Top Ten Reasons Why Gravity Falls Is the Best Show Ever

I think I speak for the whole fandom when I say I'm literally dying of excitement over the new episode tonight!

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1 It's mature, yet still knows it's demographic

It's a show you can look back on and discover all sorts of hidden adult humor in. It's so unexpected on Disney Channel that when it comes up, its that much more hilarious. - keycha1n

The writers know what they're doing to the show. So this list is true. - EpicJake

They have a lot of humor that flies over kids heads, and they even referenced it. Some iffy jokes include the sascrotch, and more subtle, the "if you throw money at him he dances" part.

2 It's extremely detail-orientated

Everyone in the fandom knows the hidden clues and Easter eggs, but discovering them really makes you respect the show more. From pictures that flash for mere seconds, backwards voices and hidden codes for you to decipher, the fans catch everything. - keycha1n

If the fans catch absolutely everything, that only sounds entirely predictable. - PositronWildhawk

Although I don't think that girlfriend is the BEST show ever. But it is amazing. - EpicJake

3 The characters are developed and lovable

Whenever someone asks, "Who's your favorite Disney character? " or something along those lines, my immediate response is, "The Mystery Twins." They're by far the best characters Disney has had. I wish my siblings and I had a bond like that.

Soos is literally the greatest thing ever

Dipper and Mabel are the best Disney Channel characters. - AnonymousChick

People Say The Art Style/Animation and Characters Are Bad,But I Think Their Amazing. If I See Somebody Hating on Gravity Falls,They Usually Say Rude/Offense Things What Will Scar Fans and Also Have Horrible Grammar.Seriously,Bill is The Best Antagonist!

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4 There's an over-arching storyline

Unlike most cartoons, its rather important to watch this show in chronological order. The story in the background is present in every episode and its very well thought out. - keycha1n

There's a storyline, things actually happen that are important to the plot. "Oh, I missed the last episode that aired. I'll just watch the next one. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED IN THE LAST EPISODE? STAN HAS A BROTHER? THE HECK DID I MISS?! "

I'm hyped for the new episode! I've been waiting forever! - funnyuser

5 It doesn't utilize stereotypes

I'd be lying if I said this one was true. "You walking one-dimensional bleach blonde valley girl stereotype! " - dipperpinesfangirl618

A rarity on Disney Channel. - keycha1n

*Cough* Pacific! *Cough*

Besides Grenda but that ain't the point. - AnonymousChick

6 Good songs

The background songs is just amazing,perfectly captured the moments and ambience of Gravity Falls,mysterious and beauty of this green not-so boring town.

7 The animation is smooth and captures the atmosphere of Gravity Falls

It's truly superb animation, albeit kind of strange-looking. But the background is beautiful and detailed, as well as giving the constant feeling of creepiness, like there's something to the place that's not right. - keycha1n

There's plenty hidden in the detailed background too. Re-watching episodes, you have to watch that spooky forest, just in case... WHAT WAS THAT?

8 The well-thought out episodes

Its one of those amazing shows where a bunch of obscure, odd moments all come rushing to the end when all the puzzle pieces suddenly fit together and make total sense (like Harry Potter). Its what makes it so amazing. - keycha1n

There are odd happenings, confusing cryptograms, then suddenly, everything makes perfect sense!

9 Good voice acting

Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal are my spirit animals. - DynastiSugarPop

10 Mabel is cute

Mabel is cute in away yes and she may not be liked by boys but at least her twin brother likes her and supports her and by the way the sweaters she wears in each episode have a different meaning which she look adorable in!

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11 Ford is awesome

He's also a jerk. He destroyed his own sibling relationship, then, as if that wasn't enough, set out to separate Dipper and Mabel.

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12 Bill Cipher is amazing

He's the best villain ever, at least that's what I think.

Bill: Hey wanna hear my impression of you in about 3 seconds AA!
Dipper wakes up: AA!

13 It's different from what's currently on television

I can't think of another show like it. It's very original - keycha1n

The only thing it relates to is five nights at freddys but that's a game not a T.V. show

14 The devoted fandom

There's a reason this show's following is so borderline-scary. - keycha1n

There are some amazing theories, but don't go too deep into the fandom. Things, ships, get disturbing... I talking about pinecest. If you don't know what that is, you're lucky.

15 The theme song is not bad at all

It perfectly captures the weirdness, mystery, and characters of the show.

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16 Most episodes are epic

Specifically Tourist Trapped, The Hand That Rocks The Mabel, The Inconviniencing, Time Traveler's Pig, Little Dipper, Summerween, The Deep End, Dreamscaperers, Gideon Rises, Scary-Oke, Into The Bunker, SOCK OPERA, Society Of The Blind Eye, Blendin's Game, Northwest Mansion Mystery, NOT WHAT HE SEEMS, Tale of Two Stans, The Last Mabelcorn, DIPPER AND MABEL VS THE FUTURE, Weirdmageddon Part 1, ESCAPE FROM REALITY, and of course, TAKE BACK THE FALLS.

17 It's heartwarming and entertaining to watch

Dipper and Mabel's sibling relationship is close, and the other characters are so lovably heartwarming to watch grow closer too. - keycha1n

If you think it's "boring" and "stupid", than go watch teen titans go or something, troll.

Mabel! Look into my eyes! Do you really think I'm a bad guy?! - dipperpinesfangirl618

Dipper would. It has a strong sense of family and siblings that are close. It's just great.

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18 One of the best Disney shows on Earth

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

19 The plot isn't the same in every episode

Exactly! Each episode is entirely different, not at all what you're expecting. Major plot twists in episodes you thought were going to be funny, character development in creepy episodes, then, in the case of Not What He Seems and Escape From Reality, a speech that makes you shudder and MAJOR FEELS.

You Had to Mention That Didn't You, Bigmouth?

Why do people on this website comment with such rudeness?

20 It has actual comedy

@nateawesomeness you actually think amazing world of gumball is funny? If we are talking funny order it is from dumbest to funniest gumball Gravity falls then simpsons.

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21 Tambry is cool
22 The series finale is great

It's amazing. Hopeful, then sad, then happy, then bittersweet. There is no better way to end the already AMAZING show. The music really adds to the atmosphere too.

23 It deserves a spinoff
24 It doesn't have toilet humor
25 The humor is intelligent and dark yet appealing to kids too
26 Soos is Funny
27 Dipper is cute
28 There are so many Easter eggs!
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