Top 10 Reasons Why Gumball Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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1 Gumball is funny, Teen Titans Go! is not

Gumball actually TRIES to be funny. - aarond9010

Gumball is funny because the characters are unique - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

The show is actually funny with anything funny the show will throw at them

So true! In fact, if you ask me, it's kind of INSULTING to compare TAWOG to Teen Titans Go. It's 50x better than this crap.

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2 Better characters

I agree! Beast boy is really stupid patrick is even smarter than him and his brain is the size of an atom!

Very true. Good list

Everyone is epic! in amazing world of gumball

In amazing world of gumball new characters who are awesome pop out of nowhere, heck in one episode a guy named rob follows the boys and Mr small out of the world's mistakes.
(One of my favorites)

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3 Better animation styles

There's some animation and some real-life characters.

Whoever Said Teen Titans Go! Had Better Animation Go Suck A Cock

"Styels", because it has multiple animations - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Gumball's animation style is very unique. It combines different types (3D and 2D) and the character designs are creative.

TTG is lazily drawn and uses tons of stock images. - Lunala

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4 There are no bronies

Bronies are one of the worst fan bases ever - TeenTitansGoSucks

There are bronies RAVEN you would know if u watched the show

Did someone hack you? This has nothing to do with this list!

There are no bronies in either fan bases...

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5 Gumball has smarter characters

Well It Would Really Be Hard For A Show Like Gumball To NOT Have Smarter Characters Than The Ones In Teen Titans Go!

Even Gumball is smarter than every single character - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Have u seen that 5 robins episode beast boy's 5 personalities are nothing just plain lazy

At leas not all the characters are dumb, Anais and Nicole are the smart ones.

6 The episodes make sense

Every episode of TTG is about the titans doing something stupid like finding out who farted in their sleep. - TeenTitansGoSucks

An episode where the family is fighting for a parking spot is more enjoyable than and episode where the Titans fight for a sandwich - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

When they title gumball episodes they actually use what they have in the title and use it for the episode. Not like ttg when they put random names for their Episodes

I Would Say Better Characters,But Gumball Has Actual Plots! Teen Titans Go! Usually is About Searching for The Remote or Something,and They End Up Doing Stupid Things! The Only Good Episode of This Stupid Hunk of Garbage is That There is a Fourth Wall Break,Where They Admit How Stupid They Are Now! Gumball Has Many Intresting Plots, Teen Titans Go! Is Filled With Annoying Characters,Silly Moments,Silly Villains,Stupid Plots and Bad Animation..TTG Felt Like a Rip-Off to The Original,Than a Reboot.

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7 Tara Strong does not voice anybody in Gumball

Gumball is fine the way it is! If Tara's annoying voice was in this, then I would COMPLETELY stop watching the show because I think her voices are just ANNOYING!

I like Tara but she's in nearly in every cartoon. - TeenTitansGoSucks

Neither do the other characters - RyanMtheGamer

TAWOG would be better if Tara was in it

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8 TTG is a disgrace and an insult to it's fans

I agree... This show is an abomination and the main characters who are supposed to be noble, heroic, nice, and upholding strong morals wind up being the real villains. The original Teen Titans exemplified good sportsmanship and never resorted to cheating either unlike the jerks in Teen Titans Go! The original Robin would kick his repulsive TTG counterpart out on his butt for being such disgrace!

We begged and begged for a season 6 and we get this crap! - TeenTitansGoSucks

The show is an insult to all other Cartoon Network shows because you'll probably have 10000000 hours of teen titans go in 14 days or less while you'll only see like 10 hours of WBB in 2 weeks

9 No effort is put into TTG

Enough said - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Yep. - alphadan12

I can think of 3 examples.
1.THEY don't EVEN THINK WHAT THEY WILL DO to little kids.just..look at the episodes the animation
3.names..SURE gumball just puts the <insert word> but hand..

10 Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt is a dumb episode name

And I love soccer and I that episode they say it's a boring terrible sport I tell you what's boring THIS SHOW!

Why'd they make this episode at all?! How about the titans actually dying for once and everybody will start singing hallelujah chorus.

That episode made me want to sue and kill Cartoon Network. I love soccer

That stupid episode of this horrible garbage insulted my country. Soccer is a form of art, and the only thing correct in the episode is that soccer balls are very gorgeous. I were very very very very mad when saw it. At all, soccer is not only kick a ball and pretend be hurt. When people are hurt in soccer, its not pretending, ITS REALLY HURT GOD! No respect to Titans. Also, Titans are supporters and lovers of a sport of pure violence were people could be hurt at every second (no offense). Horrible Titans. I want to kill them!

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? Darwin Watterson is Nicer Than Starfire

Darwin loves his family while starfire only loves kittens more than her team

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11 Gumball is contributing to Cartoon Network rebuilding while Toddler losers NO! is pushing the network down

If you see Teen titans are rants you'll probably see 50+ rants by now, I bet that even Patrick Star could beat the Titans in a roast battle

12 Darwin is a better friend than Beast Boy
13 Better jokes

Speaking of jokes, Teen Titans Go! Do you mean, Toddler Titans NO!

Pissed is a strong word, meaning all the TTG jokes pissed me off.

The waffles one pisses me off so bad that I want to jump inside and beat the Teen Titans up inside the T.V. with my Terry McGinnis batman suit with an awesome staff with two bats on one side and one on the other and at the ending I would kiss Jinx and that's all folks.

14 Gumball never made any reference to stripping for money

Watch "Two Bumble Bees And A Wasp" from Teen Titans Go! And you'll know what I mean. - Comi03

How about Pyramid Scheme, the new episode? Beast Boy wanted to get rich fast.

There's that one photo where beast boy is in raven's bed with his underwear on if u know what I mean

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15 More colorful

Gumball is full of RAINBOWS! While teen titans go is boring and dull

Darwin's cuteness can kick Any Teen Titans go butt. Enough said.

Despite how trippy Gumball looks, you don't need any LSD to understand this show. You really need a LOT of drugs to understand TTG though. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

The colors its like the tvs full of rainbows

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16 The Titans are Trump supporters
17 Gumball actually shows remorse for his actions

Gumball does and says a lot of stupid stuff in every episode but he actually tries to make up for his screw ups.. And he does try to make amends with those he has offended or hurt... Unlike Robin and the other jerky titans in Teen Titans Go who not only show little or no remorse for the way they act but actually take pride in it. Gumball will always be better than them in terms of showing remorse.

In most Gumball episodes, Gumball tries to make up for what he did wrong. But in TTG, they don't do that. Even in the rare occasion they do, it doesn't matter. Like when Robin apologized to star for stalking her, Robin started stalking her again!

18 TTG tries too hard

They either try too hard on an episode and fail or don't try at all. A lot of work goes into Gumball.

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19 Gumball came first V 1 Comment
20 Nicole Watterson could beat all the Teen Titans in a fight
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