Reasons Why Gucci Gang by Lil Pump is a Terrible Song


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1 It's repetitive

"Gucci gang" is repeated a total of 40 TIMES. Enough said. - allamassal

Six9ine is a ripoff of lil pump. If lil pump isn't worst enough

No this is the best song ever made - guccigangkid69

I hate it

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2 It glorifies the use of cocaine

I never use cocaine on my life. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

3 It encourages bad behavior
4 The beat sucks

Yeah worse than drose

5 The vocals are annoying
6 It makes no sense
7 It has no real melody

At least good rappers like Eminem and Shaggy put melody in their songs unlike Lil Punk. - IronFist13

8 It gives rap music a bad name

Accurately describes trap rap in general - IronFist13

9 Lil Pump can't rap

I wish I was DEAF he is the worst.

The 2ecd worst rapper (aside from lil xan)

Neither can you, so shut your ignorant, hatin ass up \_(-_-)_/

10 It sounds like it was put together in 5 minutes


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11 Dimash Kudaibergen doesn't sing it

As bad as Gucci Gang is, by that logic every song I've heard is a terrible song just because Dimash Kudaibergen doesn't sing it. - allamassal

What a terrible reason. - Userguy44

12 You Can Fit the Lyrics on a Post-It Note

What do you mean by that?

13 Amount of Swear Words

Obviously you ain't never heard of Cardi b.

14 There is no emotion being expressed

Not every rapper likes to pour there heart out and tell the world about their personal life into cheesy songs. *Cough cough* talking to u Drake

15 Profanity
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