Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Suck

I'm aick of these girls posting stuff about boys being rubbish, its our turn to make you girls cry like babies!

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1 They only care about money They only care about money

Okay guys, STOP! We are all humans, we all live in the same world. Stop being sexist because there is no meaning. There are a lot of important men AND women in this world. We have to deal with that instead of retaliating. Whoever made the "Top Ten Reasons To Hate Boys" and "Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Suck" should be ashamed. Come on! We need both sexes in this world and we are all equal. Only people that are mean and disgusting would make such lists. Most girls are hot, Most boys are awesome. Deal with it. And I'm a guy too. Peace out. - davakoh

Someone just got dumped by their girlfriend and made this list. This is entirely based on ridiculous stereotypes. I'm a girl, and I can assure you that I have had no plastic surgery, I care about far more than money, I don't wear makeup, and I am aware the the world does not revolve around me. SHOCKER!
This list is so full of hypocrisy it's making me laugh out loud. Take a look:
"They're sexist."
"They complain too much."
"They think it's all about themselves."
"They are judgmental."
"They think they're superior."
"They're unfair."
"They always look for problems."
Look, 95% of the boys I know are cool and would never post a list like this. 95% of the girls I know are also cool and would also never make a list like this. There are awesome people and stupid people in both genders, as crazy as that sounds.

So true.

I'm not gonna lie, but this list is sexist. Also this lists is full of stereotypes. By the way, I'm a guy. - Delgia2k

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2 They make lists about why boys suck

This list was obviously made by some loser who got shot down by a girl. Both genders can be massive twats, deal with it.


You are being a hypocrite by making this list, and you are as terrible as the person who made that list. Sexist people should have forks thrown at them.

There is no guarantee that a girl made that list. It could have been a work of a boy playing pranks here. - Kiteretsunu

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3 They care about body image too much

Boys will never understand what it's like to be so objectified in society. It brainwashes a lot of girls from a very young age to put emphasis in the way they look. We tell everyone to love their bodies, and then turn our backs and make fun of how other people look/dress. I don't like this about girls either, but don't act as if its something we asked to deal with.

But still, as Hank Green says: "Girls are not the photons which hit the corneas of men... You exist for your own sake." - keycha1n

Not our fault for putting high beauty expectations besides everybody has that little place in your brain that is filled with your insecurities

Usually there is a reason behind caring about body image.. Society basically hypnotizes you into thinking certain body types are unacceptable, and some guys make it clear that they want "curvy" women (tiny waist, big boobs, big butt). It doesn't come that easy to every woman, and knowing that sometimes makes them feel inferior to other women. Body image is a huge deal if you just take the time to think about it from a different perspective. - LizardKing99

Just me here, a girl, who think bigger people are as pretty as the skinny ones, hoping people won't get hypnotized by society think you have to be curvy and perfect...

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4 They complain too much

Always complaining it’s annoying

This is actually somewhat true cause about 60% of girls (at least the ones I know) Complain about everything and are spoiled. Still, this list shouldn't be made. - MrQuaz680

Says the guy complaining about girls...

Both genders complain. Really, it just depends how they are raised.

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5 They have too much plastic surgery

Perhaps the only girls you know are Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj - SamuiNeko

The person who made this is probably an immature 9 year old boy who still believes in cooties. I'm ALL natural, and not ALL of us have plastic surgery! Us girls work hard too, so you can't just say these things about us. And the girls who get plastic surgery usually get it because of INSECURITIES! Peer pressure drives them to plastic surgery, so you can't just assume we ALL have plastic surgery, because I'm 13, and I'm FAR too young! In all honesty, you should get off this sight for good, thesimsvampires. Nobody wants you here.

Yes. I'm totally 110% plastic. Oh wait. I'm not. Yes, I know, the list about why boys suck is rude, but is this your sorry excuse for, like, PAYBACK?! - AnonymousChick

Baby, I'm all natural. Good thing too, because 11 is to young for plastic surgery. And not all girls do, some boys also do it.

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6 They buy clothes too much

Nah. I only buy clothes when I need to buy clothes. - RiverClanRocks

Excuse me, should I stop clothing myself so you can have one less thing to complain about? I'm sorry I make your life so hard for you.

What do you care if I buy too much clothes? I need clothes to wear. Its not wrong. Sometimes we have good reasons, in case of the clothes getting damaged or lost or something - TwilightKitsune

Not all girls are like this. Honestly, I find shopping for clothes and make-up is hella boring. I prefer shopping for junk food.

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7 They harm boys

If a man punch a girl he is a woman beater if a girl punch a man she is brave

Men harm women and other men way more most people in jail for violent crimes just so happen to be men actually most people in jail or prison are men

Men are more violent then women

Um do you know how hard it is to handle a slap or a kick in the balls? Do you know how hard it is to protect you? STOP MAKING LIFE SO HARD! - thesimsvampires

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8 They defend themselves

This is a good thing. Everyone, boy or girl should defend themselves

As the visitor said, this is a good thing. Both guys and girls should defend themselves. - RiverClanRocks

Aw, isn't it annoying how girls try to defend themselves against pedophile men who want to rape them? Yes, what a bummer.

Says the maker of this list.

This is such as stupid reason to hate women. Everyone has to defend themselves when they are in trouble.

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9 They wear too much makeup

Some girls wear makeup because it makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their self esteem. Some girls don't like to wear makeup and some girls like to wear a little. Whatever amount they wear should be respected because that is part of who they are.

I hate make-up, and so do lots of other girls.

I'm a tomboy so probably no - Sugarcubecorner

Not All Girls Wear Makeup

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10 They love peanut butter

I think they made this just so we actually have something not-harmful to vote on. BEcause we can all this was not true, or even purposely made.

Lol I don't like peanut butter and even if I did how is that a problem

Someone out there made the biggest face palm known to Earth.

If you hate girls so much than you should just become gay or something.

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11 They are unfair

It's called respect "thesimsvampires". I'm a guy and I know for a fact that Boys are supposed to be mature instead of complaining like you are right now. Yes, if a girl slaps a boy, that's rude. But that doesn't give boys the reason to say "That's Unfair! " If you say that, YOU BECOME THE CRYBABY! Just suck it up and be a man instead of pouting. Peace out. - davakoh

So if a girl slaps a boy, you would be OK while if the boy slaps back with the same strength, you cry or call the police? That's unfair! - thesimsvampires

SURE they are I am the one who plays fair no matter what out of the school

Theimsvampires has just demonstrated that they are indisputably the most hypocritical, disillusioned, immature, and whiny brat here.

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12 They scream like they are getting murdered

I'm A BOY AND I'm GONNA SCREAM incoming 321 AH! I screamed so loud and the girl hurt her ears I scream louder then girls

Poor boys always have to cover ears but thankfully wear some earplugs

I can scream louder and I'm a boy

The 4th comment made me get triggered!

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13 They are judgmental

Says the guy who is judging girls based on one girl who probably broke up with him...

Just because a boy is fat doesn't mean their bad, stop being judgemental! - thesimsvampires

I'm A boy and I think this list is stupid however I Kinda agrees here

Everyone is like this - yunafreya648

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14 They talk too much

Their mouth are voice farm

Everyone does that - yunafreya648

That's TRUE BRo

15 They are distracting

The thing about this that makes me mad is that being "distracting" isn't our fault. Many girls are sent home for wearing clothes such a leggings, thin straps, etc. It causes girls to feel like they can't express themselves. It's not our fault that men can't handle themselves. It's like blaming a puppy for being cute.

And? - yunafreya648

16 They think all boys need to die

I am a girl and I like this one after reading this. you boys are sexist pigs. who ever made this list is/are sexist idiot/s and I hope whoever made this list DOES die :) I never do any of these thing so go rot in hell

Just... what?! This could be an anti-feminist stereotype... gawd, I hate Nickelodoen. Why?! BECAUSE THEY OVERDOSE ON ANTI-FEMINISM TOWARDS TEENAGE WOMEN! This is one major reason I prefer Disney. Gogo Tomago needs more love! SHE CAN TAKE ON ANYTHING AND ACTUALLY RIVAL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG AND QUIKSILVER!

17 They make a big deal if the toilet seat is up

Sorry, but I don't want to sit in your piss.

So it's my fault I don't like sitting in someone's week-old piss...?

I agree with the others, but we can just wipe it off... - FennikenFan9

... I don't...

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18 They cry and giggle too much

You Know What?

I'm a girl. I love crying. Sometimes, us girls can't control crying. Guys cry too, believe it or not! I love giggling, and almost all girls do because both genders love to laugh. Thesimsvampires, please delete this list. Please.

19 They yell in your ear
20 They always try to ruin guy's night

To the other person to comment on this, you should get a life and stop demonizing us. Us girls also eat pizza, we are mostly laid-back, WE also love to play video games. It can't be JUST boys that do all that stuff. Also, I'm a girl and I BARELY complain that the toilet seat is up, and not ALL girls are whiny. I'm quiet as anything! So you should just get out.

They say boys suck
hmm think again

We are awesome
We eat Pizza
We are laid back and chill
We Love video games
SANTA is a boy
guess who's going the naughty list this year?
We are always fair
We want no war but to stop dealing with all this women madness

Give Us A Break! Guys Do Rule

21 They want a female looking guy

Or maybe a feminine guy

Well opinions - yunafreya648

22 They try to look like Jennifer Aniston

They shti

23 They think that they're superior

Technically, if you look at it from a biological and moral view, girls are indeed superior.

Ok, what you said there is actually quite sexist. Anyone can think that whichever gender is superior and whichever is inferior. Oh and I'm not going for this list I'm just against the other comment here.

No they don't

Ok, that other comment is quite sexist. Anyone can think their own gender is superior and the other gender is inferior. P.S I'm not agreeing with this list, it's that I'm against another person's comment. I'm just defending my own gender from stuff I don't agree with.

24 They are sexist

Wow, you are such a hypocrite. You are the most sexist on TheTopTens, and a crybaby. This whole list is either stereotypical, not a problem at all, or something both genders have.

Says the person who makes a list to demean the opposite gender...

Hello, hypocrite. This is a very sexist list. I don't know if I should laugh of the irony, or cry of the stupidity. - PastelFlowers

I hate sex. The reason why I hate sex it's because it disgusts me

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25 They always look for problems

What Is It With You Sexist People (Girls And Dudes) Seriously You Guys Are Acting Like Kids Under The Age Of 11.

The Items On This List Aren't Even True About 30% Of Girls. - 12cc

I think YOU are the one looking for problems, not us - XxFireDracoxX

I am under eleven

26 They are annoying

Lol you're the annoying one

27 They get butthurt when someone dislikes anything about them

Just look at this list

28 They break your heart

They break your heart.

They really do �"

29 They think all boys should die

What this is actually a list? Lol this is Ridiculous and I can't take this seriously and I'm a guy! - 51im_Ro55_2002

That's the first thing this stupid app is true like this comment if it's true after all the mean things there telling about us

30 They are completely disloyal if a better offer comes along

Oh yep

31 They scream in high-pitched and shrill voices

That pissed me off so much in boyhood that I want beat the crap out of them for screamin' like the bitches they are.

32 They are stupid
33 They are mean

so true

34 They marry men

What are they supposed to do? How is that a problem?

This is the real problem. - AnonymousChick

Honestly...this is just so STUPID - XxFireDracoxX

Ok, this one's just retarded.

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35 They think it's all about themselves

I hate thinking about myself. It's pointless. I love to think about running, though.

And boys DON'T?!?! There was a guy in our class who was making a fuss over who made a POWERPOINT. A POWERPOINT. How ridiculous! He said, 'Oh, I'm the fastest typer so I should do it.
And guess how many words were done!
So what did we do?
Fail the test.


36 They always get their way

This sexist world makes it so girls do not get their way. At all. You bastard.

Yep, who gets the kids in a divorce case? Always the girl, unless she's a crack head, that's the one scenario

37 They are needy

Especially Around guys they want to have everything they want makeup, clothes, shoes. And hey act all stupid and drunk like so guys will get them want they want.

38 A lot of them get jealous easily

They call beautiful girls ugly, but they are probaly jealous a lot.

39 They harass boys when they have the chance to

Not all girls - yunafreya648

40 They Annoy People With Long Hair
41 They Are Late

Makeups and hair

42 They Think One Direction is Best Band in the World
43 They say they are always busy so they don't have to hang out with you
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