Top 10 Reasons Why Gravity Falls is Better Than Gumball

Gumball is way too annoying for me tbh and im tired of it getting compared to gravity falls.

The Top Ten

1 Gravity Falls Has No Gross-Out Jokes

People say Gumball uses butt jokes "the right way" well there is no right way butt joke are just disgusting. people are just defending gumball when they know its gone down hill - adventurer

2 Gravity Falls Had Character Development

Gumball just made them dumber - adventurer

I think that gumballs so called "Character developement"was making them more stupid. - adventurer

3 Gravity Falls is Original, Gumball is Not

At least Gravity falls can keep up with origanality gumball is a little too random. - adventurer

4 Soos is Better Than Richard

At least soos can get up off his fat butt unlike some people - adventurer

5 Bill Cipher is a Better Villain Than Rob

ROB is a lame glitch bill is funny - adventurer

6 Mable is a Good Sister

Tell me one time when anias wasn't a complete jerk to gumball - adventurer

7 Gumball Has More Annoying Characters
8 Gumball Went Downhill

It all started with season 3 - adventurer

9 Gravity Falls Has Better Quotes
10 Waddles is Cuter Than "Turtle"

That turtle is so ugly - adventurer

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