Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election


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41 She will change the American flag She will change the American flag

A rainbow flag with the Nazi logo on the center. LOL! - njalabi63989

What are you talking about? - RyanMtheGamer

Ok I dislike her & hopes she gets her @$$ thrown in prison along with her sick husband, but when has she said she will do this?

She will ruin america! - RootBeerFan

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42 She's a puppet of the Illuminati

And Trump is a puppet of the radical jews..

And Trump is a zion puppet.

Lololol illuminati

Shes actually just a holorgram! - RootBeerFan

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43 She tries too much
44 She is totally deceptive

What you see is not what you will get.. she is the perfect result of marketing spin.she will say anything to get back in the White House... I say convict her on the email fraud.. anyone else would be in jail

45 She will carry out ObamaCare

Obamacare (Made by the worst president of the US - RyanMtheGamer

46 She's a killer

Donald troll is fine with gays being killed off due to gay hate & has hinted at assassinating Hilary great job with getting one of these people in morons

My Dad's friend was at the destruction of the twin towers and didn't make it - RyanMtheGamer

She killed bill clinton just because he has more money in the bank! - RootBeerFan

Why can't Bernie be president?! Why?! 😭😭😭😭 you guys who voted for HER and HIM are heartless! Oh so now you are racist like HIM but you don't like to good one, Bernie! Now our only choice is HER...


PINK SHEEP FOR PRESIDENT! Vote PS forget the racist!

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47 She will kill all children in America

Sadly, about 5 million of us want her to be elected instead. - IcetailofWishClan

Even the living ones - 1337

That is called genocide and yes she would most cerenly do that

Phew! donald trump won! if hilllary won then I will be dead! - RootBeerFan

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48 She will ban all guns

This Is Wrong Because If You Ban Guns For Civilians They Can't Defend Themselves Against Serious Criminals (Who Can Get The Guns From The Black Market Weather Gun Owning Is Legal Or Not).Still Think A Ban On Guns Is A Good Idea?

Don't let hillary make you defenseless - RyanMtheGamer

Maybe we should ban stupid racist rednecks and gang members from owning guns. PROBLEM SOLVED!

"Not false - 2storm"
It is false because she just wants more gun control, not a complete ban on guns =/

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49 She has "cankles" She has

So does your mom

Oh No? - RyanMtheGamer

50 She has no plans

Ask Hillary about her view on a certain topic. She will give out the most wishy washy reply ever. She has zero plans and is not qualified, so it makes no sense why people are voting for her just because she has a vagina.

And trump isn't any different y r both so unhelpful we r doomed

51 She is wall-street backed
52 She's a feminist

Nope! SHE IS A FEMINAZI! D8< - BorisRule

53 She's most likely a satanist

I just looked up it on CNN news and guess what I found! I found out that hillary clinton is a satanist! - RootBeerFan

...for supporting abortion.

That's more likely trump as he basically hates everyone not him, hawtt woman, & ivanka

"Wrong. - DoroExploro13"
Nope correct y else would he needlessly call all Mexicans 'drug lord rapist' & insult China with saying they invented global warming?

54 She won't get rid of Obamacare

If your expecting trump to handle healthcare better, than... LOL! He made fun of a disabled reporter he doesn't give a f about those who r sick & hurt

That's like saying if I once made fun of a black man I hate all black people. - HiBye

And a lovely[sarcasm] quote from Donald @$$hole: I don't care how sick you are. Just hang on until November 8th and vote for me.
If u where planning trump handling healthcare better... LOL

55 She's the worst woman in world history

Yep and Donald Trump is with her. - njalabi63989

56 She is old

Bernie Sanders is WAY older. Like, have you seen his face - LegoGeek21

She is in good health and six months younger than Donald Trump, though. - seafowlomicron

She is younger than both Trump and Bernie Sanders, and looks younger than Fiorina.

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57 Democrats have already done enough damage

Johnson is so dragged down by Vietnam. But for a southerner to take the brave stance that he took on Civil Rights is inspirational. We are a better nation today because of Lyndon Johnson. When he signed the Civil Rights act, he correctly stated, "Well, the Democrats can forget about support from the south for the next forty years! ". He was right.

But not all. Remember Lincoln, Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. They were great presidents. But that doesn't mean that Democrats are all nice.

Johnson was an okay president. He did get us deeper into Vietnam, but he did do some good as well. Kennedy was overrated, but still a great president. Lincoln was outstanding. - Alpha101

Lincoln was a Republican, folks, although I do understand your confusion. Lincoln was nothing like today's Republicans. There is no doubt in my mind that if Lincoln were alive today, he would be a Democrat.

Bush jr:
Is where most our debt came from.
Started a war without premission for oil...oops I mean 'WoMD'
Got TWO terrorist on our @$$
Started the stupid Internet government thing ever1 hates
Started NCLB garbage

And they say democrats ruined everything lol

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58 She wants to attack Iran

Trump angers everone by saying stupid things like China invented global warming China sounds like a nice place compared to a place ruled by trump or Clinton!

"So what if he says bad stuff? Hillary Clinton DOES bad stuff - DoroExploro13"
What's wrong with him 'saying bad stuff'? Well, for the global warming thing, saying stuff like that could ruin trade with China, which would be TERRIBLE as china is our biggest trader

"So what if he says bad stuff? Hillary Clinton DOES bad stuff - DoroExploro13"
Scamming people (trump university then tried to get out of it by pay to play) & trying force an elderly woman out of her home, harassing her, & making fun of her dressing style (Vera cokings) is not 'bad stuff? I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

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59 She has an annoying voice

Its pretty annoying and I hate her but that's not a reason not to vote for her

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60 She wears pantsuits
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