Top 10 Reasons Why Goanimate is Better Than Flash

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1 Grounded videos

This list is dumb.

They're monotonous and stupid

2 More people use GoAnimate

This list is stupid. GoAnimate is very lazy and their grounded videos are bland as hell. Plus, you can't have a different art style for your GoAnimate videos. - TheYoshiPyro64

I know that but people shoulc stop using goanimate for stpid video.

3 It's free

GoAnimate is not free. Unless you get a trial that's 14 days long. But that's it. Only 14 days free. The rest you have to pay for to get full membership. Also, GoAnimate charges you as low as $30 per month. Flash CC costs only $20 per month. - LegoboynjAnimations

no free - BorisTheTeethGuy

4 Terrible Flash cartoons are more common on TV

I could actually agree with this one, there are too many cartoons that uses Flash.

5 Character Elimination videos

Really! Object shows with flash is way better you dumb goanimate fan.

I'm netural to it except some of them because some of them are blatant - BorisTheTeethGuy

6 Nobody likes Flash

Wrong, some people do - CaillouFanatic

Shut up. Not all people hates flash. Some of them like flash some of them don't. Goanimate is nothing like grounded video.

That isn't true, as Flash can be used well and everyone has an opinion.

Not true. I like flash. I use it a lot and it's really cool - LegoboynjAnimations

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7 The userbase is awesome

Not all members of GoAnimate are good. Some are just being trolls and or acting like little 5 year olds that like to report all content as copyrighted. - LegoboynjAnimations

Not all of them are good - BorisTheTeethGuy

8 The grounded videos with Caillou in them

This list was probably made by some goanimate fan!

Caillou gets grounded videos suck

9 GoAnimate is more fun to use

All it is is drag and drop which limits people from using their own imaginations if you want to make something that actually takes time and effort. - LegoboynjAnimations

Nope. Goanimate is boring and not creative.

10 They hate trolls

Goanimate hater are not trolls. Most of you on goanimate are trolls that can not respect opinion.

Trolls don't exist - BorisTheTeethGuy

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11 GoAnimate users have all the right ideas

Nope. They have same idea from a show, movie and video games.

Nope - BorisTheTeethGuy

12 The community wants to kill people who make fake VHS openings

You can't kill a user just because they make fake vhs. That cyber bullying. Police needs to take care of it.

13 Flash is Hard While Goanimate is Easy

Goanimate is easy. But it just very lazy. Flash is hard. It is better. So we need goanimate hater here to see this.

Flash is actually pretty easy when you get used to it. The first day I was using it, I already knew almost all the mechanics in flash. - LegoboynjAnimations

14 It's more likely for the videos to be "So bad it's good"

I agree with this!

15 Goanimate isn’t a family guy ripoff
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