Top Ten Reasons Why Harambe Did Not Deserve to Die

I noticed how Harambe became a big thing. I noticed how he did not deserve to die. R.I.P Harambe. Who would of been stupid enough to shoot him.

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1 The mother was not taking care of her child, so that was her fault.

Hey person two comments away from heartless is that. You would let a child die for a gorilla

If Harambe's son went to a concert, would they shoot Justin Beiber?

It was entirely the kid's fault. He should've died instead of Harmabe.

Yes, because it was clearly her fault that her child ran away from her, that child ran into a gorilla pen and then the zoo killed said gorilla. That is asinine reasoning. That's like saying that the mother of Jamie Bulger was responsible for his death because she looked away for a few minutes because he was abducted. Stupid argument. - Mrveteran

The child wanted to enter. The mom said no. The child ignored her, leading to all of these events. - DCfnaf

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2 Harambe was doing nothing to the kid, just protecting him.

I saw the video and this statement is so true. The gorilla was just trying to protect the poor child.

THANK YOU?! - Ilovestephanie

He did not protect the kid, but he just dragged him around the enclosure. I don't think he intended to harm the kid, but he was curious about him, which was why he dragged him around. Animals have different ways of examining things. - Samoy

Dragging someone around in water and stone:A new form of protection,*sighs* - Nateawesomeness

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3 They shot Harambe for no good reason.

I mean, Harambe was trying to protect the kid

True, harambe is a protector. He was not attacking him, he was protecting him from the evil of the outside world. He guarded him from the violence. Harambe is peaceful and kind.

They could have just used food to lure Harambe somewhere else than save the child...

NO GOOD REASON? That kid was almost MAULED to death. What would you do if you're own child was being mauled to death? I know animal abuse is wrong, but when an animal is attacking an innocent child and I had to choose between who's going to die, the choice is clear. - TwilightKitsune

Honestly, Humans are overpopulated but Gorillas are an endangered species! To me, the gorilla is more important than the human. Besides, there are plenty more humans in the world. - ThugLifeSwag1995

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4 Shooting Harambe is animal abuse, which should be illegal.

If they used tranquilizer, instead of knocking him out, He would become more violent and could actually kill the child. This isn't animal abuse. - BorisRule

Animals over Humans, all day, everyday

When deciding between a human's life and an animal's life, the choice is clear. If my comment offends you animal rights people, then you can just get bent. The gorilla may not have done anything to the kid, but wild animals are unpredictable. Who knows what he would have done if they hadn't shot him. And fyi, they ruled out tranquilizers because they weren't guaranteed to work immediately and may have provoked Harambe to violence.

I'm pretty sure if they tried tranquilizing the gorilla, he would start acting more violently before knocking out and seriously injure the kid. He had to be killed to protect the kid, but Harambe's death is the kid's mother's fault, really. Everyone should be blaming her for not watching her child. - Mcgillacuddy

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5 Harambe was a well loved gorilla, so people that might have loved him are now sad now because of that.

Nobody knew him before that incident happened - BorisRule

True. Then again, I'm sure the child's family and friends may have been terribly sad if the child was killed, but who cares about that? - Mrveteran

Nobody knew Harambe before this incident

I honestly bet nobody gave a crap about Harambe before the whole killing incident happened. - NikBrusk

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6 Harambe was a good gorilla, not a bad gorilla.

RIP Harambe the King of Dank Memes.

Animals don't even know the difference! They do what they have to do to survive! - Mcgillacuddy

He was a normal one - Nateawesomeness

Do you know that? - Mrveteran

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7 The zoo killed Harambe just so they cannot be sued for the kids injury, but that is wrong.

We all know Human Life are way, way more important than a Gorilla's Life and also if they didn't do anything they would be shut down by the government for NEGLECT and the mother would be ridiculously angry at the zoo for this so what are you saying? - PrinceOfFire

Well I'd rather an innocent young child not be seriously harmed, wouldn't you? - Mrveteran

The case probably wouldn't work because it was really the mother's fault for not watching her child - Mcgillacuddy

They shot it because if they tranquilized it, there was the possibility of it going berserk and hurting the kid. - DCfnaf

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8 When Harambe dragged the kid, that is the way gorillas drag their kids, so they should not blame him for his natural behaviors that are normal for a gorilla.

Yet again, if they used tranquilizers, the kid is OVER! O-V-E-R PAL! - BorisRule

The kid didn't deserve to be attacked but it WAS Harambe's territory. The zookeepers should know better about handling gorillas. People should be glad this wasn't a lion or tiger's pen that the kid fell into. I'm not dismissing the kid but Harambe doesn't deserve to DIE because he's an animal and not a human. - Cesium

That kid will be into pieces immediately after he fell into tiger's cage. - BorisRule

How dare they be concerned over the fact that the child could have been seriously harmed or injured! - Mrveteran

Yeah! Who cares about the fact that he was injuring him? And nobody was blaming him! They HAD to shoot him. - DCfnaf

They could have went down there and grabbed him. Remember that there was a video recording the incident, and it went on long enough for them to go down there and grab the child. They had enough time. - LedgerDraven

9 Harambe deserves to be in the wild free, like any other animal, not locked in a zoo just to get killed.

He would die in the wild anyways, so that item doesn't makes sense. Only cruel zoos should be closed, not all - BorisRule

There's nothing to say that he wouldn't be harmed in the wild either, especially with the rise of poachers. A peaceful life in captivity is better than a dangerous life in the wild surely. Not to mention, what does this have to do with his death? - Mrveteran

So you're saying that zoos shouldn't exist and that people are not allowed to see other animals that they are fascinated in? And who says they're "locking him in a zoo"? They still take care of him, feed him, etc. - DCfnaf

There is a higher chance of him getting killed in the wild because of predators than in the zoo.

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10 Harambe is now misunderstood as a bad guy thanks to this.

Indeed. Poor wild animal. I'm pretty sure the bears that killed Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend were perfectly nice. - Mrveteran

What the hell are you talking about? - DCfnaf


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11 Gorillas don't eat humans.

That wouldn't matter if they do eat us - BorisRule

True. Then again, they can still harm them, an outcome of which I'm sure the kid's family didn't want especially considering it could lead to the kid being killed. Idiots. - Mrveteran

What the hell does this have to do with anything? - Mcgillacuddy

Yes...but they BEAT them. Who added this? - DCfnaf

Of course it wasn't you! You wrote an apology post before this was added. - DCfnaf

12 Gorillas are more important than humans.

Gorillas (and ANY endangered animals for that matter) ARE WAY more important! The human race is way too overpopulated with babies being born everyday! Who cares about humans when animals are living creatures too! There should be WAY more of these endangered animals than humans.

One human (Baby too) life isn't as important as an endangered Gorilla. One human isn't worth as much

13 Gorillas are endangered.

True. - LedgerDraven

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