Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election


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1 She lies She lies

She told the press she landed under sniper fire... And then, there's a video of her landing in whatever place she was talking about completely unharmed or in any sort of danger what so ever. Who lies about that? No one cares.

She's a lying idiot who has no right to run. She's a bandwagon and a coward just like the president now. I'd vote Paris Hilton over hillidiot Clinton. Her lying is the only reason why she's even winning and it shouldn't be. Bernie is honest. Everyone who voted her is a quitter or a stuck up celebrity. I may take her over trump, but I'm never gonna sit down and listen to a word she says voluntarily.

Go to YouTube and enter search words "Clinton talks like Trump", and you will see speeches both Bill and Hillary made 15-20 years ago, where they say the exact same things Trump is saying today, including building a wall and deporting illegal aliens.

Shes a criminal

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2 She's a criminal She's a criminal

Her and bill have had people killed. She compromised national security. If a non-politician did what she's done, they'd spend life in prison. Is that who you want running your country? - ryanrimmel

This percentage should be much higher, but apparently the truth of all of the Clinton's crimes are still under reported. She and her husband should be in matching orange jumpsuits.

She and trump should be in Death Row or SCP Foundation and be terminated

She killed bill clinton - RootBeerFan

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3 People are just going to vote for her because she would be the first woman president

The sad thing is, 40 percent of the voters will vote for the Dem, no matter who it is, and 40 percent of the voters will vote for the Rep no matter who it is. The entire election is about the remaining 20 percent of the voters, and you are correct, many of them will vote for her only because she is female and for no other reason, and no matte what else may make her unfit for the office.

I'm not trying to be sexist; Clinton just is an incompetent liar. Gender doesn't matter: if we had a competent woman running, I'd vote for her, and if we had a competent man running, I'd vote for him. Clinton is simply not competent, so I won't vote for her; I'm not the misogynistic troll that the liberals make me out to be. People are just going to vote for Clinton to make a point, and I'm not in this to prove a point. She's not competent, so why vote for her?

So true, my parents are both against voting her, my mother says if she's elected this country is over. Get a good female candidate, and I'll support her. - Therandom

That's the most sexist thing I have ever seen! - RootBeerFan

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4 She will bankrupt the country

Do your research before you comment. Donald Trump has over 500 of successful businesses. Only a handful went bankrupt. He personally did NOT file bankruptcy. Let's face it there are tons of businesses that just don't make it. It could be the location or the management. There are tons of reasons why businesses fail. Don't focus on the handful that failed but look at the bigger picture. Look at how many successful businesses he does have and how many jobs he has created. How many successful businesses does Hillary have? How many jobs has she created? Does she even know how to do a budget? Do your research and see how much money Trump has spent on his campaign that he funded himself. Now search how much money Hillary has spent on her campaign and whee the money came from.

Ether way with Donald troll or this bimbo. Donald troll went bankrupt several times, while she thinks that paying more money to working people to 'help them pay their bills' wont cause problems! Ha! Of course everything will cost more if that happens, so that won't help people!

HE didn't go bankrupt, only a tiny amount of his hundreds of companies did. - HiBye

She has planned numerous expensive programs, and her only plan to pay for them is to raise taxes on the wealthy, who already pay 70% of all taxes.

The CNN news bank will have 0 dollars if she wins - RootBeerFan

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5 She supports abortion

Yep, she's just a wonderful, caring person, "fighting for us", and as she's said: "I've spent my whole life fighting for children"...that are out of the womb. Otherwise they're a worthless blob of cells that has no value, despite the fact that in a week, it could be out of the womb. Yeah, and she won the Margaret Sanger award.

Idiots there are people who are not ready to be pregnant that were kidnapped by rappers

I hate it when pregnant women abort their unborn babies. It's just unforgiving - Neonco31

I have a brother who was aborted 5 years before I was born. My mom regrets it. - IcetailofWishClan

What a jerk Clinton is! >:( - Spicygarlic

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6 She lied about Benghazi

She deleted all the emails that the American Ambassador sent to her. In 2012 election people started to blame Obama for Benghazi, but Hillary came out and said it was her mistake regarding Benghazi and she will fully take responsible for it. We have to raise the question that what did she did wrong that made her to say that? She must do some careless or bad that caused the dead of 4 people. She has never mentioned what she did or didn't do that she has considered her mistake. She has seemed to hide or cover up the truth about Benghazi.

She's a murderer...pure and simple

She has been cleared of any wrongdoing by eight committees, all led by Republicans. She testified eleven hours before the committee, which found absolutely nothing against her. In any appearance she has made during this campaign, she has been more than ready to take over the job. What specific lie did she tell about Benghazi? No one can answer that question, because the lies don't exist.

Who the crap lies to the families who lost their sons and daughters?! By far one of THE worst things she's done

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7 She defended a child rapist

"That's all you're saying? Hillary is terrible"

Yes, so? I did not say 'Hilary is great' in fact I believe quite the opposite. But making fun of someone disabled & being rude to those who FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AND MORE THAN LIKELY SACRIFICED THERE WELL BEING is also extremely terrible indeed. Is that still not enough for you? Will sorry you support such a terrible person because you rather suck any republican (by the way trump isn't even a real republican he switched sides A LOT look it up).

Because Trump is just a crappy person, Hillary has done things way worse and will bring tons of refugees into the country which is not good for us at all. - DCfnaf

"You're an immature bigot.

You hate republicans"

I've stated I hate both candidates & say how it is for both of them. YOU people are being the immature bigots & going on how Hilary sucks when I've SAID THAT while saying trump sucks too. But have fun electing THE HUGEST BIGOT IN THE UNIVERSE & causing WWIII, the 2nd Great Depression, and forcing the USA to regress rights process for 50 + years because he decided to be republican because everyone hates Obama now because of the stupid republicans (& I'm calling them stupid because it's THEIR FAULT so little got accomplished).

She was a lawyer appointed to defend an accused rapist. She asked the judge not to put her on the case and the judge denied her request. In the U.S., everyone is entitled to legal representation in court. No matter how heinous your crime, you can get an attorney to represent you whether or not they want to. It's not fair to blame a court appointed attorney for doing what they are required to do.

Trump was accused of assualting several women though. - Lucretia

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8 Will say anything to be elected.

She says she wants equality but hasn't done anything to prove that in the past several years. She was in the white house and still didn't prove it.

She's against abortion, then she's for it. She's against gay marriage, then she's for it.

Yep. Explains her many flip flops. At least trump acknowledged his flip flops. - Therandom

Shes such a huge liar! - RootBeerFan

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9 She is worse then Obama She is worse then Obama

Obama sucked but Hillary is going to be worse.

Yes! I don't wanna have another coward in office!

Obama killed Osama in his first term and we can all agree that was great but he has done nothing in his second term

Yeah... hillary is worse! - RootBeerFan

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10 She's a coward

If she's a coward how come she didn't stop talking when Trump interrupted her in the debates

That doesn't prove someone isn't a coward, that just proves that she can continue talking after being interrupted. - HiBye

And Trump isn't? - Lucretia

She's Not Scared By People

Yeah, why do you think she Brazile and Shultz rigged the primaries?

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11 She will sell us out to the Communists

No...(Here omits a trillion Os) - SamuiNeko

America needs an colonel empire

W-what? I'm 9!

And trump will let Isis destroy us

12 She is worse than anyone in the election

Trump would be kind of a jerk, but he would be 100 times better than Hillary at doing EVERYTHING.
The government and especially the economy would work better, people would have jobs and we would have fewer terror attacks, who cares if the prez is polite or not?
Besides, Hillary is pretty rude herself.

I agree! I do not, for a second, support Donald Trump, but knowing that Hillary Clinton is the only other choice, I would vote Trump in a heartbeat, but I don't even live in the United States.

I can name many who are worse.

Trump, Carson, Fiona, Bush, etc. - Alpha101

Shes terrible - RootBeerFan

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13 She's racist

You, know, trump made a good point, she is a bigot. She sees blacks as votes, not people. She won't do a damn thing to help them. And she also admires someone with KKK ties. Meanwhile, Trump left the reform party because of David Duke, a KKK Wizard. - Therandom

Yep, she is. She won the Margaret Sanger award, called a KKK guy her "mentor", and grew up in Arkansas in the '40's and '50's. Whatever she says, she, deep down, is a racist.

Attention Clinton Supporters! Hillary is also planning on an immigration ban - RyanMtheGamer

Not as racist as donald trump - RootBeerFan

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14 She wants the Arabs to take over

This is because she's a stereotypical liberal, to admire Muslims due to "diversity" although the majority of even normal moderate Muslims highly abhor Hillary's views and stances.

Actually that's Obama. Hilary wants to sell us out to the communists, which is just as bad. - bobbythebrony

Where did you get this from? Provide me with some evidence. - Alpha101

She want to make peace with terrorist she even said that if you listen - 2storm

She wants rapefugees!

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15 The world will end The world will end

While the world won't end I don't think, but if she gets elected I will lose all faith in humanity. Or something. - RiverClanRocks

Trump and Clinton. If either gets elected I will lose all faith in humanity. I feel you dude. - njalabi63989

We don't need another war! What's wrong with you just ask to leave America then whatever isis is ( see what I did there) will stop

It's the end of the world as we know it though

Then world war 3 will start - RootBeerFan

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16 She is not trustworthy

You don't say?! (Makes creepy Nicholas Cage face)

Shes lies of saving someone but in reality she killed someone! - RootBeerFan

Lies after lies

"Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy and...Can we Cut? "-Michell Obama - RyanMtheGamer

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17 She will start world war 3

This is one of the main reasons why I think Hillary is an idiot. Syria and Russia are allies, so they're going to work together to take us down if we ever go to war with them. Russia's nuclear warhead count outnumbers ours by nearly 1000. Thank god she wasn't elected, or Russia would've most likely destroyed us. - SwagFlicks

You give her too much credit. Many people don't call her cowardice for nothing. She won't have the courage to stand up against China or Russia. Hillary will allow America to be taken over before she dares to declare world war 3.

Trump is worser! Many people in YouTube comment in some "Apocalypse" videos saying Trump will end the world! - Neonco31

You moron. How are you gonna rely poorly-made YouTube comments as the basis for your opinion? - userrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

People who think Trump will start WW3 are idiots. Hillary is the one who threatened war against Russia and Iran, not Trump.

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18 She has short hair

This is a stupid reason to hate someone. That's like saying you hate Legos just because it has red in the logo. I don't know if I want Hillary to win, but seriously, come up with actual facts, since this list was made for putting facts, not stupid items. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So far your list has not given me one good reason to vote against Hillary. You say she lies, but you can't say about what. How in the world could she have caused gas price increases? She has short hair, wants the Arabs to take over, will sell us to the Communists? Sorry, folks, but your Hillary hate is so out of control you're becoming incoherent.

Wait, so you're telling us not to vote for someone because of the length of their hair? Her hair is just as long as Trump's and Bernie almost has no hair.

I have short hair and it is spiky! - RootBeerFan

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19 She represents the establishment

Cause her husband got head while she was out there being a retard

20 It will be hell on earth

Webster's dictionary definition of liberal: free from bigotry, open minded
Webster's dictionary definition of conservative: resistant to change, moderate, cautious,
Traditional or restrained in style
I actually think a liberal utopia sounds great!

Not so much as Earth but to the USA and it will be a Liberal utopia - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Then satan will take over the world - RootBeerFan

You are very right

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