Reasons Why Godzilla 1998 is the Worst Movie Ever Made

I hate that movie. I HATE IT!!!!!!! This is the worst movie ever made. Godzilla is my favorite Iconic character ever, but this is just not good.

The Top Ten

1 The creature looks nothing like Godzilla

Godzilla’s design in this movie was so awful. It looked nothing like Godzilla. - RadioHead03

I'm a die hard godzilla fan, this was an train wreck with a bomb on it that was flying on a toilet. This was not godzilla film. - RustyNail

Godzilla Looks Like An Iguana Instead Of A Giant Lizard/Dinosaur - JPK

This is the reason why the movie sucked. It tried to be a Godzilla movie. It’s terrible. - asantalo

2 The creature died by missiles
3 Roland Emmerich is a dick
4 He doesn’t breathe fire
5 The characters are forgettable
6 The creature is a coward to fight the military
7 The film is a huge flop

HUGE! The movie’s budget was $10,000. A 1% return. That...IS MONSTROUSLY TERRIBLE! - asantalo

8 Actors are dumb
9 The story is not interesting
10 The CGI looks fake

The Contenders

11 The creature laid eggs

TOO MANY EGGS! Godzilla was never meant to be a female or asexual. He adopts Minya and Godzilla Junior. This movie made people think he’s asexual or a girl. Infact Zilla Senior is asexual. Not saying much, because it’s so dumb. - asantalo

12 It didn’t take place in Tokyo

Having a Godzilla movie without Tokyo is the least of our problems. In San Francisco, he was great. I’m sure in 2019, he’s heading to Atlanta. - asantalo

13 The creature looks like an iguana
14 It spawned the god awful animated series

That cartoon series maybe better than this movie. But the animation, the monsters, and human characters are just the reason why it sucked. Everything about it is awful. - asantalo

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