Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Quinn Is Awesome

Everyone knows Harley Quinn is my favorite character ever. No one loves her as much as I do so this is just a list of all the stuff of why she is awesome!

The Top Ten

1 She's very acrobatic

She can do flips, cartwheels, back springs etc. Like no other. - Cartermd

She is so flexible, very acrobatic, I wish I could be like her. - BBugQueen

2 She's a great fighter

Batman is still a better fighter than her. She can't even fight her abusive boyfriend. At least Batman can beat up the joker. Batman is AWESOME!

Shes beaten Batgirl, Catwoman, Batman, and so many more! She is also very unpredictable! Like when she puched Batman in the face and shot and kicked Catwoman! - Cartermd

3 She's attractive

She is very hot and beautiful and all her outfits and amazing - Cartermd

4 Her great personality

Nobody has a personality like Harley Quinn. Amazingly funny, while smart and willing to get what she wants accomplished. - Cartermd

5 She is a great right hand girl

She is loyal to the Joker and can be trusted to get the job done right. - Cartermd

6 She is independent

Despite what people might think about her and Joker, she is quite capable of being on her own without him. - Cartermd

7 She's loyal

Especially to Joker she would never turn on her friends and you can trust her! - Cartermd

8 She's got awesome weapons

I love her big hammer, her guns, and her hyenas that she use to aid her in fights! - Cartermd

9 She's very intelligent

Despite her dumb appearance, she is actually very smart, she was a psychiatrist before she became Harley Quinn, and in one episode, acted completely normal to fool Harvey Bullock. - Cartermd

10 She's almost as crazy as the Joker

The Newcomers

? She is stunning
? She is hilarious

She is very funny she makes me laugh so much! - Cartermd

Suicide squad movie fans will never understand how cute and funny she was in Batman: The animated series...

She's So Cute And Funny. Never A Dull Moment With Harley. - Stevenuniversefangirl

She is so funny

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The Contenders

11 She's cute
12 Her various quirks
13 She is very complex

She's an antihero which makes her very complex.

Best kind of characters.

14 She has a pogo stick
15 She's Best Friends With Poison Ivy
16 She's best friends with Catwoman
17 She's the joker's girlfriend

But the joker is abusive

18 She has a cute "mad love" relationship with the joker
19 She's sexy

Really sexy! - Jay12

20 She's a yandere
21 She's flexible and fearless
22 She's friends with Katana
23 She's friends with enchantress
24 She's the first villain to be a victim of domestic violence
25 She is interesting and sympathetic

How can you hate such a tortured soul?

26 She is very passionate about things
27 She is daring
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1. She is hilarious
2. She's very acrobatic
3. She's a great fighter
1. Her great personality
2. She is hilarious
3. She's attractive
1. She is hilarious
2. She's very acrobatic
3. She's got awesome weapons


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