Gun Control and What This List Got Wrong

Firstly, I would like to say that gun control is NOT about banning guns.
That's right.

It's about limiting access to high powered guns (such as an ak-47 or a ar-15 which is MUCH deadlier than a simple handgun), putting stricter background checks on guns, raising the age to buy a gun to 21, making sure criminals can't buy guns, you know COMMON SENSE.

Many people like to compare a gun with a car. A car also kills people, why haven't we banned it? they ask. Simple.
Cars are used for transport, not killing. Meanwhile, a gun's only purpose is to kill and thus is reasonable to make sure not everyone has the ability to kill that easily. In addition, ignoring everything I said, cars still have STRICT laws regulating them, from making sure you can drive them safely and installing safety measures, which a gun does not have.

Also, if you look at the states that have the least gun violence, such as New York, you find that they tend to have strict gun control laws while states like Alaska have little to no gun control laws such as background checks and that is why their gun violence is so much higher.

Looking at Australia, a country with no mass shootings since 1996. They enacted sweeping gun laws and now many conservatives there feel that it is their "duty" to protect their country. If they can do it, why can't we? we're both former British colonies with men who settled the west and as a result almost wiped out an entire indigenous population.

Also why ar-15s shouldn't be readily available to the public is this: take a look at the Parkland Shooting vs the Youtube Headquarter Shooting. In Parkland, the shooter killed 17 students with a high powered ar-15 before fleeing. The Youtube Shooter had a handgun and managed to kill one person. Herself.

That is all. feel free to angrily type into your keyboard that I'm a libtard, a snowflake, a idiot, stupid, i'm gonna kill everyone, you're an idiot, gun control doesn't work, etc.