Top 10 Reasons Why Green Day is Better Than the Beatles

The Top Ten

1 The Beatles are talentless

To the guy who said worships Nickleback, we know you are listening to Justin Bieber.

Talentless? Says the same person who worships Nickelback. - Catacorn

2 Billie Joe Armstrong didn't get shot
3 The Beatles sound like One Direction while Green Day don't

No member of the Beatles ever got shot. The Beatles were long broken up when John Lennon as assassinated.

4 Green Day didn't make Revolution 9
5 The Beatles were not rock
6 Punk bands are better than pop bands
7 Green Day lyrics are more meaningful
8 The Beatles don't have an easy solo

Holiday? also is this a joke list?

9 The Beatles are too old
10 Green Day's live shows are better
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