Top Ten Reasons Why Hollyleaf or Ivypool Deserve to Be the Third Cat In Warrior Cats: Power of Three

In my opinion, Dovewing does NOT deserve to be the third cat. Instead, Hollyleaf or Ivypool should be the third cat. Here are the reasons why.

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1 Hollyleaf and Ivypool did more useful things than Dovewing

I don't find Dovewing as annoying as fans say, or annoying at all, but Ivypool was certainly brave to spy on the Dark Forest. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This is very true! All Dovewing really did was flirt around with guys, while Ivypool risked her life every night for her clan!

2 Hollyleaf and Ivypool have better personalities


So true! they both have been through so much, and have become better people...uh...CATS...but dovepoo hasn't changed at all :u

3 Dovewing did nothing yet the clan adored her more than Hollyleaf and Ivypool

Dovewing did SOMETHING, All cats do SOMETHING, So people run around and say Dovewing's a mary sue, you can also make a list of TEN EXACT REASONS Dovewing is a mary sue, I bet most of them will be made up. I love Hollyleaf and Ivypool, but by the way, Dovewing does NOT whine. - SeeU

She did do something all right. Whine like a little kit. She was torn between a childish noob of Shadowclan and the nicest tom in her clan. Other than that, she never did anything USEFUL. Hollyleaf? Taught the cats to fight in the tunnels. Ivypool? Risked her life whenever she went to sleep. Dovewing: Nothing.

Dopewhine did something. While Ivypool was dealing with the Dark Forest, Flametail was drowning in ice, Dopewhine was doing something! She was prancing around whining about Tigerfart!

4 Ivypool spied in the Dark Forest, but the clan ignored her and treated Dovewing like a queen

A queen is a cat that takes care of kits.

They never treated her like a queen... - SeeU

They did. Senior warriors treating her like something that fell out of StarClan. Ring a bell?

Dovewing=*Blah! * Me throwing up.

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5 Dovewing didn't user her power to do something useful

She did use it to do something useful actually. She warned the Clan when the Dark Forest Cats were going to attack. I think that it would have been cool if the Three were Dovewing, Ivypool, and Hollyleaf. (all she-cats) - Oliveleaf

No, she did something useful (have you even READ Omen of the stars? ) She heard into the dark forest. - SeeU

6 Hollyleaf is more loyal to the Warrior Code than Dovewing

If Dovewing was loyal to the code, she wouldn't try to be in a forbidden couple with Tigerheart - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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7 Dovewing is a Mary-Sue

Give me ten good reasons why she is a mary sue. - SeeU

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8 Dovewing is annoying

Hollyleaf and Ivypool may be annoying sometimes, but Dovewing is more annoying - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

9 Dovewing made her sister be ignored by the clan

I agree with SeeU (even though I hate Dovewing). They both got that interpretation. Dovewing didn't make that happen to them.

She didn't MAKE the clan, they chose their own actions. - SeeU

Thanks to Dovewing, the clan ignored Ivypool - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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10 Hollyleaf and Ivypool are smarter

That's true

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11 Ivypool and Hollyleaf are brave could risk their own lives for the others
12 They Aren't Mary Sues
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