Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Have It The Hardest

Hardest things for girls, and things that girls have to go through that suck.

The Top Ten

1 Periods

I hate these. Period. - Misfire

Period cramps are awful, and so is the blood, the messes, the embarrassment, having to change, and lack of abilities such as swimming. - emraldYE

Criticize me, but I make tons of jokes about these. - Therandom

You have to go through that in a few years boys have to have *there weak spot for there whole lives

2 Child Birth

This is the most painful, and you have to carry around a baby in your stomach for 9 months, and the only reason this isn't first is because it usually ends up in a baby. - emraldYE

True, but it's not like you HAVE to go through childbirth, and it's a choice. I choose not to... - cosmo

It's a choice actually, if you want to go through hell, or you stay lonely forever. - Fandom_Lover

That's probably something to avoid for now if you're my teenage age.

3 Sexism

The only people who can actually say this are the women in the Middle East who have no rights, and should have rights. - Therandom

I feel bad for women. I'll hear a song about that and think,"What are girls thinking when this song comes up? "

I totally agree with you, everyone seems to think we're just sex objects!

It's not our fault some women specialize themselves. Little sexism exists in most places nowadays, women have all the rights men have. - Therandom

It's so hard being a girl when everything seems to be against you! - emraldYE

4 Broken Heart/Moodiness

Boys can be players and abusive, and girls always have a time in their life when they are depressed because of breakup. - emraldYE

Boys can have broken hearts too: I know. Please girls don't think you're the only ones, it happens to some boys too, it's down to individuals, not genders. Yeah there are some boys who are "players" but there are also some girls who are s****. But not all of course: it's down to individuals. - EvilAngel

5 Shirts

Ever heard of small tank tops? - RoseWeasley

It really stinks watching guys walk around with shirts off in the heat, when we have to wear shirts all the time! - emraldYE

You don't have to wear shirts.

6 Shaving and Hygiene

Do you guys grow beards...didn't think so

Oh girls srry

7 Lower Pay

Oh please, this doesn't happen that much anymore. - Therandom

It still happens a lot in all parts of the world. Even in America. Women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid, for doing the same job. Does that sound fair? - cosmo

That sucks, and I've always found it unfair. - cosmo

8 Losing Weight

It's easier for girls to get heavy, and harder for them to get rid of the weight. How unfair is that? - emraldYE

It's the truth though. Women's bodies naturally cling to fat more than men's do. At least it means fat is slightly less harmful to us. - emraldYE

It actually depends how much you exercise and what you eat. - Therandom

9 Breast Pains

I get them and I’m only 10 - DijaUnicorn

10 Housework

So what? We all have to do things we don't want to do. If we didn't clean our houses, they would be a wreck! - RiverClanRocks

I've heard of a guy who went to the police because his wife wasn't doing the housework and I think the wife got shot... - FennikenFan9

I don't even do housework. - cosmo

It's a important life skill though.

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Yeah sorry about that girls

12 Bras
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