Top 10 Reasons Why Girls are Hated

Boys are awesome! I am so glad that I am a boy myself!!!! =D and also girls are stupid

The Top Ten

1 They are spin chilling

RootBeerFan needs to shut up - Pokemonfan10

I am a guy and this list is garbage.

This is literally, the worst list I've sever seen in my life. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Don't say any of these things when you are older kid.

2 They suck at video games

@RootBeerFan No One Gives a Quack. - Rainbowkid38

I can beat you at Pac Man bich. - RoseWeasley

Who cares? - Pokemonfan10

Boys can suck at games too, and not all girls suck at them. Girls like me love video games and play them a lot

3 They are weird

And what’s wrong with that? - Misfire

Why do sexist lists like this approve? - Userguy44

Just stop! - Sugarcubecorner

4 They exercise too much

Some boys also exercise regularly.

Because exercising to stay healthy is definitely a bad thing! - Randomator

Ugh! Exercises is good for health - Sugarcubecorner

Excersise is good for u u tiny poop go to preschool
And stop being sexist to girls

5 They are creepy
6 They are stupid

The lowest grade I have is a C. - RoseWeasley

Look in the mirror. Get off this list. - awesomedp900

He's just a kid, but yes he acts kinda stupid when it comes to these lists.

Seriously you're either 12 or 13 now.Get out of you're "I hate girls" phase which you should've outgrown by 4th grade.I'm 12 and I have outgrown it.-DarkBoi-X

7 They are boring

God no! Some of my best friends on this site are girls - NightmareCinema

Hell no! - Sugarcubecorner

Nothing someone likes or does is boring. For example, if someone likes to read they’re not boring. People can say your boring for liking root beer because they can think that root beer is dumb. Did you think of this?
Here’s a lesson for you: Think before you post

8 They will go insane if they get a flower for their birthday

What if girls want to be appreciative of the gifts they get on their birthdays? The same applies for boys and whatever gifts they may get, but sorry RootBeerFan, this reason is backfired too.

You mean concert tickets?

9 They think they are better

This dude must hate feminists. - Userguy44

Nope! - Sugarcubecorner

Some boys think the same about themselves so you can’t really say this

I mean technically this item isn’t wrong because feminists and feminazis do exist but most girls in general don’t think they are superior.

10 They are evil

You're the evil one here u know. Look in the mirror and u will not be a dog but a demon.

Boys can be evil too, and not all girls are rude

There might be a few but in the grand scheme of things there’s Way more evil men than women. Adolf Hitler,Osama Bin Laden,and literally any terrorist organization are all men

The Contenders

11 They are losers

So you're a girl? - RoseWeasley

No rootbeerfan is - Pokemonfan10

You’re a huge loser - DrayTopTens

If one gender was lower than the other based on God’s thinking, why would he make two genders? It doesn’t connect

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