Top Ten Reasons Why Hitler is Better Then Donald Trump

The Top Ten

1 Hitler has a cool mustache.

Oh my god, stop it!

I agree with this list - BlackVelvetdixE

Look I'm going to give you a warning you have to use good reasons to define the reason of their superiority than members of the form of government called democracy(Don't get confused),so stop making absurd,bizzare reasons filled with tomfoolery I'm sorry Lucretia but use your mind to explain in your next list if not you shall perish- Kevinsidis

Dear Lucretia, nobody caers about mustaches, your trolling is getting on my nerves, if you continue with these lists, come up with REAL reasons! Mustache does not affect the PERSON INSIDE! Have not heard of seven words; DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! - darthvadern

2 Hitler had a cool accent.
3 Hitler married Eva Braun, all Trump has is Melania.

What a lie! Trump has a son! Stop spreading lies! - darthvadern

4 Hitler had better pets.

Pets and their owner are not the same thing! - darthvadern

I don't know what pet trump has but I will guess that pet is named trumpet - RoseCandyMusic

5 Hitler is a facist, Trump is not.

Both suck although Hitler is 10 times worse.-LitSavage

6 Hitler had a better family.
7 Hitler is a good speaker, Trump is not.
8 Hitler was not as evil as some other nazis, Trump is more evil then Mengele.

Hitler caused the halocaust

9 Trump was a Christian.

Respect people with other beliefs! I'm atheist but seriously this is abusive! - darthvadern

10 Hitler liked Stalin, Trump did not.

That's like saying Morgan Freeman sucked because he hates Kim Jong-Un! - darthvadern

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