Top Ten Reasons Why Gumball Watterson Would Defeat Thanos Instantly

Thanos has become the new powerhouse in powerful characters in fiction. With a simple snap of his fingers, Thanos could silence the likes of Goku, Shrek and even Jonesy. But there is one blue television cat from Elmore that not even Thanos can overcome. His name is Gumball Watterson, and this is why.

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1 Gumball Can Shapeshift Into Anything He Wants


Let's be real.

Magikarp would DESTROY Thanos in an instant. - Drawbox

In the "Imaginate" song of the season 3 finale, Gumball showcases a shapeshifting ability, changing into a jet, pony, 100 dollar bill, mansion, teenager, butler and the Queen of England. With such abilities at his disposal, who's to say Gumball couldn't shapeshift into a beast Thanos would be incapable of destroying? - Puga

Bruh, Shrek is obviously the strongest anime character of all time. - AlphaQ

2 Gumball Can Use Nicole for Help

Nicole is such a hard kid

Thanos can collect all the Infinity Stones he wants, but there's no way anyone can survive a beatdown from Nicole. - Puga

Shrek can use Donkey for help. - AlphaQ

3 Gumball Has the Power of Memes on His Side

Thanos Car.
"I don't feel so good"
Shrek is love. Shrek is life. - AlphaQ

Thanos Car - Not_A_Weeaboo

"So what? " you shriek while staring at the 62 Thanos posters on your walls. Memes will provide anyone with an advantage in a 1v1. We saw this in the 2016 election. "But but but Thanos has produced way more memes than Gumball! 1! 11 you screech at the top of your lungs. Gumball is voiced by Nicolas Cantu, also known as Junky Janker, who is a certified top tier memelord, ranking along the elite like me. Should Gumball be disadvantaged in combat, Junky just needs to ask the Meme Gods for help, and deliver they shall. - Puga

4 Gumball Has Immense Survival Skills

Episodes such as "The Picnic" and "The Fridge" provide perfect examples to how strong Gumball is, and how he can adapt to and pull through adversary (despite both being garbage episodes). Gumball has survived a whole day stranded in the woods, all of Nicole's outbursts, a weekend stranded on a tower roof with Tobias, being possessed multiple times, summoning other worldy beasts, a remote that literally controlled the universe, an interdimensional portal and being stepped on by Hector. What could Thanos possibly do that would even phase Gumball? - Puga

5 Gumball Has Claws

My sarcasm senses are tingling - RevolverOcelot

Those things hurt. What has Thanos got, a fancy glove? Really ugly stubble? What advantages has biology granted him in this fight? All Gumball needs to do is scratch Thanos once and he'll be begging for mercy. - Puga

6 Gumball Has Faced Much Worse Foes Than Thanos

People Gumball has scuffled with include and are not limited to:
His crazy mom who can turn into a demon with no warning
A tyrannosaurus rex
A giant
A witch
A storm
A bully with horns
A ghost
A shapeshifting peanut woman
A shapeshifting peanut woman's really angry dad
And the list goes on and on. The fact Gumball is still alive should make Thanos quiver in his boots. - Puga

7 Gumball Can Use SJW Powers to Shame Thanos

If Gumball were to regain his social justice powers from Season 5's "The Best", Thanos wouldn't stand a chance. Once Gumball picks up on Thanos' outdated vocabulary and shames him, Thanos will be thrown off his game and confused beyond belief. - Puga

8 Gumball Has the Ability to Go Super Saiyan

As seen in Season 4's "The Others". I mean, Super Saiyan? Come on. That's just not fair. - Puga

9 Gumball Can Use Witchcraft

He's already tried it in Season 5's "The Sorcerer" to great success. All he needs to do is tap up Mrs. Jotunheim before the fight to have witchy powers in his arsenal. - Puga

10 Gumball Can Annoy Thanos to Death

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11 Gumball Can Use Carrie for Help

Get Carrie to pull some invisible ghost tomfoolery on Thanos, he'll never see it coming. - Puga

12 Gumball has annoying super powers
13 Gumball Would Drive Thanos to Insanity
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