Top 10 Reasons Why Gravity Falls is Better Than We Bare Bears

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1 Gravity Falls has a better plot

I love We Bare Bears, but Gravity Falls is much better - IceBearRules

Ok, for one, Rock Starr, Gravity Falls has only been around for two years at most so subtract your current age with two. Two, Meagan, your just being rude. The bears have stopped a gang of pigeons, saved a college girl's reputation and life on multiple accounts, and destroyed an automatic vacuum cleaner that almost killed them (don't ask). Sure the show is weird but that's also the main plot of Gravity Falls in the first place. The list relies mainly on opinion which you are entitled to and I respect. That's what most of these lists rely on. It would make more sense if the shows had SOMETHING IN COMMON. Again, and for the final time, no offense to you, but when comparing shows, they should have at least 1 thing in common besides them being a cartoons. - slenderbrine123

I believe that comparing two equally good shows in the same era and with different intentions is wrong

Why would two kids go out at night trying to catch mysterious things without permission?

2 We Bare Bears tries too hard to be cool and funny

That's not my opinion on we bare bears lol. I like the show, but maybe I just like it because I'm an adult and I view myself as kind of a bear. to be honest I'm always on my phone, but maybe that's not a very good thing to pick up on. Sure that's relatable to me, but I'm a grown man. Why are they trying so hard to entertain both kids and adults at the same time?

Nah! Both are great shows!

I hate We Bare Bears, because Grizzly is annoying and arrogant, Panda is a playboy but I also like him because of anime, phone and drawing and Ice Bear is the only one who's awesome. But regardless, Grizzly is the most annoying and arrogant. And to top it of, Charlie is lame, stupid and dumb and anything he does is annoying

We Bare Bears is a cute show. Ice Bear occasionally makes witty comments that I find rather humorous.

3 Gravity Falls has smarter characters

I think these shows are both great but Gravity falls is more mysterious witch makes it better

Seriously We Bare Bears is a great show. Unlike the stupid shows we get nowadays be grateful we didn't just get another show like Clarence.

This list is stupid. You can't compare Gravity Falls to We Bare Bears. Obviously girlfriend is better, but WBB is a cute show that is still pretty new. If you watch the episode called Burrito, the ending almost had me in tears.

The only smart character I know on WBB is Ice Bear, the rest is just stupid and boring like Clarence. - MeaganSaysHI

4 Soos is better than Griz

Grizz is complete idiot who just wants to be popular

Ok let's be honest,we bare bares isn't that bad,but gravity falls is terrible - Nateawesomeness

5 Gravity Falls has antagonists

If you do not know if We Bare Bears has antagonists, you shouldn't put it at number 5. We Bare Bears actually DOES have an antagonist, he's a koala named Nom Nom, an internet star who happens to be a jerk. No offense to Meagan but do research before you put this so high on the list. - slenderbrine123

This 7 year old can't tell that causal and comedic shows tend NOT have antagonists, also the fact that Gravity Falls has antagonists does not prove that it is good

Nom nom the koala bear anyone?

I don't know if We Bare Bears has any. - MeaganSaysHI

6 Gravity Falls has a better theme song

I hate garnet and Steven universe and the intro for gravity falls is better :|

WBB is just 3 bears walking everywhere... - MeaganSaysHI

Guys, the WBB theme song was sung by Estelle, A.K.A the voice of Garnet.

7 Gravity Falls has more than 3 main characters

The amount of characters doesn't affect how good a show is. In fact some people could argue that We Bare Bears is better because it only has 3 characters. Supernoobs sucks and yet it has 6 main characters, does that make it better than We Bare Bears? No. It's how they execute the characters, not how many there are. This would make more sense if it was "Gravity Falls Executes Characters Better". I love both shows but the amount of characters doesn't matter. No offense to you, Meagan, in any way. - slenderbrine123

There are other main characters and this point is stupid

8 Gravity Falls has better character designs

Mabel is super pretty, so is Wendy. - MeaganSaysHI

Lol,How are Mabel and Wendy pretty? - Nateawesomeness

9 Gravity Falls is much more intense

This is one of the one of the three I agree with - slenderbrine123

This is one of the three I agree with - slenderbrine123

I'm running out of ideas, FML. - MeaganSaysHI

I'm hoping that WBB incorporates more feels and intense moments, like the ending to "Buritto."

10 Gravity Falls is unpredictable

I predicted that Stan had a twin a year before Not what he seems came out, not really a huge plot twist

Both Gravity Falls and We Bare Bears are good shows

This list is stupid! I lika both shows

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11 We bare bears is a good show

We bare bears is good, I don't like gravity falls as much as I thought I did. "Magic" I don't really like magic if I'm being honest. I honestly think we bare bears should have been on disney channel rather than cartoon network. We bare bears, to me at least, has that disney friendly vibe. Maybe they should have premiered it on disney even. From most episodes I've seen, it is a very fun show for little boys, as well as little girls.

On hell yeah

They’re two different types of shows�"good in their own ways

12 We Bare Bears is about three stupid bear brothers going on boring adventures but Gravity Falls are about two funny kids going on amazing adventures.
13 Gravity Falls Has Villains
14 Mable is a better character than Panda.

Panda is annoying and acts like if it's the end of the world, but Mable is hillarious and is very cute.

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