Top Ten Reasons Why History Is the Best Subject


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1 It is interesting

Especially when you get to learn about your own history and heritage. Even if your black.. - TheMainReason

It is interesting when they teach it well but not when they don't - jmepa1234

I agree! History is very interesting - paasadani

History best subject is god to me

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2 No math

I am talking about like big math - 2storm

Good. I mean I love math but I could use a break from it - ShatteredCrystal

Dates to memorise are technically mathemtical. How long was the Boer War? 1899-1902. 3 years. That's maths! - PositronWildhawk

Not really... The problem was already solved for you, so technically its not math. - TheMainReason

Memorizing dates and subtraction and addition isn't complex math so technically involed but not hard math

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3 You learn about the past

Like Obama does every day? - ShatteredCrystal

Yes, like what Obama does


4 Similarities between past and present

You all know who Hitler is, right? If you don't, you shouldn't be on the Internet. Hitler is known for obvious reasons, but comparing Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, the made the exact same mistakes, and they tried to take over too much land. Just goes to show how the past can still be similar to mare recent times. - Turkeyasylum

There are also a lot of similarities between historical events which happen at different points in the past. For example, the ancient Egyptian kings claimed to be gods, and the more recent absolute monarchs in Europe claimed to be chosen to rule by God.

5 It will help you in life

We have a lot of evidence that the human in the past have done these have done that. History is history but if the history of human doesn't begin there will be no human raise like nowadays. History is showing about the legend, religious, culture... etc. that is important for you to understand and showing the path that the legend walk through, the legend do, and show about what the legend sacrifice to get what they want. it also show about the some wrong path that you shouldn't go through. if you know a lot of history (not only your country history but every country)it can also help you in your life in a different way.

6 You learn stuff

Same as what you do in every other class - ruJILLous

7 It's common sense
8 It is awesome
9 It is easier to learn

It makes sense and it is a simple subject to learn for all ages

10 Teaches you moral lessons

Powerful morals can be learned because dang, the past people did some stupid things. Awesome, but some of them really stupid (see Trojan horse). - keycha1n

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11 It has reading in it
12 Learning about politics in the past

name jeff

13 It can change you

It has actually changed me

14 It's easy to understand
15 It controls the present
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1. It is interesting
2. It will help you in life
3. No math
1. No math
2. It is interesting
3. You learn about the past
1. It's common sense
2. It is interesting
3. You learn about the past

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