Top Ten Reasons Why Hollyleaf Isn't that Bad


The Top Ten

1 Saved Ivypool

Hollyleaf and Ivypool are my favorite characters, and I didn't really like Hollyleaf until she saved Ivypool's life. - Oliveleaf

She sacrificed herself for a cat she barely knew!

2 Followed the Warrior Code

It's sad how rare this has become in Warriors :I

She was extremely loyal

So true how rare this is in warriors nowadays, almost every warrior has broken a rule or has a dark secret, even defensive jerk Onestar (***SPOILERS*** Smoke & Darktail). - Songwind

3 Returned to ThunderClan

Even though she killed Ashfur, and ( sorry if incorrect ) spilled the secret of her actual parents, she came back to Thunderclan when they were in need

4 Sorry for Mistakes
5 Great Hunter
6 Helped ThunderClan Against Sol
7 Let Queens and Elders Eat First

Isn't that the usual routine anyway?

8 Accepted Not Being in the Three
9 Saved Molepaw and Cherrypaw
10 Killed Ashfur for a Reason

She killed him because she wanted to protect Leafpool's secret - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

The Contenders

11 She stayed with Fallen Leaves for company
12 Not a Mary Sue
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