Reasons Why Girl Meets World Is Bad to Watch

These are reasons why you should think twice before watching Girl Meets World.

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21 It Teaches Kids Bad Lessons

It teaches kids that kids with autism are socially awkward, have narrowed interests, and can't understand emotion or love. REAL NICE, Disney!

Not true, I have mild autism and I have a variety of interests, I understand love and emotion, though while I have a friendly nature I am shy but the shyness is probably inherited since my parents were both shy when they were kids. - Anonymousxcxc

Mayaville running in the school with paint on their faces. Talking in class whenever you want to. Leaving class whenever you want to. Always getting what you want. Those are some examples of bad lessons.

Disrespecting any kind of authority figure, making the main characters dress like supermodels, letting a 5 year old remain in an imaginary relationship, spending too much thoughts on dating, implying that it is okay to be self centered, trusting strangers, responding to the girl at the back wearing glasses with 'yuck' are some of the bad lessons it teaches kids.

No, It's all good lessons

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22 There's no Mr. Feeny

Well usually your old teacher doesn't hop into your life very often he has better things to do like actually try to stay alive with how old he is

He appeared twice, and he's gonna appear in the next episode (Girl Meets I Do).

He should be the best teacher handling Maya's bratty behavior

Um...yes there is

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23 It's So Preachy

Seriously, there is a lesson being forced down the throats of the audience every few seconds. Also, Cory needs to teach history and not physiology, plus, he doesn't call on anyone but the main characters in his class.

24 It Doesn't Have Deep Storylines

I agree with this one very deeply. As a naturally talented writer I agree with this one.

Maybe this was pre-account me, but for people who don't believe me obviously haven't met me. I don't blame them, but I'm telling the truth. - Anonymousxcxc

In boy meets world, they talk about parental neglection, alcohol, physical abuse, peer pressure and types of socail groups

25 Everyone Dresses Fancier Than Real Life

They dress like they're going to a party and not middle school. - HappyFlower

Like 1 person said, Maya doesn't dress poor to be considered poor. And don't tell me that it's because Shawn bought her new clothes. Look at Season 1! By the way, I'm considered poor and don't dress like how Maya does! I don't have THAT many clothes, and a few months ago someone was kind enough to give me a lot. And there's this site showing the fashion of GMW, and most of their clothes cost a lot of money that my family would consider expensive!

Exactly! And they go to middle school wearing 6inches heels...

Prostitutes! Ha!

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26 It Stereotypes Texans

In the Girl Meets Texas episodes, they completely stereotype Texans. Not all people in Texas sit around wearing cowboy hats and boots, jeans, and those weird belts! People in Texas are just like people in any other part of the world, and Girl Meets World is being incredibly rude to them.

Yeah when I saw that episode it hurt my feelings because I'm a Texan and they say we all are cowboys

I'm from Texas and I find it offensive.Not everybody likes country music,rides bulls,and wears cowboy boots and hats. That was really sterotyping

If u hate it then why did u watch up to texas

27 There is No Real Relationship Between the Characters

Yeah, Riley says she loves Lucas but she always makes fun of him for his Texas ways

28 Riley is a bad friend to Maya

Riley is arrogant and self absorbed😊

I love you people your all so mean I love it😊

29 Pointless Boy Meets World Mentions

I hate this show but it is pretty cool to see the boy meets world actors and what they look like today.
oh and one other thing, in boy meets world I thought it was weird that they had the same teacher from sixth grade all the way to college. (including college)

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30 The Fans Are Psycho and the Cast Encourages It

Fans are more focused on the relationships. It just makes me angry there shipping characters that don't belong together

All the people who like girl meets world cuss out and rag on people who hate it. but HAHAAHAHAAHAH we have a life and they don't.

GOOSHH! I'm a fan and I don't stinkin' care if anybody hates on it. In fact, to me, negative comments are more interesting than positive ones.

When the comment under me says they have a life and we don't, what are u all doing wasting your time hating on a show that u have to watch to actually know what your talking about anyway

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31 Its Theme Song is Irksome

I feel like it gets stuck in my head when my brother plays more than one of its episodes. Same thing went for the theme song of Shake It Up.

Sounds like farting crap and cacophony, when I listen to this song note only are the notes off key and the melody is like fried turd on a stick, but it sounds like the most noisiest and most ignorant sound you've ever heard in your life, they should've made a better song that didn't sound like me constipated on the toilet are taco Tuesday, what a disgrace to music, also too much auto tune, they could just get some professional singers, instead of these stupid little kids! - Frizor

Yeah it is. - Anonymousxcxc

I rather eat poo than listen to that song.😫 - BubbleBear01

32 It Has Rowan Blanchard In It

I hate seeing Rowan grow up.

Does it matter

If you hate Rowan don't watch the show you are all idiots


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33 No Diversity

Yeah cause having two white best friends is offensive. If it's different it's not offensive. So what u can't have two white best friends anymore without it being racist. Whoops sorry the cast looks like that... Sensitive jerks who have nothing better to do than hat on a show they must watch often to even understand...

I hate this show! I flipping hate it. Did you notice that there's two white bestfriends? One blonde and one brunette? Why couldn't be black or Asian or latina? There is like 2 black people and that is it. Same with best friends whenever and liv and maddie. All white. I have no problem with white people most ot the time but ever since they cancelled that so raven and all the other good DIVERSITY BEST SHOWS it has been a disaster. And IT IS RACIST! Zuri from jessie is the sasssy black girl. That annoying Asian girl from bunk'd is the REAL SMART AsiaN. Like that the other Asian girl who likes Barry on best friends whenever the dorky smart ass AsiaN. Brenda song who played London wasnt like that and sheeas fumb but funny! Riley and Maya and farkle is unrelaistic their problems and their style. Most Disney shows are like that. Oh yeah trish is like Asian or ltian something like that and she is lazy! what the hell! And she is the most expericne actor on austin and ally. Ally and dez gets on ...more

34 Too Childish

Yeah it has childish humour and childish characters.

35 It's So Convoluted

I don't think convoluted is the right word...Like it's not that it's confusing as it is just plain empty. There isn't really a storyline here, like there was that thing with Riley and Lucas but it never lasted long enough to have an interesting storyline, and I felt like they wanted to make sure they didn't upset any viewers therefore not putting any diverse storyline and making the whole show cheesy and gentle.

Nothing makes sense! Like, who acts like they do in real life? Bad facial expressions, encouraging each other to do ludacris acts, and everything they do is extremely convoluted.

36 The lessons don't make sense

Yeah like the bullying episode's lesson was no help at all to me

37 The girls are too attached

They're obviously lesbian. No one is that touchy with a friend unless they are in love. It's extremely creepy.

Yeah they are inseparable.

What's wrong with being attached, and second off what's wrong with being a lesbian homophobic much? - Rucas

Oh no it sucks that best friends are close... 🙄

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38 The Transitions Are Too Weird

I haven't many episodes because I still hate the plot, but in the episodes I do see their transitions are too weird to put together.

39 The Main Characters are Insane

Not true, they just complain and fantasize over their dumb lives.
They are not insane at all. If you seen a lot of weird anime like me, the real definition of insane is in there...

No, they are not insane, they seem like cliche girls and boys.
Maya is overeating over her life (because her life isn't even THAT bad, I mean think about it)
Riley has too many problems (Stupid problems really)
Lucas gets a bunch of fan girls (Typical)
Farkle gets bullied. (Disney ran out of ideas)

to be honest, This show makes me wanna break my T.V.,
The definition of "insane" is Yuno Gasai, that's what (Imagine if she was in this show)

40 Farkle is stupid

He might be rich but he acts like he's smart. He's not. I hate him. He acts like a lady's man.

People always compare him to his father when he is nothing like him!

He is genius. Love Farkle

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