Reasons Why Halsey is Better Than Kesha

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1 Halsey has a good voice

Warning: this list contains content from December 2017. View at your own risk.

Lol best list love the list lovefrombadlands

I’ve made much worse than this list honestly.

BAH! Kesha’s voice is WAAY better than Halsey could even DREAM of! Halsey isn’t even worthy of kissing Kesha’s FEET!
Plus Kesha is ORIGINAL! Now or Never ripped off Needed Me!

Of course she isn't! Halsey is too good for that. Halsey has a beautiful voice.

2 Halsey's songs are all different

He's not insulting the list he's just explaining why it sucks

Holy hell, this list is godawful. It’s literally stating lies.

So you mean to tell me that "Tik Tok", "Learn To Let Go", and "Praying" all sound and are exactly the same song?

Yeah, I ain’t buying that at all. - DCfnaf

It's still not nice to insult a list. I put time and effort into this list and a TheTopTens user that people look up to is tearing down the 30 minutes it took me to create this list.

3 Kesha's songs are boring slow songs

I don't know about Halsey bit Kesha is boring.-LitSavage

I think it’s the other way around lol... - Twixx

Have to listened to any of her songs aside from "Praying"?

Do explain, with your intense, vast knowledge of music, how "Hunt You Down", "We R Who We R", "Tik Tok", "Learn To Let Go", and "Blow" are boring, slow songs. None of them are ballads or lack a beat/melody at all so... - DCfnaf

Wait, you admitted that some of Kesha's songs lack a beat and melody!

4 Halsey is a nice person

Actually, Kesha is a really nice person who was abused by her producer and sings songs with good meanings (rainbow for example) and Halsey is a hypocrite and she's really mean to people like Melanie Martinez, Camilla Cambello, Lana Del Ray, her fans, everyone, etc with no purpose. And she told you halsey fans are still worshipping her even though she told all of you to stop abusing her for no reason.

No. Halsey is an unlikable idiot, Who always whines when she's criticized, Is mean to Camilla Cabello for no reason, And doesn't accept that she's Pop music, And her music is awful

So is Kesha. - Twixx

And Kesha isn’t?

She’s proven in interviews that, despite some of the weird things she says, she is a very nice person who cares about what she does.

Meanwhile, Halsey insults journalists' private parts when criticized and compares herself to Kendrick Lamar. - DCfnaf

No she doesn't. Did you know that Halsey donates money to a fan who needed money for a thing at the doctors office or something (I forgot) And also, how is it mean to compare yourself to people and ALSO, it never said that Kesha wasn't, I just said that the amazing Halsey was. And Halsey is a nice person.

5 Halsey's songs can be all different beats
6 Halsey is creative

Creative? My foot! She literally rips off Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Alessia Cara, and Demi Lovato vocally (the latter two I like) and her song Now or Never ripped off Needed Me by Rihanna!

How are songs like Colors, Heaven in Hiding, and Hopeless not creative? I get that Now or Never sounds like Needed Me in the chorus, but I don't get how she sounds like any of the people you listed. - allamassal

HAH NO not creative at all.

7 Halsey's albums tell a story

I mean, considering that Rainbow is your least favorite album of 2017 and Praying is your least favorite song ever made, you must know the story behind both...right?

Oh...wait... - DCfnaf

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in it's own was a story. Rainbow was just written to express something that happened to Kesha. I think that's what he/she means. - ProPanda

8 Kesha used to be annoying and Halsey never was

Halsey is very annoying. - Twixx

9 Halsey has good lyrics

Of course of course I mean she wrote her songs

10 Halsey has relatable songs

Especially drive and control!

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