Top 10 Reasons Why Green Day is Better Than Nirvana

I think it's about time I made this list. I got nothing against Nirvana but I don't think they're as good as people make them out to be.

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1 Green Day has a lot more of emotions displayed in songs

This idiotic list is why I hate having to vote for something here just to express my opinion. - AGK

It's just my opinion bro if you think it's idiotic why vote on something to express opinion.

That's fine if it's just your opinion it's just I feel that this list is a fine example of why you should be able to comment without voting. - AGK

Both bands are good, but to be honest, I like Green Day better.

2 Green Day had more than 2-3 good songs
3 Green Day has a lot more meaningful songs

Meaningful Green Day songs: 21 Guns, American Idiot, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Minority, When I Come Around, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Brain Stew, and etc.
Meaningful Nirvana songs: Come As You Are, About A Girl, Heart Shaped Box and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

4 Green Day has a lot more musical talent then Nirvana

Talent vs Talent

1.Guitar : Billie vs Kurt, Kurt
2.Bass : Krist vs Mike, don't know
3.Drums : Dave Grohl vs Tre, Dave or tie
4.Vocals : Billie vs Kurt,Kurt
5.Lyrics :Green Day vs Nirvana, Green Day - zxm

5 Green Day has better lyrics

By far yeah. Nirvana song lyrics: "Avocado, here we are now entertain us! " Green Day song lyrics: I heard you crying loud all the way I could hear the sound, you'd be searching for that someone and it's me out on the prowl. As you sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Don't get lonely now 'cause you'll know where I'll be found when I come around! " Clearly Green Day has better lyrics by far.

I told you.Green days lyrics are better. - zxm

6 Billie Joe Armstrong sings better than Kurt Cobain

Actually kurt's vocal skills are better than billie but I like billie's song more - zxm

7 Green Day wasn't a fad, Nirvana always was

Nirvana was popular for about 3-4 years then people stopped talking about them. Green Day however is a different story.

8 Green Day revived Punk while Nirvana only made Post Grunge popular

Their was time when people thought Punk was dead kinda similar to Rock music, anyway after Green Day came along people stopped thinking that. Nirvana only made Post Grunge music popular.

Green Day didn't revive punk, they only started pop punk. - Gruunge

9 Green Day writes about more serious issues than Nirvana

LOL no they don't, the person who made this list just knows Come As You Are and Smells Like Teen Spirit, and don't have the intelligence to understand Nirvana's lyrics. - Gruunge

10 Green Day performs better live than Nirvana

Not a major reason why but eh I kinda ran out of ideas at some point.

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11 Green Day has a larger discography than Nirvana

This is just plain stupid. Nirvana doesn't have a large discography, because of Kurt Cobains death.

12 Kurt Cobain Committed Suicide

This isn't a reason why Green Day's better yeah he ended his own life but that really isn't a valid reason.

Just Kurt Cobain killed himself doesn't make Nirvana's music bad.

Irrelevant reason. - Tristan1975R5

This shouldn't be on here! - winston24

13 Tre Cool is a better Drummer
14 Green Day has more experience than Nirvana
15 You can understand what they're saying more
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