Top 10 Reasons Why Gumball Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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Better characters

Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far I haven't seen any of the characters of Gumball do something terrible without getting some form of comeuppance. Teen Titans Go! on the other hand has a very bad case of protagonist-centered morality, even for a kid's show.

Personally Mrs. simian is my least favorite gumball character. I could compare her to any TTG character and she is better. I love Darwin favorite character. Even all teen titans go combined are worse. Overall TTG characters are just plain dumb. Even Richard is smarter than them

Gumball characters are either cute or funny or kinda weird but not the titans which their character are ugly or not funny at all or completely weird psychopath. the charachter in ttg are weird from robin the stalker to beast boy the jerky idiot

The characters on both shows suck. Get over it you five year olds and watch some decent cartoons like Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty

Gumball is funny, Teen Titans Go! is not

The show is actually funny with anything funny the show will throw at them

All they do is save people's live that's why I like gum ball better

Remeber one time that Gumball said that oninon make you cry.
He said not if you make it cry first. That was funny.

Even Gumball himself can beat all the titans at once.

Better animation styles

The mix of CGI and 2D animation is intriguing. Much more intriguing than a bunch of satirically drawn stick figures.

I'm on Gumball's side. they mixed different animation styles amazingly. Teen titans go! used photo animation and isn't good to look at.

It's actually a hundred times more creative and is actually relatable

There's some animation and some real-life characters.

There are no bronies

Anais likes Daisy the Donkey. And it's kinda like MLP. And even if there are no bronies, it doesn't make it a good reason to prefer Gumball to TTG. Not that I like TTG.

I want gumball to kill all the toddler titans and burn there bodies!

There are bronies RAVEN you would know if u watched the show

Did someone hack you? This has nothing to do with this list!

Gumball has smarter characters

Have u seen that 5 robins episode beast boy's 5 personalities are nothing just plain lazy

At leas not all the characters are dumb, Anais and Nicole are the smart ones.

Gumball and Darwin can solo the TTG universe without even trying.

Whoever added this to this list is right.

Darwin is a better friend than Beast Boy

Totally agree, beast boy is a rude, lazy prick.

How do you even compare the two? XD

u compare darwin to beast boy u will face doom because darwin is not that low friend

Gumball never made any reference to stripping for money

There's that one photo where beast boy is in raven's bed with his underwear on if u know what I mean

Watch "Two Bumble Bees And A Wasp" from Teen Titans Go! And you'll know what I mean.

How about Pyramid Scheme, the new episode? Beast Boy wanted to get rich fast.

This is supported in "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" and the episode "Pyramid Shceme"

The episodes make sense

Unlike TTG, Gumball's episodes are clever. They have made 5 seasons of the beginning word 'the', and they still manage to keep it that way. (Except for the holiday episodes) TTG's episode names revolve around a small line that a character says.

When they title gumball episodes they actually use what they have in the title and use it for the episode. Not like ttg when they put random names for their Episodes

Even if the title was part of the episode, it's still irrelevant to the plot in general. Gumball on the other hand managed to actually make the title fits the episode.

The randomness is what makes it funny!

TTG Has pointless episodes.
Gumball has episodes with a point.

Ttg has meaningless episodes when Gumball has episodes that make sense
Tara Strong does not voice anybody in Gumball

Gumball is fine the way it is! If Tara's annoying voice was in this, then I would COMPLETELY stop watching the show because I think her voices are just ANNOYING!

Neither do the other characters

Gumball voiced by a little kid

TAWOG would be better if Tara was in it

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Darwin Watterson is Nicer Than Starfire

Darwin loves his family while starfire only loves kittens more than her team

TTG is a disgrace and an insult to it's fans

I agree... This show is an abomination and the main characters who are supposed to be noble, heroic, nice, and upholding strong morals wind up being the real villains. The original Teen Titans exemplified good sportsmanship and never resorted to cheating either unlike the jerks in Teen Titans Go! The original Robin would kick his repulsive TTG counterpart out on his butt for being such disgrace!

The show is an insult to all other Cartoon Network shows because you'll probably have 10000000 hours of teen titans go in 14 days or less while you'll only see like 10 hours of WBB in 2 weeks

Gumball actually shows remorse for his actions

In most Gumball episodes, Gumball tries to make up for what he did wrong. But in TTG, they don't do that. Even in the rare occasion they do, it doesn't matter. Like when Robin apologized to star for stalking her, Robin started stalking her again!

Gumball does and says a lot of stupid stuff in every episode but he actually tries to make up for his screw ups.. And he does try to make amends with those he has offended or hurt... Unlike Robin and the other jerky titans in Teen Titans Go who not only show little or no remorse for the way they act but actually take pride in it. Gumball will always be better than them in terms of showing remorse.

Fresh, amazing, and respectable episodes
No effort is put into TTG

I can think of 3 examples.
1.THEY don't EVEN THINK WHAT THEY WILL DO to little kids.just..look at the episodes the animation
3.names..SURE gumball just puts the <insert word> but hand..

Gumball came first

And it's not a remake or reboot.

Gumball: Aired in 2011

TTG: Aired in 2013

This is true

Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt is a dumb episode name

Agreed! American Football: People Takling other people, while a man holds a oval ball, and grows it so someone can grab it and run like a maniac.
Soccer: People kicking a ball at each other and trying to score a goal, whist not touching the ball with there arms and hands, and not letting the opponents get the ball away from your team, while a goalie is blocking the goal, trying to block the ball from entering the goal and scoring.
Soccer sounds more fun.

Why'd they make this episode at all?! How about the titans actually dying for once and everybody will start singing hallelujah chorus.

And I love soccer and I that episode they say it's a boring terrible sport I tell you what's boring THIS SHOW!

This really offended me and made me start to lose my respect for Toddler Titans Goo.

Gumball is contributing to Cartoon Network rebuilding while Toddler losers NO! is pushing the network down

If you see Teen titans are rants you'll probably see 50+ rants by now, I bet that even Patrick Star could beat the Titans in a roast battle

Better jokes

The waffles one pisses me off so bad that I want to jump inside and beat the Teen Titans up inside the T.V. with my Terry McGinnis batman suit with an awesome staff with two bats on one side and one on the other and at the ending I would kiss Jinx and that's all folks.

Woah, the fact you wanna beat the hell out of the titans is just,eek. I'd rather dress as a rat and just roast them while they just spit out bad rhymes.

Pissed is a strong word, meaning all the TTG jokes pissed me off.

And TTG should be funnier( but it isn't) cause it's a joke!

The Titans are Trump supporters

Want proof? Here's proof! Robin once said 'I think the President is doing a great job!' And let me remind you this was said in 2017!

Well President Trump is doing a good job. You just listen to the media to much

Where's your proof I never saw any reference to Trump that shows the titans are supporters of Trump

Nicole Watterson could beat all the Teen Titans in a fight

Like any one from the Watterson family can beat the titans.

For Gumball: he runs faster than light speed he survived the big bang he can break a steel crowbar a locker and can punch throw concrete he turn to the Hulk or Super saiyan. For Darwin: he also runs faster than the speed of light he survived the big bang e can break a steel crowbar a locker and can punch throw concrete he turn to the hulk and/or take down a t-rex just like gumball.

For Anais: she can rub her socks to create electricity and shock the titans to their doom or just make a trap the titans she is just far smarter.

For Richard: even he is smarter than the stupid titans he can just beat them up and demolish em easily.

For Nicole: she is just far stronger than the whole titans team combined she is a professional in martial arts and can turn reality while fighting into an anime scene.

If dark Gumball or Darwin were added to an episode maybe about Gumball or Darwin's anger, they ...more

She could beat their butts off!

Anyone of the Watterson family can beat all the titans (the titans are just stupid idiots)

First I am going to talk about how Gumball can beat the titans: Gumball has an advantage in almost everything he is far far far fast (he is faster than light speed {299 792 458 m/s} he is far stronger (he can take down a T-Rex, bend a steel crowbar, break through concrete with his fist and break a metal looker) he can turn to the Hulk or turn Super Saiyan.

Darwin has almost all the properties of gumball expect that super saiyan part. (if Cartoon Network ever added dark gumball or Darwin they can basically demolish the titans with one hit {in the game of dark Gumball and Darwin they managed to take down their own mother})

Anais can just basically rub her sock generating electricity and shocking the titans to death or she can trap them because she is far smarter (she has a brain level of an 8th grader, the titans are far stupider)

As for Richard he is just smarter than ...more

More colorful

Darwin's cuteness can kick Any Teen Titans go butt. Enough said.

No powers needed to defeat TTG, Darwin has the power of purity and cuteness...

Also, it has 2D and CGI mixed together, which makes the show more oroginal.

The colors its like the tvs full of rainbows

The characters have actual personality
Better animation
Nobody is cruel to others for no reason

Except margaret and rob and miss simian and jamie and julius and his gang and probably others but that's not me insulting the show those characters are meant to be mean or bad guys and aren't meant to be the heros

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