Top 10 Reasons Why High School is Stressful

Here's a list of reasons why High school is stressful, don't mistake it for my Most Stressful Things About High School list because while being similar in concept. They're different in terms of one being reason based, while the other is just general things about High School.

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1 You have to learn so many things that you probably won't use in your life

I haven’t been taught how to do taxes yet or what a mortgage is, but at least I know how to explain the historical significance of propaganda in ww2 in 100 words - Heedrie

Unless you want to be doctor, scientist, engineer, etc. You will not need at least half of what you learn in high school. I'm so glad in Graduated from Highschool in 2017, because I don't miss it whatsoever.

I don't see myself using algebra, geometry, or even History in my daily life after highschool.

*Cough Cough* Geometric proofs - Randomator

2 People constantly annoy you and get on nerves

It can be a teacher, a student, or even some other person of the staff. But everyone in highschool is bound to get on your nervs at some point.

My (boy) classmates in a nutshell

Everybody there.

*cough cough* Freshman boys

3 It drains you daily

My life revolves around school, which is good. But, it stressful everyday waking up to have a really hard time in school just to come home and do even more schooling as in homework.

Yep just going to school for 8+ hours a day, then getting 2-3 hours of additional homework is enough to tire you out. Almost half your day is school or homework and that’s not even counting extracurricular activities like clubs, athletics, or having a job.

Believe me, you ain't been through nothing until you hit college and get a job. Now THAT drains you daily.

It certainly tried to drain me. It was a great sparring partner.

4 You get so much homework, that it's difficult to catch up with classes

You can only really complete all your schoolwork nicely at home at the cost of either sleep or your social life

Throw in athletics and it can become a nightmare real quick. Trying to balance getting what you missed AND what you were assigned when you were there in class AND understanding all of that can be stressful

Screw homework honestly. I know it’s important, but it’s frustrating to do

The worst case of all is Math classes... like jesus Christ... I have so many garbage, to turn in for my Geometry class, but then more homework is assigned when I'm barely done with one thing.

5 It determines what kind of jobs, you'll be able to have in life

The worst thing is not knowing what career you want to get into before university/college and, once you get there, you didn’t take the right courses in high school - Heedrie

I don’t want to end up working at McDonald’s for the rest of my life!

No matter where you want to work, most places require at least a College or Highschool diploma. It determines what job you'll be able to get, just by how well you did or how awful you did. And that's sort of stressful in a way.

Yep grades actually matter now. You can’t slack off too much or else you will be screwed - Randomator

6 At times you must submit to cruel rules and misused authority
7 The amount of drama in high school is endless

Legit. Only way it could be more true is if it mentioned the overturning amount of fake friends and the lovely plastic facades they wear daily.

And not to mention most of the drama, can either be false rumors or just made for the sake of it...

Worse if you're IN it.

Breakups, friendships getting torn…GaH theses things happen. - AlphaQ

8 You never know who to trust in high school

That’s why I barely trust anyone. - Randomator

There's lots of backstabbers in Highschool and you're not sure, who really is your friend after a while...

I do know who to trust though... No one. - 3DG20

9 Trying to figure out what you want to pursue in life

The thing that differs between high school and college is that college puts extra pressure on you to figure out what you want in life, and why? Because you don't have much longer until the day your career begins. - Mcgillacuddy

I agree because just thinking about the idea of knowing what specific career you want to have when your only a Sophomore is stressful in itself - Randomator

What if someone wants to become a physicist soon and still has a strong binding passion for physics that they love to take classes and is there really an extracurricular activity for that type of passion? - Kevinsidis

Wait till you get in college... - RustyNail

10 There's so much pressure in high school

Not just peer pressure, but in general there's pressure to go to college, and pressure about what you want to pursue in life.

Pretty self explanatory - Randomator

Too much pressure results in stress


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11 It's extremely frustrating

Especially with grades, the classes you take, and people you come across..


Like when you go from a 90% to a 45% because the teacher assigns stuff out of nowhere and makes it worth like 200 points - Randomator

12 You can get depression

I feel like I might become depressed if I deal with high school any longer

Some classes make me feel dead inside. 😑'"

I often get too much depression because of this worthless place! - Lucy1402

13 Friends are more likely to betray you


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