Top 10 Reasons Why Goanimate is Better Than Harry Potter

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1 The series is bad

I just lost a ton of brain cells reading this list... Please take a break from the internet and, I dunno, see a therapist? Not because you hate Harry Potter, but because of the points you're making. - RoleplayerR

I hate GoAnimate.

(Face Palm) Why Does this list exist!?
Everything is so wrong!

No goanimate is garbage.

Hp books have effort put into them but Goanimate videos are crap. - Lunala

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2 The parents in Grounded videos are smarter than Hermoine

Goanimate parents are the worst parents in history

Liar! GoAnimate Parents are Stupid! They keep grounding their children for dumb reasons!

I hate Goanimate parents. - anonygirl

I don't like her but why - Puppytart

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3 Harry Potter is for old people

Harry Potter is for teens and maybe young children. I can already guess your age - izackak

It's also for Kids

no its not

No lots of teens like hp and hate goanimate - Lunala

4 The userbase is epic

No it's not, it's just a bunch of stupid kids who can't respect opinions. - izackak

5 Harry never gets grounded

Because he is such a heroic, phenomenal character. - The Ultimate Daredevil

6 The fanfiction "My Immortal"
7 The Harry Potter fanbase is bad

The GoAnimate Fanbase is bad, not Harry Potter

8 Only smart people use GoAnimate

Stupid people use goanimate because they make 100000000000000000000 grounded videos

Only dumb people don't like Harry Potter...

What am I even Reading?!?!

Only stupid kids use GOanimate - izackak

9 GoAnimate is fun to use but Harry Potter is boring

No, Harry Potter is Fun and GoAnimate is Boring, GoAnimate is the same thing over and over again!

Why are you comparing a book series to a drag and drop website? - izackak

10 Harry Potter is too emo

And Goanimate is too stupid. - izackak

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11 Every GoAnimate user hates Caillou

I hate Caillou too, but this is stupid!

12 No Assault Or Executions In Harry Potter
13 Goanimate is more original

No it's not. Harry Potter has been out for years and came out when their weren't many books about magic. Goanimate videos involve baby show characters and the same overused plot. - izackak

14 The Villains In Harry Potter Are Worse Than All the Goanimate Characters

The villains? You mean the parents? - izackak

15 It's More Kid-Friendly

Sure, that's why these stupid videos have kids being assaulted, kids destroying restaurants, and people cursing. - izackak

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