Top Ten Reasons Why Gravity Falls is Better Than Danny Phantom

Well, I haven't watched Gravity Falls yet, but, I made the reasons why Gravity Falls is better than Danny Phantom (Despite Gravity Falls is overrated, but, it's not really bad)

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1 Pines Twins are better siblings than Fenton siblings

I personally like Danny Phantom, but Gravity Falls is MUCH better. - DCfnaf

The Pines Twins are cute and likable. Fenton siblings are boring and lame - ChatNoirFan18

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2 Bill Cipher is a better villain than Vlad Plasmius

This is 100% true. Bill Cipher is much more funny and charming than Vlad. - DCfnaf

I love both these shows but duh Bill is the best. Bill is a better Villian in my opinion. To say which one I like more I have to say DP. But both are awesome and rock. And girlfriend wins with best villain. Does anyone know if Bill died or not?

3 Danny Phantom fans are much annoying than Gravity Falls fans

No...actually Gravity Falls Fans seem to be worse... - DCfnaf

I seem to disagree. - DynastiSugarPop

Gravity Falls fans has good tastes about cartoons. DP fans hates other good Nick shows like Invader Zim, Hey Arnold, and Miraculous. They only like Danny Phantom. - ChatNoirFan18

4 Soos is funnier than Jack Fenton V 2 Comments
5 Wendy Corduroy is better than Sam Manson V 1 Comment
6 Gravity Falls has awesome theme song

Gravity Falls theme song is instrumental, but, it get us a chilling. DP theme song is just copying "The Invisible Man" by Queen. - ChatNoirFan18

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7 Gravity Falls is more original

Gravity Falls based of Alex Hirsch's childhood when he with his twin sister went to vacation (founded in Wikipedia). DP is just a crap, garbage version of Ghostsbusters - ChatNoirFan18

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8 Gravity Falls has epic scenes V 1 Comment
9 Gravity Falls has more horror

Gravity Falls has more horror because the genre is mystery. DP just trying to be horror by making other scarier monsters and ghosts but they fail - ChatNoirFan18

10 Gravity Falls has cool fanfics

I like the Gravity Falls fanfic named Reverse Falls. DP fanfics always about romance and love all the time. - ChatNoirFan18

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11 Dipper is smarter than Danny

But Danny is more courageous. Dipper is better though. - DCfnaf

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