Top 10 Reasons Why Grojband Isn't Mean-Spirited

People say this show is one of the most mean-spirited cartoons of all time, but in reality, it's not true. Here's why Grojband is actually a really nice show.
The Top Ten
1 It has nice characters

Don't listen to SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy, this show does have good characters. The members of Grojband are really cool and they love helping people. Seriously, how are characters who save their town on multiple occasions (and the world at one point) and set up charities for sick puppies considered unlikeable?

I agree. Plus, Kate and Allie are so CUTE!

2 The characters love each other

Even when they fight, they can't stay apart for too long. - regularponyfan09

3 The good characters win most of the time

I love watching the band solve their own problems and work their way to the top. They always stay optimistic, even when they lose. - regularponyfan09

4 It has cute couples

I love seeing Corey and Laney together, there are tumblrs and fan fictions about them

Corney for life! - regularponyfan09

5 Trina gets karma

Trina is the only truly mean-spirited character in this show, but luckily she never wins anyway. Seeing her lose is always so satisfying. - regularponyfan09

6 It has good lessons

Like the importance of friendship and how money and perfection isn't everything. - regularponyfan09

7 Some bad characters learn their lesson

Of course, Trina never learns, but some antagonists become good near the end of each episode. - regularponyfan09

8 Some of the songs are heartwarming

I squealed internally when Corey and Laney sang 'Please Come Back' to Kin and Kon. - regularponyfan09

I also liked the looks that Corey and Laney gave to each other when Corey’s singing, “When We Make Today Our Day.” Though, if I were to rewrite the ending for Curse of the Metronome, it would be, “Laney: Happy New Year, Corey. *Laney attempts to kiss Corey again* Corey: Lanes, we had a great year back then and I’m sure we’re going to have an awesome year in the future. But, I think I know a way to start this year off. *Corey then walks over to Lanes and kisses her* Happy New Year Lanes. Corey: Happy new year everybody and thanks for coming out! Me: How’s that for an ending?

9 There's lots of hugs

Including bubble hugs. - regularponyfan09

10 Most of the fans are good people

And I'm a fan too, if people like this silly show, awesome and if people don't that's fine as well - legendary1234

Like me and ChatNoirFan18. - regularponyfan09

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