Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Like Pop Music

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21 They Listen to the Radio

That's not true. I'm a female I listen to hard rock all the time. I'm not really a metal head but I listen to it sometimes. By the way pop does suck. I really hate Justin Bieber, fifth harmony, 1D,Taylor Swift, etc. It's garbage.

I don't listen to the radio, most of the music on the radio sucks, there are barely any good rock songs on the radio and most of it is country and pop, boring. - AnimeDrawer

It's sad they don't have more of a variety on the radio...

I am a female and I am a fan of electronic soul music (labels like SOULECTION, HW&W, Deep Heads, Soultiquette, F├ęte). I also started listening to some kinds of metal and rock music, and I am a teenager and not a fan of most modern pop music anymore since 2017. I also like and influence a good hip-hop/rap music, trap, jazz, R&B, blues, real country (not country pop), folks, Bossa Nova, Chillhop, Vaporwave, funk, soul, gospel, primal music, pre-colonial music, old house music, jazz house music, Ambient, Ambient trap, and old pop music (20th Century music). - waraypiso

22 They Grew Up with It
23 They Only Hear Pop Because It's What is Marketed to Them

I don't understand these kids nowadays just keep on listening or singing crappy ass top hit songs. These bother me wherever I go or to hang out with my siblings or classmates including my former ones. - waraypiso

Their friends all listen to pop so they do to fit in, and they rarely find out there is better music out there than the crap that's being force fed through their ears.

24 It Has Sex Appeal
25 They Don't Listen to Other Genres

I'm a girl and I hate most modern pop. Only few pop artists I ever liked. - waraypiso

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