling, bratty neighbor girl? I think at first Topanga was mad, but now she just sits and smiles like it's the cutest thing in the world. He. is. Five. He does not need to act like he's an adult all the time because one day he will be one, and it will be the hardest part of his life. What are they teaching little kids? That even though you're not even in elementary school, you need to be in a relationship? It's bad enough Maya and Riley are hardcore flirting in 7th grade, but seriously Auggie? YOU ARE FIVE! And honestly, I think Charlie from Good Luck Charlie was way cuter and smarter. - 3141671

I am a huge girl meets world fan but I don't like the Auggie and Ava storylines I think they distract the main story. They are cheesy

He acts way over his age, has a "GIRLFRIEND" and his parents don't ever make him stop, they just think it's SO CUTE, UGGG

8 There Are No Black People On It

There are no black people in any Disney shows, only That's So Raven, Shake It Up (Zendaya is considered black), Good Luck Charlie (Teddy's friend Ivy), Jessie (Zuri), and the upcoming new series K. C Undercover (Black parents, and Zendaya again) I think Disney hates black people, I'm even considered black in my school because my mom is Black and Indian, which leaves me mixed because my dad is just plain White. - MeaganSaysHI

Yeah. This show is racism. Where is this in the 1960's where there was segregation?

The next comment says that there are no black people on any Disney shows, except, then lists 5 Disney shows with black people on it, plus Vanessa and Lucas's friend from Texas are black

Actually, Gravity Falls has black people in it, but mostly in cameos and backgrounds

Not every show has to have a black person on it just like every show doesn't have to have a white person in it and this is coming from a black person.

9 It's Basically the 'Maya Show'

Maya is literally the only good character in this show FACT (besides the characters that were also in Boy Meets World obviously).

At least she's not annoying. Though she can be a little dumb, it takes three hours for Sabrina Carpenter's character to read 7 pages. Like what the heck?! I can read 655 pages in less than that amount of time.

She's not even bad she just tries to be.

You could be right. And I agree because I'm not fond of Maya due to her similarity to Shawn. And I loathe bad girls just as much as I loathe bad boys.

10 It's Always About Girls

I'm a girl, I'm sick of a lot of the repetitive kid's shows today, and I think that Disney needs to get new writers and plot lines. Though I have nothing against the actors, actually I sympathize them a bit. Basically what we're all saying Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network is be less stereotypical, get new and original plot lines, not have them so integrated into the same universe, destroy the laugh tracks, branch out a bit with your casting like more diversity, get different types of characters, and most importantly put some more effort into everything. Just because we're children and this goes for the little kid's channels too, it doesn't mean that we don't deserve shows with actual effort in it. Change your ways, be original, and you all can get even more people of all ages back.
That's all I have to say,

The entire story revolves around Riley and Maya with Lucas and Farkle doing whatever at some point. I just love the prejudice it's like someone other than Riley and maya try to leave the classroom they get detention but Riley and maya can because they are entitled as main characters and they don't care so they skip class whenever the feel like it. Nice role models Disney. And the one point where "daddy yells at Riley" she acts like she has the worst life ever and why does daddy hate her. Oh yes and why is Riley always concerned about dating when she's like 13? I know I'm getting off topic but this show is just..

Rowan es basura - BoliRoasts

I understand the show is GIRL meets world but honestly, they don't represent girls at all. First of all, Maya and Riley are so uniform to every other best friend group on T.V.. There's the smart, hardworking, good girl (although I wouldn't call Riley THAT smart) and the reckless, carefree, lazier friend. Sound like iCarly much? Shake it Up? I haven't even watched Best Friends Whenever very much but I'm pretty sure it's the same there too. Is this the only friendship worthwhile? Where the two friends are complete opposites but can bond over hardcore flirting with boys at age 12? That brings me to my next point. Yes, girls have crushes in middle school, but that does not mean they should encourage kids to start dating as young as possible! I mean during the first episode I was appalled at how they were sitting on some random guy's lap on THE New York SUBWAY! Yes obviously he turned out to be their best friend (after one episode-_-) but what are they suggesting? That it's somehow safe to ...more


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11 It Always Has to Have a Cheesy Moment In Every Episode

The moments don't even make sense. The characters aren't characters aren't characters, they're plot devices to move the pathetic excuse for a story along. Nothing they do makes the least bit of sense. They try to be sentimental but come out as stupid.

Like when Riley got put in a garbage bin, where she belongs. - MeaganSaysHI

Actually, I disagree with this. It doesn't have to have a cheesy moment every episode. It has to have about 20 minutes worth of cheesy moments every episode! In fact, every episode pretty much IS a cheesy moment!

I'm like for once have a episode that is funny, interesting and never cheesy. I always get so mad when ever something really cheesy happens

12 Cory and Topanga Act Like Boy Meets World Never Happened

The parents are not even scrict.. They let their kids do WHATEVER they want. In the first episode, the parents did not want Riley and Maya together. Then, suddenly, they let her go with Maya! Thanks a lot, Disney!

And why the freak were they acting shocked by maya's ways? The freak? Haven't the two been friends for a while, wouldn't you know how she acts by now and her family situation.

Sometimes they do act like BMW never existed. Like in Girl meets I do. Cory said that he never saw Shawn happy. when I heard this it kinda hurt, cause I'm a BMW fan. Shawn and Cory has had tons of happy moments,but apparently they want to act like it never existed...nice going writers - Jackie_smith

Yes they do. There's flashbacks all the time - peytonmeyer1234

13 Too Much Relationship Drama

They are in 7th grade when riley falls in love with lucas really? people have crushes at that age but being in love I mean it's kinda ridiculous I think it would have been a lot better if we could have followed them for longer and then have them start being like I like you lucas in their last year of high school and then when they have known each other longer and understand their feelings and how relationships work better than the relationships would work better

Disney is obsessed with romantic couples and it's annoying. - LeaPurple2003

Girl Meets World is like a soap opera. Every time you watch it you want something different, but you end up getting the same old "Who does Lucas love more" storyline. - yaygiants16

Don't let your young girls watch Disny it teaches "you only need a boy to be happy without one your nothing."

14 Repeats the Same Lesson

Yeah it's always BFFS +independence from parents= how you should live

Hey this episode about the secret of life this episode too this episode this episode too! come on where's the good lessons. I'm sick of this friendship junk I want some serious moments

This is true, actually.

What about the lesson that Communism is bad? They had that in there once.

1 Comment
15 It Always Happens In New York City

Haven't you heard? It's always Once Upon a Time in New York City.

Here it goes:

Now it's always once upon a time in New York City
It's a big old, bad old, tough old town, it's true
But beginnings are contagious there
They're always settin' stages there
They're always turnin' pages there for you

Ain't it great the way it all begins in New York City?
Right away, you're makin' time and making friends
No one cares where you were yesterday
If they pick you out, you're on your way
To a once upon a time that never ends

So Oliver, don't be shy
Get out there and go and try
Believin' that you're the guy
They're dyin' to see
'Cause a dream's no crime
Now once upon a time
Once upon a time in New York City

If it's always once upon a time in New York City
Why does nightfall leave you feeling so alone?
How could anyone stay starry-eyed
When it's raining cats and dogs outside
And the rain is sayin' "Now you're on ...more

Just because Jessie does it in NY city, doesn't mea Girl Meets Wart can. Are they trying to steal the Jessie fans?

No at the finale of Boy Meets World the main cast moves to New York so it makes sense if you've seen the Boy Meets World finale. Though that episode with Debby Ryan ruined it and the fact that the characters are bad role models and that the plot is stupid and cheesy. - Anonymousxcxc

How about girl meets Texas part one part two and part three I guess people don't know what they are talking about

That's where they live, stupid! And They went to Texas, and Pennsylvania!

16 It's Racist

Actually, I don't think it is honestly

I dislike that they replaced Angela with Shawn. It couldv'e been so sweet and interesting to see Shawn feel betrayed by her leaving him and finally against himself falling in love again. Plus, Topanga legit has no friends so... They took one of the only mixed racial couples on disney and replaced her with the typical blonde. It's just annoying to take something so sweet and special and make it the same as everything else.

17 It's Too Unrealistic

Even for a Disney show it's unrealistic, plus it sets terrible standards for kids. First of all, Corey is a terrible teacher, and if it was a real school, none of those kids would pass their exams. YOU CANNOT BASE YOUR WHOLE CURRICULUM ON you're DAUGHTERS FRIEND ISSUES. YOU CANNOT BIASEDLY TEACH YOUR DAUGHTER AND HER FRIENDS LIKE THEY CAN DO AND SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT. And because of his teaching, the kids have little to no respect for other teachers when they don't give them special treatment. I saw an episode where the girls were transferred to a different class, and everything was parallel to Corey's class, except they were no longer a teacher favorite, they were the extras. It was annoying how they just didn't get it. They didn't get how everything for the past school year had revolved around them, so instead of changing their attitudes with the new teacher, they went back to Corey saying they liked it that way better. OF COURSE YOU DO because HE LETS YOU DO WHATEVER! uhh

Dialogue/Getting on a cheerleading team when you stink/Leaving class whenever you want/Having kids on your campaign team/Having Cory be the leader of everything (the debate, the spelling bee, etc.)/Talking in class whenever you want to = Unrealistic

That is so true. Nobody is going to be able to just walk out of class for no reason, or get on the cheer-leading team even though she stinks, or basically
do ANYTHING that Riley does.

Are you ever supposed to have your dad be your teacher?

No, schools don't allow it because the parent could show favoritism towards their kid and control their grades which may lead to the kid getting a good grade when they don't deserve one. - Anonymousxcxc

18 They All Talk in a Sorta Poetic Serious Way

Good way to put this...No one in the world speaks like this unless they are giving a prepared speech. It makes all the characters sound really deep and wise unless you listen to what whey are actually saying which is nothing.


Yeah I noticed this.

It drives me nuts; NOBODY TALKS LIKE THIS

19 There Are Too Many White People On It

There's hardly any diversity in any of these shows today. - MeaganSaysHI

Yes have you realized that all the main characters in Disney Channel are girls? That are white.

Zay was thrown in as the "token" black kid and Angela will be made the bad guy so Maya can have a perfect family for (white) Disney...typical

Yeah because white people make up most of the population, - Rucas

There has to be a whole rainbow of colors

1 Comment
20 Maya is a Bad Example of a Friend

Okay I do have to admit Maya is a horrible friend, she pushes Riley on the subway so she lands in Lucas's lap and then she starts to develop feelings for him, while Riley had started clearly throughout the whole T.V. show that she has had feelings for Lucas next Maya "becomes Riley" and tries to tell Riley how she feels about Lucas, in New Years she's dating Lucas I'm sorry what? It's a rule that even if your friend says they're over them or says you can date your ex you don't do it! Maya is a horrible friend I don't see why people like her at all. - Rucas

Maya is actualy a good friend. She liked lucas for a long time but kept it from Riley because she wanted her friend to be happy. I've never heard Maya insult or degrade Riley for anything. Riley is who I'd say is a bad friend like in Girl meets Jexica when she said to lucas and Zaya that shes better than maya right and said it twice that she was. Riley also looks down on MAya saying that she'll have multiple husbands in that same episode... She BASICALLY said that maya would have commitment issues... that's not what a friend would say. I was even shocked when she said that. So Riley is a bad friend, I don't see how maya is.

Eh, she's both a good & bad example.

Maya should die - TwilightKitsune

21 Riley is a bad friend to Maya

This is true fam

Riley is arrogant and self absorbed😊

I love you people your all so mean I love it😊

22 It Teaches Kids Bad Lessons

It teaches kids that kids with autism are socially awkward, have narrowed interests, and can't understand emotion or love. REAL NICE, Disney!

Not true, I have mild autism and I have a variety of interests, I understand love and emotion, though while I have a friendly nature I am shy but the shyness is probably inherited since my parents were both shy when they were kids. - Anonymousxcxc

Disrespecting any kind of authority figure, making the main characters dress like supermodels, letting a 5 year old remain in an imaginary relationship, spending too much thoughts on dating, implying that it is okay to be self centered, trusting strangers, responding to the girl at the back wearing glasses with 'yuck' are some of the bad lessons it teaches kids.

Mayaville running in the school with paint on their faces. Talking in class whenever you want to. Leaving class whenever you want to. Always getting what you want. Those are some examples of bad lessons.

The Kids Are Bad Like In Girl Meets Rules The Kids Mess Around In The School And Put Paint On Face. REALLY! ! And Riley Thinks She Can Do Whatever She Wants Just Beacause She Is The Teachers Daugter. Acts Like A Filthy Dirty Brat. - mj1995

23 There's no Mr. Feeny

Well usually your old teacher doesn't hop into your life very often he has better things to do like actually try to stay alive with how old he is

He appeared twice, and he's gonna appear in the next episode (Girl Meets I Do).

He should be the best teacher handling Maya's bratty behavior

Um...yes there is

1 Comment
24 There is No Real Relationship Between the Characters

Yeah, Riley says she loves Lucas but she always makes fun of him for his Texas ways

25 It's So Preachy

Yes. It totally is.

Seriously, there is a lesson being forced down the throats of the audience every few seconds. Also, Cory needs to teach history and not physiology, plus, he doesn't call on anyone but the main characters in his class.

26 It Doesn't Have Deep Storylines

I agree with this one very deeply. As a naturally talented writer I agree with this one.

Maybe this was pre-account me, but for people who don't believe me obviously haven't met me. I don't blame them, but I'm telling the truth. - Anonymousxcxc

In boy meets world, they talk about parental neglection, alcohol, physical abuse, peer pressure and types of socail groups

27 Everyone Dresses Fancier Than Real Life

They dress like they're going to a party and not middle school. - HappyFlower

Like 1 person said, Maya doesn't dress poor to be considered poor. And don't tell me that it's because Shawn bought her new clothes. Look at Season 1! By the way, I'm considered poor and don't dress like how Maya does! I don't have THAT many clothes, and a few months ago someone was kind enough to give me a lot. And there's this site showing the fashion of GMW, and most of their clothes cost a lot of money that my family would consider expensive!

Yup! Maya sure doesn't dress poor to be considered poor. One of her shoes had to cost some serious money and if her dad never sends her stuff why does she have them? Even thrift stores don't have boots like that, and you aren't getting them with a waitress' salary.

Even the dorkiest kids don't dress like farkle.

And riley always looks like a fashion model,and not a good one because the clothes are hideous. Someone had the audacity to say she was channeling topanga? DON'T BRING TOPANGA INTO THIS ATROCITY lol that's all riley and terrible fashion designers behind the show

Exactly! And they go to middle school wearing 6inches heels...

28 Its Theme Song is Irksome

I feel like it gets stuck in my head when my brother plays more than one of its episodes. Same thing went for the theme song of Shake It Up.

Sounds like farting crap and cacophony, when I listen to this song note only are the notes off key and the melody is like fried turd on a stick, but it sounds like the most noisiest and most ignorant sound you've ever heard in your life, they should've made a better song that didn't sound like me constipated on the toilet are taco Tuesday, what a disgrace to music, also too much auto tune, they could just get some professional singers, instead of these stupid little kids! - Frizor

Yeah it is. - Anonymousxcxc

I rather eat poo than listen to that song.😫 - BubbleBear01

29 Farkle is stupid

One second he is supposed to be a smart and humble kid, the next he is an annoying little frog with a bad haircut who won't stop complaining about cold syrup on his pancakes. - BoliRoasts

He might be rich but he acts like he's smart. He's not. I hate him. He acts like a lady's man.

People always compare him to his father when he is nothing like him!

He is genius. Love Farkle

30 It Stereotypes Texans

In the Girl Meets Texas episodes, they completely stereotype Texans. Not all people in Texas sit around wearing cowboy hats and boots, jeans, and those weird belts! People in Texas are just like people in any other part of the world, and Girl Meets World is being incredibly rude to them.

Yeah when I saw that episode it hurt my feelings because I'm a Texan and they say we all are cowboys

I'm from Texas and I find it offensive.Not everybody likes country music,rides bulls,and wears cowboy boots and hats. That was really sterotyping

If u hate it then why did u watch up to texas

31 It’s Not Real.

Boy Meets World felt like I was watching a real classroom, a real family, a real childhood. It felt organic. Girl Meets World just feels like just another Disney Channel show with a touch of nostalgia and a couple heavy-handed moral lessons that feel sloppily thrown in. While BMW could get far-fetched, it overall felt realistic.

Also, the cast of GMW just doesn’t have the chemistry that it’s predecessor did. Rowan doesn’t compare with Ben Savage at the same age.

To add, who let's their 13 yr olds wonder around NYC on their own? That’s very unTopanga-like.

32 Pointless Boy Meets World Mentions

I hate this show but it is pretty cool to see the boy meets world actors and what they look like today.
oh and one other thing, in boy meets world I thought it was weird that they had the same teacher from sixth grade all the way to college. (including college)

They want us sooo badly to believe that this is just like bmw, however it's not! Harley just happens to work at the same school as cory? You mean to tell me as smart as minkus is he's in New York instead of traveling? His son just happens to be in your class -_- shawn instantly knows he's minkus' son just from one look at him (girl meets holidays or whatever)? Too many coincidences and then they play lame flashback scenes as some sort of nod to us 90s kids who watched bmw, like NO lol I don't care about flashbacks. This is supposed to be riley's story, so give me something interesting with her story like you did shawn and cory. Weak as ever man

33 The Fans Are Psycho and the Cast Encourages It

Fans are more focused on the relationships. It just makes me angry there shipping characters that don't belong together

GOOSHH! I'm a fan and I don't stinkin' care if anybody hates on it. In fact, to me, negative comments are more interesting than positive ones.

All the people who like girl meets world cuss out and rag on people who hate it. but HAHAAHAHAAHAH we have a life and they don't.

When the comment under me says they have a life and we don't, what are u all doing wasting your time hating on a show that u have to watch to actually know what your talking about anyway

34 The Transitions Are Too Weird

I haven't many episodes because I still hate the plot, but in the episodes I do see their transitions are too weird to put together.

35 It Has Rowan Blanchard In It

Does it matter

I hate seeing Rowan grow up.

If you hate Rowan don't watch the show you are all idiots

I know she's the main character but she's annoyng

36 No Diversity

Yeah cause having two white best friends is offensive. If it's different it's not offensive. So what u can't have two white best friends anymore without it being racist. Whoops sorry the cast looks like that... Sensitive jerks who have nothing better to do than hat on a show they must watch often to even understand...

I hate this show! I flipping hate it. Did you notice that there's two white best friends? One blonde and one brunette? Why couldn't be black or Asian or latina? There is like 2 black people and that is it. Same with best friends whenever and liv and maddie. All white. I have no problem with white people most ot the time but ever since they cancelled that so raven and all the other good DIVERSITY BEST SHOWS it has been a disaster. And IT IS RACIST! Zuri from jessie is the sassy black girl. That annoying Asian girl from bunk'd is the REAL SMART AsiaN. Like that the other Asian girl who likes Barry on best friends whenever the dorky smart ass AsiaN. Brenda song who played London wasn't like that and sheeas fumb but funny! Riley and Maya and farkle is unrealistic their problems and their style. Most Disney shows are like that. Oh yeah trish is like Asian or ltian something like that and she is lazy! what the hell! And she is the most experience actor on austin and ally. Ally and dez gets ...more

37 Too Childish

Yeah it has childish humour and childish characters.

38 It's So Convoluted

I don't think convoluted is the right word...Like it's not that it's confusing as it is just plain empty. There isn't really a storyline here, like there was that thing with Riley and Lucas but it never lasted long enough to have an interesting storyline, and I felt like they wanted to make sure they didn't upset any viewers therefore not putting any diverse storyline and making the whole show cheesy and gentle.

Nothing makes sense! Like, who acts like they do in real life? Bad facial expressions, encouraging each other to do ludacris acts, and everything they do is extremely convoluted.

39 The lessons don't make sense

Yeah like the bullying episode's lesson was no help at all to me

40 The world revolves around the cast

Pretty much every episode has at least one scene in the classroom where the main characters do and say as they please while the entire rest of the class remains completely silent and just watches. PS (Riley is annoying and her actress is as well)

41 The girls are too attached

They're obviously lesbian. No one is that touchy with a friend unless they are in love. It's extremely creepy.

Yeah they are inseparable.

What's wrong with being attached, and second off what's wrong with being a lesbian homophobic much? - Rucas

Oh no it sucks that best friends are close... 🙄

1 Comment
42 The Main Characters are Insane

It is a bad anime. Cory in the house however, it will bless your soul. - BoliRoasts

Not true, they just complain and fantasize over their dumb lives.
They are not insane at all. If you seen a lot of weird anime like me, the real definition of insane is in there...

No, they are not insane, they seem like cliche girls and boys.
Maya is overeating over her life (because her life isn't even THAT bad, I mean think about it)
Riley has too many problems (Stupid problems really)
Lucas gets a bunch of fan girls (Typical)
Farkle gets bullied. (Disney ran out of ideas)

to be honest, This show makes me wanna break my T.V.,
The definition of "insane" is Yuno Gasai, that's what (Imagine if she was in this show)

43 The Script is Wishy Washy

What does "wishy washy" mean?

44 Farkle's character is all over the place.

Cur puellae non bona ut mala farkles. Farkle calidum est calidum in sinum CARNIS et caseo. - BoliRoasts

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