Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Big Ego is Bad

As an egotistical and pretentious man myself (which I've admitted myself many times), I had an epiphany that my future will collide and tumble down onto the ground when my big ego and highly insane expectations started to consume and conquer over me. It takes progress and it takes time to relieve myself from this big ego. I've had this feeling for a bit long concerning about my big ego.

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It makes you develop very high expectations

Having very high expectations for yourself is very unhealthy for you. Setting unrealistic goals applies so much pressure and weight onto your own back. People say that most people become egotistical to prove they're superior than other people when some people like me do it to seek for fame and get easily recognised or for some other reason. There's this guy who's like my ex best friend who said that I place very high expectations for myself. I was thinking that guy may be right. If my expectation to write a book at the early age of 15 is that much of a high expectation and that it applies stress towards me when I got a lot of things going on, so be it.

There's nothing wrong with high expectations, but you can't make your expectations too high. For example I want to be a lawyer. That means I have to have a lot of years in college and I have to pass to law school and I have to graduate from law school. That is going to be hard, but it is achievable.

I'm talking about very high expectations. Nothing wrong chasing your dreams.

I would probably have added and unnecessarily upset about not meeting them.

It makes you completely unlikable

It will repulse a lot of people including your friends and the ones you love (depends if some people are still with you despite your ego) and you will lose friends and the people you love, leading to complete despair, loneliness, and depression. It's your choice to make your reputation bad or controversial. But if one person has a sense of value like me, I say it's not worth it.

So true. No one likes a conceited egotist.

It makes it very difficult to reach toward your goals

It's everything what I said according to #1. But having a big ego leads to the denial and the refusal to accept failure. Failure is what simply fuels us to success, preventing us from repeating the same mistakes and making less mistakes by learning from our own mistakes, guiding us as an helpful tool to success. Failure is simply key to success. Without accepting failure, it would consume you as whole and your ego and your own failures will block your way to success unless you change your ways. If you really want to make it easy of reaching towards your goals/goal, you need to start out small and then you'll climb yourself way to the top of completing your goals/goal.

True. Sometimes I have a really difficult time accepting failure.

It makes it hard to have long term relationships

According to what I said on #3. You'll mostly gain enemies than friends and your social life will be completely out of balance with barely any strong structure that makes a healthy social life. Social life is essential to you mentally.

It prevents you from learning something new

Continuing onto your delusional charades and refusing to accept you're never wrong and that you're morally righteous 100% of the time has got to be a huge problem for you. Learning moral lessons is very essential for striving through life and will make your life easier. Without learning these moral lessons and continuing to think you're always going the right, your path towards life leads to nowhere. Stop trying to act you're perfect all the time when imperfection abides to all of us in our human nature.


It makes your life stressful

I feel like everyone needs some stress. Stress is sometimes very healthy, but when you are a perfectionist and egotist it could get very overwhelming.

It mentally exhausts you every time you try to be the best of the best of everything. Take it easy for once.

It is unhealthy to boost your self esteem

People with low esteem and low confidence do this to boost their self esteem either by being a pathological liar about their achievements or getting carried away by their achievements they really achieved. Standing on top of a pedestal and continuing to pretentiously brag yourself all the time will harm you more than benefit you because it harms your social and mental life.

I disagree. There is a healthy medium. You don't want to have too high of a self-esteem because you will look like a jerk. You don't want too low either or you will never be successful in life. It is key to humble yourself, but don't constantly trash yourself. It just won't achieve anything.

It makes you overly competitive and critical

This makes you a very poor team player by always trying to be the best of the best by proving yourself you're superior than everybody else including your own team. Again, it's either you're a phony or not. Even if you're not a phony, at least practice teamwork more often because teamwork is key and the right way to victory. You can't do everything on your own and that's why teamwork is essential. Even when you're not in a team, just don't get swiftly carried away.

So true. That's why no one wanted to play with MJ.

It makes you cynical
It makes you have bad standards

What do you mean by bad standards? Like what you define as success?

Very hard to keep up with your more higher expectations, preventing you from learning something new, having a poor social life, etc.

Self explanatory.

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It makes you unhappy

Yeah it will make you happy for temporary moments, but when you look back you will be unhappy.

No explanation needed.

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