Reasons Why "Most Hated Countries" Should Be Removed from TheTopTens

Everybody has been looking at this list, Most Hated Countries, for a very long time, but it really annoys me on how popular it is. Here are some reasons why that list should be removed.

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1 It's racist.

Thank goodness that someone pulls this reason to this list. When I saw this list, I thought it was so racist. What they said about the races or nationality being disgusting or dirty or you-know-what, THAT'S SO CRUEL AND RACIST.

Really, I think that list should be removed because it's nothing more than badmouthing, cursing and offending other people country and of course being racists which is the worst thing to do.

The person who makes the list, and all the people who made those sick and bad comments about the country they don't like deserves ONE BIG SLAP to their faces.

Just ignore the list. If no one cares about it, the list will die slowly and the whole thing will blow over. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I am English, and nobody should stereotype the people born or living in that country just because of the country's history, customs and features. For example, comments on the lists that note that Germans exhibit hatred because of the Nazi Party or Americans are overweight or that the Irish are drunkards. These are racist and based off a stereotype, which is unjust and offensive. It's so sad to see those very offensive and racist comments against each other. We are all equals, despite differences in appearance, religion, customs, culture etc. We are united as one, as we are all members of the human race. We have grown in knowledge as we progress, and we must also grow in love and acceptance for all.

How can you vote for just one on this list? THEY'RE ALL TRUE! I hate racist people the most though. I work at a fast food restaurant, and I see so many racist customers, against other employees and other customers! I hate it, but I can't do much about it! - Meg21

I'm a filipino and it's so sad to see those very offensive and racist comments against each other... I also seen some wrong untrue info from other people just to make that country look bad... As a filipino it's also very offensive to see racist, degrading posts against us... Some people may take advantage to say such extremely racist and profane words against us... Some are not true...

2 People from those countries feel offended.

I'm from South Korea, But my nationality isn't my choice at the first place. It's just an arbitrarily coincidence like everyone else in the world. I don't hate Japanese as if that 'hateful vote' suggested, (since the reason why both two country place on top... certainly) I don't hate any people judged by their nationality.

If you hate somebody based on their nationality, it's like judging and making fun of some disabled person without knowing his personality. Every countries have some weirdo or pathetic jerk, but like I've seen a comment once, German is the language for the people who fought against Hitler, more than much for the opposite side.

I'm from Philippines and this is true... I agree... Being a filipino is not my fault... I didn't do anything bad to other race but all that I see is, there are people from other race who are stereotype and they are generalizing all filipinos because of some filipino's faults... And it hurts... How about those innocent ones who has nothing to do with someone's fault?... It's very unfair and offensive... Some people are taking advantage of that opportunity and say whatever they want carelessly and coldly just to degrade and humiliate us and it's inhumane... Some are sarcastic and evil...

Yes, this list just make people of the insulted countries feel low and bad about themselves. I'm one of them too.

I got extremely offended when they posted those offending, bad and sick comments about my country being dirty, arrogant, disgusting and you-know-what.


Forget it-- I'll have to say it for the 2nd time. THIS LIST NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THIS SITE. It's filled with bad, sick and racist comments and people do nothing more than offending and teasing also hurting other people there. enough' said.

People say not to talk bad about anything... I'm an Indian is this taught in no other country then mine? I bet everyone who had those racist comments would have heard this thing by their surrounding... And ya' know (those commentators) abusing ones nation and writing fouls just because you don't like that nation is the biggest offense you can ever give to a person... But don't forget people what goes around surly comes around...

Why blame the people I mean really what did citizens do?! I hate it when people are calling us citizens stupid and nosy and racist and really ugly :( I got to say we are hated because of our GOVERMENTS how can a citizen be hated when they have to follow the rules?! Plus even my country is keeping secrets from us so we don't get involved I feel like I'm not a stupid piece of trash like the comments on the list said

3 It has good countries on the list that don't deserve to be the worst.

Why Japan, Iceland, New Zealand, UAE are there? They didn't do anything, bad they didn't kill anyone, doesn't enter a war 75 years ago, and people there are nice and friendly,the people who vote for are probably joules because they are rich and successful when they aren't. - Votebotingsucks

Is there really even a worst country? We all have our problems, it's a matter of opinion. It just matters where and how you were grown up that would make you think some countries are worse than others. That stupid list is getting me a headache. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Those good countries don't deserve to be hated.

Every country has their flaws. But you people say it like every country is 100% bad! Even for countries such as UK and Singapore. They are great countries. Not saying they are the best in the whole world. But some countries don't deserve to be there

4 It could lead to a giant war!

I'm an Indonesian and somehow, I got offended by that list. Why? It has my country in it. Also, to the creator of that list, Why do you made a mean list like that?! We all should live in peace. What are you trying to make, World War 3?! You are absolutely evil for making a list like that with a cold blood. You might be laughing your ass off with your list, But, You want war. You are probably all the 'This is war, I guess. 'But, this is just mean. A lot of people will get tortured and murdered if something like this gone real. We all witnessed the war in Gaza by television. We shouldn't hope for war. We should hope for world peace. I hope all lists that has something to do with the sentence 'Most Hated Countries 'Worst
Countries ever'should be deleted. We all hope that it doesn't cause war - MLPFan

I'm filipino and I agree... The lists only caused pain... And it's pure of hatred and extremely offensive inhumane words. ,

What the hell? No it wont

Then suddenly, the nationalists in every country launched wars at everyone else and the world enters a period like the Dark Ages. Still think the list is harmless? - MChkflaguard_Yt

It actually will not be so bad, probably like a 2nd Cold War, except globally.

We are one world and which ever bozo created "most hated countries in the world "should be banned from the internet

5 People keep making good countries sound like they're bad places.

Seriously, why do they do that? They must be racist!

*cough* *cough* Kim 1001 *cough* *cough* South Korea *cough* *cough* - Hellohi

6 It doesn't even mention the bad countries that much.

All countries have their own style, which we should respect. The poll is talking about all this history which was so long ago, like the Nazis, and we all know the Nazis were a bad team and they have ended now so we don't need to worry about that. Over the years, our countries have developed and changed into their own good ways, so we shouldn't we fighting and choosing which country is better or not.

Seriously, I thought we were talking about the bad countries, not the good countries like Japan, USA, or Canada.

They're basing Germany off of World War 2! I'm guessing they're all nice now (I've never been there). Don't even get me started on slavery in US. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I agree, US helps the countries at war with their troops

7 No country is better than another

God made these countries equally - AJIsTheCoolest

No, men made the countries. The founding fathers made America. Romulus and Remus created the Roman Empire. Even man himself made up the concept of religion. - SoldierOfFortune

True as long as the people are concerned. hate the govt, not the people

Everyone in this world is equal

True, all top most hatred countries are mostly powerful

8 It's hypocritical

I'm in doubt this reason should be located so low on this list. All mentioned reasons are either false, describe situations that are much worse in other countries, too common in this world for a specific country to be accused for it (frankly), or in some ways worse - based on opinions and not facts. "They are rude bro". Well I'm sure that Japanese people fart and burp to greet people, do their... duties in public, swear and yell instead of normally speaking, and punch each other when they feel like it.
I have a huge doubt that those who wrote this list have ever been to any of those countries at all (well, maybe besides the US). It's purely based on stereotypes and rumors.

9 It's just mean

People in that country, say Japan, would be so upset to see it!

I feel bad for every country on the list even if they made a war their just trying to DEFEND THEMSELVES

10 Most of the comments on the hated countries are opinion based

Isn't that the whole point of this website?

All are so fake, no reasoning

The Contenders

11 Bad comments on South Korea

I don't care about what those Japanese scumbag nationalists have to say about Korea. All of them just act so ignorant, they act stupid/dumb, and on top of that I'm starting to not like Japan anymore because of that.

Idiots don't know north from south. South korea is great! - Kolobanov

It's all Japanese trolls that made BS comments anyway...they disgrace Korea and no wonder South Korean trolls are bashing back at the Japanese trolls on that list

South Korea also good country and kpop, even I don't like Korea but please stop bad comment about Korea...and don't blame Japan as well - UchinaxHoNG

12 It talks about countries based on their past and not their present

Let's take Mongolia for a example. Mongolia's name's first six letters spell 'Mongol', which Mongolia became the Mongol after the Mongol empire collapesed. So people believe that it invaded almost all of Asia! How bad to judge countries by their pasts and not by their presents! - SnowWang

13 Haters take advantage to say whatever they want just to degrade their hated country

This is true, I know media feed with hate for more easy listener/readers (you sick people). But is just wrong don't allow propaganda, the country with more haters will bury the smaller country what.

14 They judge the countries by the government, not the citizens

I believe this should be higher, when I read worst country's quite a few people were saying how bad the Chinese and North Korean governments, a few people only live in their country because they have no other choice

More like the opposite. - Votebotingsucks

15 Kim1001 throwing hate comments on South Korea

He deserves to be more hated! Always throws hate towards china as well

He also calls Nepal a stupid country. What an idiot. Admin please suspend him I'm begging you - Hellohi

That guy is an absolute idiot. He is my least fave user about Piplup. - Hellohi

Kim1001 can just F-off. South Korea is beautiful! And he is nothing but a SHAMELESS individual that does nothing but spread hate!

16 No actual facts

"Americans eat too much"
"putin invaded everybody"
"South Korea has too much plastic surgery"

"Pakistan has bombs"
"Canada has Justin Bieber"
"Chinese eat dogs" - Hellohi

China has dog food, americans are fat asses, japanese are perverted, south korea has plastic surgery,... - MChkflaguard_Yt

17 They hate on Japan

I'm from south korea and I've never voted for japan and I think they deserve to be loved. I really love japan. If we should hate each other, how can we survive? Dear Japanese, I want to be friend with you - southkorean

I'm from south korea and I've never voted for japan. Because I love japan and I think they deserve to be loved. I guess most of over 8 thousands hate comment for japan are probably from chinese and my fellow koreans. I hope we will be able to get along with one another. Also I love china

annoying when people say bad about Japan or South Korea...

I see many bad comment about Japan like WW2 or others else, hey, WW2 already finish long time ago, why we care about it? and Japan haters really disgusting, sucks. Japan already change to good manner and anything but hater just think them as WW2 crime especially chinese and korean,i know some of you guys hate them but listen here, I am chinese but I think Japan is best country ever.Why? because you all guys mind still stuck at WW2, so? already happened. hate also don't help the victim revive. All of us should love each other

18 They hate on Britain

Theo only hates this place because he couldn't get a job, what a pathetic virgin.

Yet they speak out language

TheoHel, I thought you were here to bring down the poll? If you're going to complain about another country, get the hell off this poll to remove a poll.

TheoHel, u are dumb

19 It's all opinion

I have to agree. There is no true facts. It's all opinion. No facts. Some maybe true but it's how people think. Ugh

All opinion, no facts!

20 Anti-Japanese and Anti-Korean trolls everywhere

No countries are no better than the other. South Korea and Japan are great in their own ways!

Don't forget anti-Chinese and anti-American trolls. That being said, trolls are everywhere on the list. - MChkflaguard_Yt

21 Abusive and racist comments about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful country in the world. How come the people hate them? - southkorean

I'm a Filipino and I was offended about how foreign people badly treated about our government and my people.

22 It's biased
23 They hate on Canada, but Justin Bieber is the only reason

If that's the case, they should hate America. Miley Cyrus AND Rebecca Black live there!

24 Rude and offensive comments about China

China plays a importent role in history. Without China, we won't have paper, pasta, paper money, gunpowder, kites, etc. - SnowWang

China is so overprotective with their own Chinese values anyway.

25 No one actually talks about how much the countries are hated and instead talks about how much they hate the country
26 North Korea is first
27 People use false historical info to hate on countries
28 They generalize people

People generalize people from different countries using stupid stereotypes which are just racism. - friday1365

29 Almost all the people that voted on the list didn't visit or live in their hated country
30 It's inaccurate
31 It is anti-semitic
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