Response To: Top Ten Reasons Why Harambe Did Not Deserve to Die

DCfnaf So...I'm sure we've all read this list by now and are a little confused. This list even got a Facebook Comment from someone named "Edward Howard" who talked about how silly this list is. I'm not going to insult AnimeDrawer for making this list at all, as it's not offending any users on this website. It's just a silly list. Also, I do not have ANYTHING against AnimeDrawer at ALL. She just made a silly list, that's all. She is a good user. Anyways, I do have some legitimate criticisms for this list. I do NOT intend to sound harsh by criticizing another person's list. This is just meant to point out the problems with this list and help a fellow user to do better in the future.

First of all, it spouts out lies and assumptions. It blames the mother for the entire event happening when the child was the one who disobeyed the mom. Not only that, but the gorilla was the one dragging the kid. It may not have been intentional to harm the kid, but the gorilla did knock him out. Another lie is Number 4: "Harambe was shot for no good reason". This is obviously not true. Harambe dragged and knocked out the child by accident. Gorillas tend to beat on other things if they tell their children to stay away from the victims. So, there were three options. 1. Go into the gorilla habitat and risk the gorilla attacking the zookeepers. 2. Tranquilize the gorilla and risk it getting pissed off and killing the kid. 3. Kill the gorilla and get the child out. Which would you do? They had no choice but to kill Harambe. Another lie is the Number 7 entry: "The zoo killed Harambe just so they cannot be sued for the kids injury, but that is wrong." That is obviously false. Why would they be sued for the kids' injury? If Harambe DID in fact kill the kid, it would NOT be THEIR fault. It would be HARAMBE'S. Also, if the gorilla DID kill the kid, they would probably have had to put down Harambe anyway (correct me if I'm wrong). The point is, they killed the gorilla because an innocent child's life was at stake. Other examples would be Number 10, Number 6, Number 5, Number 2, and Number 3. Pretty much every entry on the list.

Second of all, the list believes that "Harambe deserves to be in the wild free, like any other animal, not locked in a zoo just to get killed." So in other words, this list is saying that no animal should be "locked up in a zoo just to be murdered for no reason". THAT IS NOT WHAT ZOOS ARE THERE FOR. They do not exist because there are sick people that want to torture animals. The reason animals are captured and put into zoos is that it benefits humans AND the captured animals. Humans get to look at and observe the life of wild animals that aren't necessarily seen near our areas. Animals don't have to worry about predators or competition. It's a WIN WIN SITUATION. If that Number 8 entry was true, why are there sea lion shows with tricks, food, trivia, etc? Why is there a monorail that tells us the names of the animals, how well they take care of said animals, trivia about the animals, food, etc.??? I mean they NAME the animals for crying out loud! This gorilla's name was Harambe. They obviously loved and cared for the gorilla. It's just that this event happened and they had no choice but to take him out.

Third of all, the list believes that "Shooting Harambe is animal abuse, which should be illegal." This is probably the most ridiculous thing I've read in my entire life. So you're saying that if you shoot an animal, you are automatically an animal abuser? That is 100% FALSE!!! Once again, an innocent boy's LIFE was at stake. So how is shooting an animal to save a young boy's life animal abuse? Animal Abuse is hurting the animal on purpose WITH THE INTENT to hurt the animal for their own desires. This is not animal abuse because a young boy's life was at stake and they HAD to kill the gorilla.

Final Verdict: This list is not the most offensive thing I've read on this website (I've read Danteem's list attacking Christians), but there are some list entries that can offend others. The first entry blames the mother for everything the child did and the seventh entry says that the zoo just didn't want to get sued. Both of these entries may be taken offensively by others. AnimeDrawer, I know you are upset about Harambe getting shot. In fact, I don't think ANYONE is happy that he did get shot. But you need to remember that there is a reason for everything. This gorilla was not shot just for the hell of it, just so the zoo wouldn't get sued, or for no reason at all. It was shot because a young boy's life was at risk due to a gorilla preparing to beat the child. If they tranquilized it, it would 99.99999% kill the child and they did not want that happening. The point is that you are so much better than this, AnimeDrawer. Most of your lists are really good, and I checked some of them out before writing this. This list just feels...out of character for you. It makes you sound like...PETA. Don't be upset that you made this list. Everyone makes a silly list every now and then. (Even me...there are lists I regret making also). Anyways, thanks for reading this long response to this list. And remember: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ANIMEDRAWER!!! If you write a comment attacking me for responding to this list saying "U jus hat dis user! Dis usar es amazin!!!!", I will write "Please read the bolded sentences of my post. Thank you." Thank you all for your time.

Also #R.I.P. Harambe. To show that I actually care and I don't get comments like "U HAT HARAMBE!!!!"


I never tried to offend anyone with those entries. Second, when I researched about this, what I have on the list is what I researched, I even saw the whole video of what happened. I saw a gorilla dragging a kid and sitting with him, and some people yelling and shouting out. I must of gotten the wrong information. But I do care about both the child and the gorilla, but the list did not really seem to show it. I do not blame the child for disobeying his mom though because he did not know any better, I was like that too when I was his age. Also, I wanted to do something different because I was tired of making lists about T.V. shows and characters, its like I do not know what else to make. I support Harambe as well, I did not think he deserved to die. What is PETA by the way? - visitor

PETA is an annoying animal rights organization. They have made crappy parody games. - DCfnaf

Parody games? Well, sounds like a terrible organization to me. - visitor

Wait...where did you get this info from? - DCfnaf

Super Chick Sisters, Pokémon Black and Blue, Super Tofu Boy...Yeah I'm out! - DCfnaf

I searched up videos on Youtube about the news of Harambe getting shot. If you search up Harambe on YouTube, the first video up there is the one I watched. I also watched a few others. - visitor

Okay I'll check it out...yeah the commenters are full of crap. Harambe didn't deserve to die, they had no other choice.

I found this comment:

"Who cares about the child? The parents should've kept the child with them. Also, shooting Harambe is just wrong. Harambe belongs in the jungle, where he can roam free. He shouldn't even be in a zoo where the zookeeper's job is to shoot him if he gets "out of control". That is just cruel and against what he deserves. He deserves to roam free in the jungle, not to be kept in a zoo. Now KILLING him, just because he didn't follow orders? That's seriously f***ed up. Also, the kid was perfectly fine. Harambe was trying to get the kid away from all the noise and to keep the kid safe. Also, taken too long? What? Is there a time limit or something? Also, I didn't even mention tranquilizers. Also, more angry? Harambe wasn't even angry."

It sounds like you got some inspiration from this comment. The only reason I say this is because of the second, third, forth, and fifth line. He's an idiot and is 100% wrong. I bet this guy is from PETA. Don't trust random commenters on the internet, unless you know they are trustworthy. This guy is the biggest moron on the internet. - DCfnaf

You should watch the original video. The kid gets violently dragged all over the place. - visitor

Nice post! - visitor

Thanks! And remember, it's to help another user to show her why she got criticized by some of the users here and a Facebook person. (by the way, AnimeDrawer and I are friends now thanks to this whole thing so yeah! ) - DCfnaf

Yeah, that's good - visitor

I doubt before he got shot, nobody actually really knew or cared about him - TwilightKitsune

Probably not. The list mentioned that people liked him and were now upset that people shot him...yeah they liked him but they didn't really feel sadness or make memes until he got shot. - DCfnaf

Welp,I guess Harrambe died for a good reason - Nateawesomeness

Well, they killed him because a child's life was at risk. So all of his Harambe Memers and Animal Rights Organizations need to chill. - DCfnaf

Exactly - Nateawesomeness

Stick to reviewing movies - LarrytheFairy

This response sucks! - MichaelAftonUTTP

Your response sucks. - Skullkid755

People are not endangered, gorillas are. Plus the parents were idiots that should have not reproduced. - visitor

And they knew that their child was going to go into the gorilla - DCfnaf

They could have payed attention to him - visitor

Oh my kid? Wait where did he go? Oh he's just in the gorilla den!

whoops forgot to keep an eye on him
Guess we should kill the gorilla then not like anyone can just help him get out - ProPanda

You care about this in November 2017? - LarrytheFairy

Good first point. But I agree with what DCfnaf said about the second. - Skullement719

@Lucretia That’s asinine reasoning. So we are going to blame the parents for the fact that the child wandered into the habitat, knocked himself out, and that the zoo had to kill the gorilla? Nonsense.

@ProPanda Of course you would disagree with me. Aside from the fact that I already explained why the parents shouldn’t be named, I dare you to find a logical way to "help him out". - DCfnaf

Literally anything other than the shooting the gorilla. It's the parent's fault for not watching the kid in what was obviously a dangerous environment. - ProPanda

@ProPanda Tell me ONE way they could've saved the child without killing the gorilla and then we can talk.

As I said earlier, blaming the parents is unjustified. The child disobeyed the mom when she TOLD HIM not to go, and Harambe is the one who dragged him around. So that means the parents are the evil ones here? No. - DCfnaf

This is the worst thread on the website - LarrytheFairy