Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Like Pop Music

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1 They Wanna Marry One Direction

This list is ridiculous. So you're saying ALL girls like pop? And that it's the only thing they like? I'm a dude and an extreme metal fan, and I've known girls who were into some meal bands not even I could withstand. Like, black metal and stuff. And I've known girls who were into rap. I don't like rap, but these people were girls, the liked rap, and they hated pop music. So NO - not every girl ha a crush on One Direction or Bieber. A lot of preteen girls like pop music because it's what they're exposed to. Once they get older, they learn what real music is and completely and finally disregard Harry Styles and His Circus of Failed Abortions. My point? Saying that all girls like pop music is like saying all Southerners like country. This list is just dumb. Goodbye. - ThatStrangeKid42

Not all girls like pop. Namely, one of them is me. Besides, those who do probably just think of boy bands as "EEE PRETTY BOYS WILL YOU MARRY ME? " This isn't only for 1D. I've seen this with 5sos, the vamps, Justin Bieber, and most of all (and the worst based on my personal, traumatizing experience w/ possibly the most annoying fandom I have encountered), BTS.

When was this made, 2012? but I do agree that SOME pop fans are freaks - airway

I actually think this list is stupid, you don't seem to realize every single person has different music taste. Like say a female from the 90's, you think all of them liked pop when in specific periods, male dominated genres were popular like Grunge, Electronic, Nu Metal, Glam Rock, you really think no girls liked some of those genres. So not all women like pop just like not all boys like rock, in fact some boys do like pop as well. - DJSchollen

2 They Have Bad Taste In Music

Ok I have been looking at a lot of pop music lists and I can honestly say that this is one of the few that is very mean and in fact this whole list is very mean and should be removed. I'm 19 years old girl and I loved pop music from the day I was exposed to it and will continue to love it. The reason why I say this list is very mean is because different people have different taste in music and to create a list saying that they have bad taste and stuff just because they don't like what you like is very rude. Like my mom loves gentle and soft song and I tried to like them but it just didn't work out for me like I couldn't stand it at all and kept wanting the soft song to end. Like I gave rock a chance also but the same thing happened. Like in order for me to like songs and download it it has to pop songs because I really love them. But just because I don't like metal or rock I'm not going to post it in a list that offends some people who likes them. And that should go for other people ...more

Pshh- not all girls have a "bad taste in music". I listen to a variety of music including 70's, 80's, french house, and other stuff. Daft Punk is where it's at though. Damn, they're all I listen to. It's a common stereotype that girls have a "bad taste in music". That is not true. Not ALL girls listen to crappy boy bands, Taylor Swift, or whatever. I'm a girl and I listen to good music... or at least I think I do.

Are you saying ever girl likes pop music and also has bad taste in music? - Misfire

This is sexist...

3 They Love How They Look

Not true for some girls. I'm a girl and I listen mostly to female voices, I love powerful songs. I don't listen to one direction because all they sing about is loving a girl and blah blah blah blah... boring. (They don't even look good to me) I don't listen to male voices just because I find the singers attractive, I listen to them because I find the music attractive.

This only applies to guy musicians. So many Beliebers that are 13 years old because they like his look. They like boy bands even though they suck. I'm not saying this is all girls, but yeah

Um, I count more on music than looks, I don't find Billie Joe Armstrong attractive, but I love his music, the same is with a lot of the singers I like. I am fine with the singer being ugly just as long as they make good music.

I do not like the artist for their looks, I like their music. There are some singers that may have nice faces, but do not make good music.

4 They Enjoy the Songs

This is sexist... Everyone has their own opinion on which songs/genres are good and which aren't... It has nothing to do with gender.

This list is plain sexist. I'm honestly shocked that someone wold create a list this ridiculous.

Fair enough


5 They're Scared of Rock and Metal

Are you sure this isn't for Christians? Note I am Christian but still

I know a girl in my school who likes pop music and is scared of rock music. What? Some rock music is not even scary at all, I am not even scared of death metal, it is actually dope. What is so scary about rock music? Not all rock songs are harsh and involve screaming, plus, it's better than weak pop music that is too soft.

They aren't scared of rock and metal. Pop fans are just thinking of them more stereotypically. - LightningStrike

Nothing to be scared of. Takes more talent to write a metal song than pop. Plus no auto tune

6 They Have All The Posters In Their Room

I love pop music. But how is it that none of the items say "they like the songs? " I don't have posters, all male pop stars are jerks and who wears perfume? - AnonymousChick

I don't have a single poster in my room, mainly what I have is old toys I don't play with anymore, art supplies all over the table and sketchbooks rather than posters of 5 Seconds Of Summer or Justin Bieber.

Besides the obvious sexist deteriorates going on here. I think one likes the music before the buying of the posters

I have puppy posters. Is this list for sexists only? - DynastiSugarPop

7 They Like The Male Popstars

No, this is sexist. For example, I listen to Deicide because I love the sound. - WheresMyGuitarPick

This list is ridiculous. Not every girl likes pop music because of the guys. - Swellow

I like male rock singers more, thank you very much.

I also like the male singers and producers because of the music, voice, and talent. Not the looks. - waraypiso

8 They Like To Dance To Their Songs

This is the only one that makes sense to me.

I like to dance to all my favorite songs, no matter which genre it is.

Even if you approve of this list you can't tell me that this makes any kind of sense

What's wrong with that? - RandomWeirdo

9 They are Weak

That is just plain rude

This is just a stereotype. - waraypiso

Seriously? -.- - Misfire

YES! - Evafag

10 Pop is More Marketed Than Any Other Genre

The unfortunate truth however this goes along with one of the higher rated reasons which is sex sells. So the companies invest in artists with sex appeal first talent second. Then they pay off the radio stations and magazines to advertise/play their music. It's not played often cause it's popular it's played often to make it popular. Then in order to keep up with demand for their artificially produce product(singer) they are forced to right songs in a time that is in humanly possible, so songs are written by multiple producers and songs are made simple and bland.

Can see this from K-Pop. All the music videos makes girls more suspectible to kpop disease - MChkflaguard_Yt

The one percent vote makes the most sense. Which is still like no sense at all but...

That is true. I do not understand how is it modern pop is everywhere I go. - waraypiso

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11 They Get There Perfume

Ah yes. I was gonna get into metal but then I saw pop had perfume. I only choose the genre of music I like by whether or not they have perfume.

I do not like perfume, it smells too strong, the normal smell is the best in my opinion. I do not even care for artist's perfume I just think of it as "whatever".

I don't wear their perfume. In the stores, I see that Britney Spears and Katy Perry and all them have their own perfumes.

They use female pop stars like Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift as role models

12 They're Simpleminded

Now I disagree with how this list is named. I believe that it should be called "Top 10 Reasons Why Followers Like Pop Music". The sad truth is that pop music is marketed more towards girls than boys. More girls listen to pop music because pop is marketed towards them, and the followers among the girl population will listen to pop. These followers are simple minded, but there are many girls who are not. Some girls like rock and metal. (Or so they say. :P)

Boys totally love pop music and are just embarrassed in front of girls. My dad who is 46 likes Justin Bieber

They'll listen to anything the mainstream feeds them

Its not true! There are sooo many Female metalheads/rockfans its not like only boys like rock/metal and girls like pop! Boys too listen to pop trash! - Stoplookingatmyname

13 They Go To Pop Concerts

Wait, what's wrong with this? Do you not go to rock and metal concerts?

So that boys can't go to concerts? I have never been to one before as my music sources are mostly Internet based. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I've actually never been to a concert yet.

Girls wanna twerk like Nicki Minaj

14 They Look At Popstar Magazines

Magazines? I don't even read magazines, just to look at pictures of One Direction, Ross Lynch, and Justin Bieber, no thank you, I don't like that garbage. I much rather read books like The Outsiders or any good graphic books than to read magazines about girly boys that are called "hot",.

I do it just to write complaint notes about it. Like this one!

Teenagers do that sometimes! XOXO

Girly girls in the UK often read mags like "Girl Talk" or "Go-Girl" about celebs like Justin Bieber and Little Mix.Some of them have way to much cheesy gossip

15 They Only Like Soft Music

This is especially true for me. My sister will listen to Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj day in and day out and it drives me insane!

It just goes to show you that girls (and anybody) will listen to whatever piece of crap you bring out to them.

Soft music is boring, I like loud music with screaming and fun fast paced beats, that is way more fun. But sometimes I listen to soft music depending on the song.

Soft music? Really? Boring, I like my music loud and fast paced, as well as energetic, not a song to sleep to.

Soft music is boring mostly, loud fun music is better.

16 They Don't Listen to Other Genres

I'm a girl and I hate most modern pop. Only few pop artists I ever liked. - waraypiso

Well, actually... I prefer rock and metal. And I'm a girl.

Not true, I'm a girl and I like Green Day and Panic! At The Disco. Shut the hell up. This is ridiculous... -_-

Hey I’m a girl and I listen to old Jazz music 🎶 and I also like Rock music like Pink Floyd and John Lennon and I also like salsa 💃🏻 music and I hate modern pop music I also listen to modern jazz but mostly old Jazz like Peggy Lee And Billie Holiday and I like old Pop Music like Whitney Houston and MJ and you’re saying that all girls like modern pop music not true.

17 They are Too Simple-Minded to Understand More Complex Stuff

Who the hell do you think you are...

Completely True

18 Guys Sings To Girls About Love

And not the reverse? I am a young 13 year old girl and I don't like pop. not all girls do.

I'm the same age and a girl too. Every pop song is always about love. *sigh*

This is why I don't like stuff like 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction.

Young 13-year-old girls like pop.

19 They Are Intrigued by The Catchy Beats

Yeah, some pop music has catchy beats but the ones that don't have catchy beats, there are still people who drool over it - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm a girl and I love the tune of pop music. It makes me want to dance!

Yeah like Nicky minaj's sirens and cusswords are to die for.

Not all pop music is bad, but a reason why I like some pop music is because it's catchy. Nothing really wrong with that, as long as you don't focus all of your attention on its catchiness.

I can face all my attention towards how catchy it is...if it's the only intention (looking at YOU, Hit the Quan) - WonkeyDude98

20 They Wanna Meet The Male Popstars

Not me, I want to meet good and talented musicians, so they can talk to me about how they play their instruments or who had they been influenced by, not some stupid cute boys that are only popular for their looks.

So? For me, meeting Corpsegrinder would be nice. Wouldn't everyone like to meet their favourite musicians? - WheresMyGuitarPick

They wanna have sex with Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and Adam Levine

Please stop bashing girls! Only brainwashed girls like them! There are so many girls who like other genres. - Stoplookingatmyname


21 Good Production Value

Just pointing it out, not in favor of pop music or anything, but usually Autotune is used to correct pitches subtly. Autotune doesn't necessarily mean that the s/he is a bad singer. It can also be used to give the human voice something that isn't that human (haha, if that makes sense), which can make things more emotional, or some other feeling. One thing can't really fix a singer is really bad to begin with.

Sorry for the wordiness.

Even the crappiest songs have some great production; can't argue with that.

The record label makes pop "singers" use auto-tune

22 They Listen to the Radio

That's not true. I'm a female I listen to hard rock all the time. I'm not really a metal head but I listen to it sometimes. By the way pop does suck. I really hate Justin Bieber, fifth harmony, 1D,Taylor Swift, etc. It's garbage.

I don't listen to the radio, most of the music on the radio sucks, there are barely any good rock songs on the radio and most of it is country and pop, boring.

It's sad they don't have more of a variety on the radio...

I am a female and I am a fan of electronic soul music (labels like SOULECTION, HW&W, Deep Heads, Soultiquette, Féte). I also started listening to some kinds of metal and rock music, and I am a teenager and not a fan of most modern pop music anymore since 2017. I also like and influence a good hip-hop/rap music, trap, jazz, R&B, blues, real country (not country pop), folks, Bossa Nova, Chillhop, Vaporwave, funk, soul, gospel, primal music, pre-colonial music, old house music, jazz house music, Ambient, Ambient trap, and old pop music (20th Century music). - waraypiso

23 They Only Hear Pop Because It's What is Marketed to Them

Yeah, this is actually logical and not sexist (though it also applies to boys with rap). But some girls get out of listening to pop. For me, I started listening to Nightwish and Skillet when I was nine. - WheresMyGuitarPick

I don't understand these kids nowadays just keep on listening or singing crappy ass top hit songs. These bother me wherever I go or to hang out with my siblings or classmates including my former ones. - waraypiso

Their friends all listen to pop so they do to fit in, and they rarely find out there is better music out there than the crap that's being force fed through their ears.

24 It Has Sex Appeal
25 They Grew Up with It

My sister in a nutshell. - Userguy44

26 They hate Michael Jackson

like - Evafag

27 They Like Autotune
28 They Like the Mainstream Stuff
29 They only Listen To Xenakis
30 Pop Music is Better Than Rock Music

This is just an opinion. - Userguy44

yes - Evafag

31 Because It’s Feminine
32 Boys Like Rap
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