Top 10 Reasons Why "Hello, Goodbye" Is One of the Best Beatles Songs

I love the song "Hello, Goodbye" but I've been noticing the hate it gets! It's always in top 10 worst Beatles songs lists, people always say it's annoying, well here's why I think of the opposite reason!

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1 It's catchy

I like it a lot too for all or most of these reasons. To me it's also one of the songs where you feel like the guys are just having fun, for a laugh or being a bit goofy, which was part of their (especially early) adorability - actually I think all 4 had great and underrated humor through most of their public lives.
Good job Monty! Hello, Goodbye! (Also, poignant- it happens and there is a mystery, a questioning about it - "I don't know why you say goodby when I say hello" Is it my breath? Why you got to be that way bay-bee? 😜 - Billyv

2 The vocals
3 The "hayla hey-Uh-hey lola" at the end

I personally dislike the song (sorry, MontyPython! ), but I must admit the coda is amazing. It's neat how Paul brought it back in "Two of Us", three years later. - PetSounds

4 It's upbeat
5 The guitar sounds nice
6 The background singing during the second chorus
7 The guys are having some fun!
8 The classical instruments they use
9 The lyrics

You say yes, I say no! This is a great song! Not the best, but great. - IronSabbathPriest

10 It's Message Is Actually Poignant

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11 The funny music video
12 The drums
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