Top Ten Reasons Why Harambe is Better Than Keemstar


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1 Harambe's spirit lives on

He is immortal, even if he died.

2 Harambe has a cool name

What did the original item say? - Martinglez

Yep, Harambe is the king. He has the most awesome name ever! GO HARAMBE!

Let me swear @admin - Puga

If you know what the original item was you're a g. - Puga

3 Harambe has contributed to society
4 Harambe is black

Penises released into the outer area in respect for the deceased gorilla harambe


5 Harambe lives on in our souls
6 Harambe doesn't make 62 year olds cry


7 Keemstar is a gnome
8 Harambe listens to real music

This one reminds me a lot of certain lists and comments on TTT lol. - Martinglez

He is Anthony Fantano's son! - djpenquin999

9 Keemstar is a nonk
10 Harambe doesn't make you want to cut your ears off.

The Contenders

11 Keemstar beats his wife

Wait, he has a woman?

12 Harambe embraced 9/11

Dude, 9/11 is no joke. Four terrorists died that day. - IronSabbathPriest

Planely, I just love 9/11. - Therandom

13 Harmbe possesses significantly larger genitals


14 Harambe is not Racist
15 Harambe is smarter
16 Harambe is not a cyberbully
17 Harambe's rap song is better than the keemstar song
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1. Harambe's spirit lives on
2. Harambe lives on in our souls
3. Harambe doesn't make 62 year olds cry
1. Harambe is black
2. Harambe's spirit lives on
3. Harambe has a cool name


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