Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election


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21 Bernie Sanders is better

He is openly socialist which honestly is better than any kind of liberal scumbag ever

Oh sure a socialist would make a good president - RyanMtheGamer

Right, let's raise taxes even more! - ProPanda


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22 She hates video games

She made the worst Pokemon Go joke ever - RyanMtheGamer

I want to go to hell when she is dead

You two are disgraces

Shes a huge coward - RootBeerFan

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23 She is democratic

Are you kidding me? While not all Democrats care about the middle class, the majority of them do, unlike Republicans. Most of them are just trying to find ways how to get rich people richer, and poor people poorer. Again, there are some great Republicans that weren't like this, and actually cared about helping people, but most are horrible. Look at Reagan, he believed in trickle down economics, even though it's failed many times in the past.

While I agree with the Republicans on some issues, it's just hard to take them seriously on almost everything.

"What's your view on food stamps? " "I hate them. Most people just sit at home all day, not looking for jobs, and they just wait for their paycheck, and they're all fat and lazy and icky."

"What's your view on immigration? " "Well, I think that we should take all illegal immigrants, and ship them somewhere else! "

"What do you think about the separation of church and state? ...more - Alpha101

You can't say that the republican party isn't in shambles right now. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Modern day liberalism is full of delusion, and Hillary's views are no exception. Liberals in general hate to use truths and facts to defend their evidence. Many instances of liberal college students have been recorded with people attacking their views with facts and empirical evidence, with the liberals breaking down and having a hissy fit due to their opinion being challenged.

Democrats nowadays are so annoying! The democrats before were good but Hillary and her ideals are just stupid!

At least she isn't worse than James Buchanan - TeamRocket747

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24 Donald Trump is better than her

It's no secret that Donald Trump is a MULTI BILLIONAIRE. There's a reason he has that much bank, and that's because he does not just says. He isn't a politician he's a business man who often wins against the countries that screw over our great country every day. He truly wants America to be great again and everything that's going downhill is stuff he's been saying needs to be fixed since the 1980's. He also truly loves America

If Donald Trump wants to donate to the vets, he doesn't need to win Powerball! He's a billionaire, for crying out loud! I'm glad that he was way different than on the debates. But aren't you asking yourself which one is the real Trump? I'd rather have someone who's the same all the time.

Actually, they both suck. I wish Gary Johnson would just win. - anonygirl

Donald trump is better because he has more money then her! - RootBeerFan

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25 She is an idiot

There is a major difference between being smart and being wise. Sure, Hillary might have attended an Ivy League university, but that is not a substitute for having wisdom and common sense. There is more than enough evidence of her dishonesty and hypocrisy.

She's probably too stupid to say she's "An idiot" so she says "A idiot"

That's why it's called "A idiot" on this list - doodie

Hardly. She attended Yale, met with amazing people such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa, was active in politics from an early age, etc. She is in no way "stupid," as you put it. - Alpha101

Trump went to wharton's, a good school. He switched because of changing views. He wasn't active, but he knew what he was saying, and does now. - Therandom

Shes such a pinhead! - RootBeerFan

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26 She is rude, mean, and racist

And shes takes drugs - RootBeerFan

27 She only cares about women

She is so sexist! - RootBeerFan

She all talks about woman & their rights & how to help them! Hello, what about the problems men face? Like a man and his rights with his child vs a woman? No, all she talks about woman, woman, and WOMAN! Does she not care about men? What a FEMI-NAZI!

Men are sexist done and done

SHE IS A FEMINAZI! D8< - BorisRule

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28 She caused tax overflow and the increase of gas prices

Gas prices among other items are always low during an election year. They want people to be happy. It doesn't matter who is president. As soon as the election is over prices will go back to normal. Do your research before you speak. If is better to be thought of as a fool instead of to speak and prove it.

Gas prices are now at $1.68 a gallon. Last I looked, Obama is still in office. Disproven again, Republican trolls. How much are the Koch brothers paying you anyway? Gee, I thought they were supposed to be smart businessmen...

Bill Clinton did idiot he caused meaning Hillary will do the same thing - 2storm

2storm, what in blazes does your comment even mean? It looks like gibberish.

Are you from the grammar police? You don't even have grammar yourself anyways - FerrariDude64

I think a lot of people will lose their jobs

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29 She refused to consider Boko Haram a terrorist organization

No, she refused to consider Procol Harum a terrorist organization. I think you guys are pulling these accusations out of places where the sun doesn't shine.

And their faces turned just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale! Sure, I remember Procol Harum...

Likes she knows what a terrorist is

Yes they burn kids

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30 She's sexist

"No she isn't you are sexist"

YOU don't even no the person who added this item or anyone on here really. How can you say that?

Hilary on the other hand, has called woman who came out that her husband raped her (the woman) 'liars' when her filthy husband cheated & lied to her before. What a pathetic tool to bill!

She's not sexist. This list on the other hand is downright offensive.

Shes extremely sexist! - RootBeerFan

No she's not YOU are the sexist ones - Neonco31

Some people dislike clinton because of her values, not her gender. I hate people who say this. Give me a female I agree with and I'll vote for her, give me a male I agree with and I'll vote for him. It's not that hard. - HiBye

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31 She's stupid
32 She lied about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

She the type of person to play pokemon go

Trump hates violent video games Clinton & him suck!

When Did She Do That

She hates it too - RootBeerFan

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33 She is married to Bill Clinton She is married to Bill Clinton

Isn't this the same as her being stupid

Well we got bimbo who stayed with a cheater & jack@$$ who can't keep a wife. Both are pretty nauseating...

Why do get this when you you search why Bill Clinton. Why bill Clinton is awesome

Poor bill clinton! he got raped by his wife! - RootBeerFan

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34 She'll be the first woman president

Whoever added this is horrible I admit Hillary Clinton is a horrible politician but this is sexist - 2storm

This is the only reason people will ever vote her in. Hell, even Trump has a better chance of being president so far! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Troll item! That's too sexist!

Then the world will end because girls are dumber than boys while boys are smarter than girls - RootBeerFan

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35 She treats obama like a close friend and role model V 2 Comments
36 She won't remove Common Core

Enough of a reason to vote Trump. Stupid Common Crap...

37 She hates veterans V 1 Comment
38 She'll Go to War with Russia

Russia can destroy USA in SECONDS! Hillary, don't do it, or else... well, you will be just another meal to Russia. - BorisRule

39 She's physically unwell

She is not physically fit to be president. You'd have to be blind to not see the symptoms. She's been exhibiting obvious symptoms of Parkinson's disease. She has freezing spells. She has seizures. She has weird neurotic reactions like her eyes bugging out or her head bobbing. All definite symptoms. They have confirmed she has pneumonia (probably because of an inability to swallow properly, another sign of Parkinson's). Her 'team' is trying their darndest to cover it up. Saying crap like, "it's just allergies" or "she overheated". My butt! That cough is obviously something more serious. And why is she avoiding press conferences? She's rfickin running for president! I'm so sick of her lies. I hope the American people wake up.

Hasn't she been fine after she recovered though? This one doesn't seem to apply anymore lol. & again trump is being avoiding about any important info of his medical records while he demanded to see hers WHILE AHE WAS STILL ON THE HOSPITAL. When's the last time he's been in the hospital, & what for?

She can't come to our peaceful country and sicken our dogs

Trump is right! Hillary is fat! - RyanMtheGamer

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40 The Democratic Nomination was set up for her to win

Bill moved all posible strings to keep others from running. She was almost beaten by and old and under financed socialist, who at least, is not a bad person.

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