Top Ten Reasons Why Girl Meets World is a Good Show

There are so many reasons why Girl Meets World is the best show.

The Top Ten

1 Riley Matthews has amazing outfits

For my opinion she wears weird clothing,
Like they are about to go 2 a party.

2 The characters look interesting
3 Good for teenagers

Besides, I am 14 and I watch this show all the time.

4 Sabrina Carpenter is a good actress who is good at singing

She's gorgeous! She is way better than Riley! And I love her music! She's the best!

What does her singing have to do with anything? In my opinion she's a horrible singer.

5 The acting looks good


6 This and Liv and Maddie are good Disney shows about friendship

I know. Tell Disney1994 about it.

They always have these tedious friendship speeches LIKE WE GET IT YOU LOVE EACHOTHER STFU ITS ANNOYING

7 It doesn't have any bad parts such as suicide jokes

Well, this is Disney Channel, you can't expect anything that bad to come from them.

That's because it on Disney Channel.

This is Disney Channel.

8 It doesn't have toilet humor

No Disney Channel shows do.

I know. Toilet humor is gross.

Yeah that's good

9 Riley Matthews is more like Liv Rooney and Mabel Pines

Mabel is a better written Riley.

10 Rowan Blanchard is an amazing actress

Yes she is

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