10 Reasons Why Harvey Beaks is Better Than the Amazing World of Gumball


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1 Gumball's naked jokes are super lame

Why the $? #! do people even like it - RyanMtheGamer

I like Gumball. - Drawbox

The amazing world of gumball sucks

The amazing world of gumball is the worst cartoon in history I hate it burn all copies away of the DVDs now

2 Harvey beaks has variety in music. Gumball uses some songs in one episodes, and then puts it in another episode

Harvey uses different music in every episode.Gumball uses music from other episodes. - RyanMtheGamer

3 The amazing world of gumball is a rip off of the simpsons

But does Marge know karate?

Both shows characters have same personality - RyanMtheGamer

4 More variety

Harvey Beaks has different settings,different character personalities,& different songs which equals...VARIETY! - RyanMtheGamer

5 Harvey beaks has less censorship (which is actually a good thing for mature people)

Harvey Beaks so less Censorship,that in episode 1,you see foo peeing and the pee (never happend in shows like Gumball) - RyanMtheGamer

6 Harvey beaks is not a rip off of gumball

For people who say it is a rip off,YOUR WRONG! - RyanMtheGamer

7 Gumball is dumber than even foo

Gumball dosen't even know what a book is - RyanMtheGamer

8 The characters in gumball make no sense

What is wrong with them!? - RyanMtheGamer

9 It is the best show ever

I love both Harvey Beaks and The Amazing World of Gumball

I love both Harvey Beaks and The Amazing World of Gumball

RyanMtheGamer, you are wrong in some ways, but right in others.

Spongebob > HB & TAWOG

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10 Harvey beaks is inspiring

The life lessons in gumball aren't as inspiring - RyanMtheGamer

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