Reasons Why Henry Danger is the Best TV Show Ever Created

Henry Danger's by far the best TV show ever created. Here's why.

The Top Ten

1 Henry Danger has amazing characters

For example: Henry, Ray, Jasper, Charlotte and Piper. - henry_danger_is_great

Eeeeh... Piper is not amazing, she's cringeworthy to her screams and yelling. Ray, too draggy and too antagonistic when he made fun of Henry. Charlotte is OK, but it have character flaws on her. Jasper is not amazing. He's idiotic. And Henry, he has flaws on the personality. - yamionthetrap

This is true.

This list is laughable! 😅 - Userguy44

2 It's really educational

People can actually learn from Henry Danger. - henry_danger_is_great

3 Henry Danger doesn't have any toilet jokes

It's 100% appropriate for everyone. - henry_danger_is_great

Yeah right... - B1ueNew

4 Everyone can watch it

There's no age for this show. - henry_danger_is_great

5 It's a Nickelodeon TV show

What a great reason... - B1ueNew

The best channel ever. - henry_danger_is_great

6 Henry and Ray are superheroes

I like superheroes. - henry_danger_is_great

7 The intro's really good

It felt too generic and it sounds similar to Indiana Jones. - yamionthetrap

One of the best intros ever. The song's awesome. - henry_danger_is_great

8 Dan Schneider created Henry Danger

He's a great creator. - henry_danger_is_great

9 The plot is excellent

It have FLAWS on the pacing, so no. I wouldn't consider that excellent. - yamionthetrap

Great adventures. - henry_danger_is_great

10 It's a funny show

There's funny moments in Henry Danger. - henry_danger_is_great

No, it's not. - yamionthetrap

Not always - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Henry always saves the day

Usually yes. - henry_danger_is_great

Yup. - henry_danger_is_great

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