Top Ten Reasons Why Hitler is Better Then Donald Trump

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1 Hitler has a cool mustache.

Oh my god, stop it!

I agree with this list

That doesn't make him better. - Squidward48

How is this relevant?

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2 Hitler had a cool accent.

True - Manlypants

3 Hitler married Eva Braun, all Trump has is Melania.

What a lie! Trump has a son! Stop spreading lies! - darthvadern

4 Hitler had better pets.

Pets and their owner are not the same thing! - darthvadern

I don't know what pet trump has but I will guess that pet is named trumpet - RoseCandyMusic

5 Hitler is a facist, Trump is not.

Didn't Hitler kill Hitler?

Both suck although Hitler is 10 times worse.-LitSavage

6 Hitler had a better family.
7 Hitler is a good speaker, Trump is not.
8 Hitler was not as evil as some other nazis, Trump is more evil then Mengele.

Hitler caused the halocaust

9 Trump was a Christian.

Respect people with other beliefs! I'm atheist but seriously this is abusive! - darthvadern

10 Hitler liked Stalin, Trump did not.

That's like saying Morgan Freeman sucked because he hates Kim Jong-Un! - darthvadern

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