Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Quinn Is Awesome

Everyone knows Harley Quinn is my favorite character ever. No one loves her as much as I do so this is just a list of all the stuff of why she is awesome!

The Top Ten

1 She is hilarious!

She is very funny she makes me laugh so much! - Cartermd

Suicide squad movie fans will never understand how cute and funny she was in Batman: The animated series...

She's So Cute And Funny. Never A Dull Moment With Harley. - Stevenuniversefangirl

She is so funny

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2 She's very acrobatic

She can do flips, cartwheels, back springs etc. Like no other. - Cartermd

3 She's a great fighter

Shes beaten Batgirl, Catwoman, Batman, and so many more! She is also very unpredictable! Like when she puched Batman in the face and shot and kicked Catwoman! - Cartermd

4 She's attractive

She is very hot and beautiful and all her outfits and amazing - Cartermd

5 Her great personality

Nobody has a personality like Harley Quinn. Amazingly funny, while smart and willing to get what she wants accomplished. - Cartermd

6 She is a great right hand girl

She is loyal to the Joker and can be trusted to get the job done right. - Cartermd

7 She is independent

Despite what people might think about her and Joker, she is quite capable of being on her own without him. - Cartermd

8 She's loyal

Especially to Joker she would never turn on her friends and you can trust her! - Cartermd

9 She's got awesome weapons

I love her big hammer, her guns, and her hyenas that she use to aid her in fights! - Cartermd

10 She's very intelligent

Despite her dumb appearance, she is actually very smart, she was a psychiatrist before she became Harley Quinn, and in one episode, acted completely normal to fool Harvey Bullock. - Cartermd

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11 She's almost as crazy as the Joker
12 Her various quirks
13 She is very complex

She's an antihero which makes her very complex.

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14 She's cute
15 She has a pogo stick
16 She's Best Friends With Poison Ivy
17 She's best friends with Catwoman
18 She's the joker's girlfriend
19 She has a cute "mad love" relationship with the joker
20 She's sexy

Really sexy! - Jay12

21 She's a yandere
22 She's flexible and fearless
23 She's friends with Katana
24 She's friends with enchantress
25 She's the first villain to be a victim of domestic violence
26 She is interesting and sympathetic

How can you hate such a tortured soul?

27 She is very passionate about things
28 She is daring
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1. She is hilarious!
2. She's very acrobatic
3. She's a great fighter
1. Her great personality
2. She is hilarious!
3. She's attractive
1. She is hilarious!
2. She's very acrobatic
3. She's got awesome weapons


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