Top Ten Reasons Why Green Day is a Much Better Band Than Blood on the Dance Floor

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1 Green Day actually has talent, BOTDF has no talent

This list is 100% factual. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I know they do not really have much in common, but they are both bands though. Green Day is a good band and BOTDF is a bad band, so I wanted to make a list about why Green Day is better. This is also based on the list of the worst bands.

BOTDF has the talent to make it, you know... there's no such thing as being talentless. - SwagFlicks

Green Day is my favorite band. BOTDF is my least favorite band. That being said, this list is pointless and among the worst of the site. You're still a good user though AnimeDrawer, don't take this too heard (though I doubt you care at all). - ProPanda

2 Billie Joe Armstrong actually has an amazing voice unlike Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe who can't sing at all and use autotune

Yes. We all know that botdf are not good singers. - JoPro

100% agreed.I just listened to Bewitched by BOTDF and I clicked off after 1 minute but there are quite a few Green Day songs that I like.-TheCoolGuy1

3 Green Day has better and more catchy songs, BOTDF has horrible songs

I like a lot of Green Day's songs, they have pretty melodies and the lyrics are well thought out and meaningful.

Yeah me too, American Idiot, Welcome To Paradise, Last Of The American Girls, and many other songs are good.

Agreed.I listened to a few BOTDF songs and I only liked one song by them and that was Rise and shine but I have listened to quite a Green Day songs and I like all the Green Day songs that I have listened to so far.Also I am TheCoolGuy1,I just changed my name.-LitSavage.

BOTDF good songs:Rise and shine
BOTDF bad songs:Everything else
Green Day good songs:American Idiot,Holiday,Boulevard of broken dreams,Basket case,21 guns,Still breathing
Green Day bad songs:None so far

Green Day is much better.-LitSavage

4 Green Day plays instruments and is real music, BOTDF's music is garbage

@ProPanda, BOTDF does suck like garbage and some bands that AnimeDrawer likes uses instruments, Chill..


5 Green Day has meaningful lyrics and has songs about real life situations while BOTDF has meaningless lyrics and songs all about sex

Thank you - JoPro

6 BOTDF's albums are a big flop while Green Day has a lot of successful albums
7 Green Day managed to keep punk alive while BOTDF did nothing but flop
8 Green Day does not try too hard to be emo wannabes like BOTDF does

Green Day is actually emo though but BOTDF is a prissy wannabe Emo version of Rebecca Black, One Direction and Chris Brown mixed together

Name one emo band that was good to listen too. Oh wait, they all suck! - Gehenna

Other emo wannabe bands include the following: Panic! at the Disco, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Falling in Reverse, Pierce the Veil and Escape the Fate.

Have you seen the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams video? - ProPanda

9 Green Day is less gross to listen to and less inappropriate
10 Green Day aren't jerks

So far Billie is a good person but Dahvie is a hypocrite because he claims to be anti-bullying yet sends death threats or tells his fans to attack that person and considering that most of his fans were and still are 12-15 and almost worship him they are going to do it.I am 12 but I know this.-LitSavage

Dahvie isn’t just a jerk. He’s a pedophile. - 3DG20

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11 Green Day has sold more concert and tour tickets than BOTDF because almost no one likes BOTDF
12 Tre Cool is a good drummer
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