Top Ten Reasons Why Hollyleaf or Ivypool Deserve to Be the Third Cat In Warrior Cats: Power of Three

In my opinion, Dovewing does NOT deserve to be the third cat. Instead, Hollyleaf or Ivypool should be the third cat. Here are the reasons why.

The Top Ten

1 Hollyleaf and Ivypool did more useful things than Dovewing

Ivypool spied for the dark forest

I mean Dovewing get praised for doing what?! Almost nothing! And Dovewing May have seen the Dark Forest coming, but I mean Ivypool is the one who actually found out that there was going to be a battle AND (I’m out of breath RIP me.) Hollyleaf died for the sake fog her clan I mean that's noble! At least Hollyleaf actually made a change when Sol was coming?

This is SO true! Dovewing may not be a Mary-Sue, but Hollyleaf and Ivypool are much more developed, much more interesting, and ultimately made a bigger difference than Dovewing did. I don't understand why Hollyleaf wasn't the third! It literally MAKES NO SENSE! - Scarletfall

This is very true! All Dovewing really did was flirt around with guys, while Ivypool risked her life every night for her clan!

2 Hollyleaf and Ivypool have better personalities

I like Dove, but Holly & Ivy had more character development. - RoseWeasley


SO true - Scarletfall

So true! they both have been through so much, and have become better people...uh...CATS...but dovepoo hasn't changed at all :u

3 Dovewing did nothing yet the clan adored her more than Hollyleaf and Ivypool

Dovewing didn't do nothing. Hollyleaf and Ivypool just did more. - Scarletfall

She did do something all right. Whine like a little kit. She was torn between a childish noob of Shadowclan and the nicest tom in her clan. Other than that, she never did anything USEFUL. Hollyleaf? Taught the cats to fight in the tunnels. Ivypool? Risked her life whenever she went to sleep. Dovewing: Nothing.

Dovewing did SOMETHING, All cats do SOMETHING, So people run around and say Dovewing's a mary sue, you can also make a list of TEN EXACT REASONS Dovewing is a mary sue, I bet most of them will be made up. I love Hollyleaf and Ivypool, but by the way, Dovewing does NOT whine. - SeeU

Dopewhine did something. While Ivypool was dealing with the Dark Forest, Flametail was drowning in ice, Dopewhine was doing something! She was prancing around whining about Tigerfart!

4 Ivypool spied in the Dark Forest, but the clan ignored her and treated Dovewing like a queen

That's because the rest of ThunderClan are idiots who don't recognize what a huge difference Ivypool made - and that she RISKED HER LIFE TO DO SO - by spying in the Dark Forest. - Scarletfall

A queen is a cat that takes care of kits.

Seriously. As Ivypool found out about all the Dark Forest Plans, Dovepoopypants was whining about Tigerpoop. Sure, Dovewing DIIID say the clan with all her magical powers and finding out about the beavers, but, SERIOUSLY? Ivypool is WAY better than Dovewing!

They did. Senior warriors treating her like something that fell out of StarClan. Ring a bell?

5 Hollyleaf is more loyal to the Warrior Code than Dovewing

She always cared about obeying the warrior code which is what all cats should do but hollyleaf was always obeying it, apart from when she killed ashfur but she had a good reason for it. - Holly_leaf

Hollyleaf is OBSESSED with the warrior code. As much as I love her, it ultimately resulted in her killing Ashfur. How is that good? - Scarletfall

UGH! PUH-LES Dovewing is nothing more than a peice of trash. HOLLYLEAF DESEVERS SOOO MUCH BETTER! all dovewing did was find out about the bevers and BROKE the warrior code by seeing another cat! hollyleaf is so much better because she trained hard to get what she deserved but noo nobody saw hollyleaf as what she really is. A smart beautiful amazing cat that deseves so much better than she gets. AKA: Dovewing sucks
starclan is with you:

Hollyleaf is all about loyalty. - DewSpectrum11

6 Dovewing didn't user her power to do something useful

She knew when the dark forest was gonna attack because of IVYPOOL. There.

She did use it to do something useful actually. She warned the Clan when the Dark Forest Cats were going to attack. I think that it would have been cool if the Three were Dovewing, Ivypool, and Hollyleaf. (all she-cats) - Oliveleaf

She warned the Clans that the Dark Forest was going to attack. She warned ThunderClan that the tree was falling. She used her powers to get as much prey for her Clan as possible. She found out what was causing the lake to dry up. She did a lot of useful things. - Scarletfall

No, she did something useful (have you even READ Omen of the stars? ) She heard into the dark forest. - SeeU

7 Dovewing is a Mary-Sue

This isn't true
I am so tired of defending her
But she isn't a Mary-Sue - Scarletfall

Give me ten good reasons why she is a mary sue. - SeeU

We could make a list of a thousand reasons. But okay.
1. Everybody adores her
2. She has two toms running after her
3. She has super powers
4. She whines when everyone adores her
5. She has a ebook for herself when there is a whole arc dedicated to her and her stupidity
6. She thinks everyone MUST listen to her
7. She treats Ivypool like?! $&@
8. She thinks she's too good and exciting for Bumblestripe
9. She thinks she's a better warrior than Ivypool when Ivypool just tries her best
10. Th whole clan treats her like a queen

1. has no personality
2. has two cats walking after her
3. is loved by everyone
4. whines and cries a lot
5. "i just wanna be normal! 111111" okay okay reasonable reaction albeit an annoying one
6. best hunter ever! 111111! 111! 11
7. replacement of hollyleaf
okay I only got 7 but that's a start. cx

8 Dovewing is annoying

She can be - Scarletfall

9 Ivypool and Hollyleaf are brave could risk their own lives for the others

Hollyleaf saved ivypool when she hardly knew her. - Holly_leaf

Dovewing didn't save Ivypool from Hawkfrost during the great battle that was Hollyleaf... She risked her life for Dovewing's sister but still no compassion for Hollyleaf from Dovewing.

So could Dovewing technically - Scarletfall

10 Dovewing made her sister be ignored by the clan

Yea cool see you in the Dark Forest soon Dovewing so I can murder you.

*gasps* Dovewing can control what the Clan does?! I didn't know that!
Dovewing did not MAKE the Clan ignore Ivypool. The Clan chose to ignore her! Dovewing had nothing to do with it! - Scarletfall

I agree with SeeU (even though I hate Dovewing). They both got that interpretation. Dovewing didn't make that happen to them.

She didn't MAKE the clan, they chose their own actions. - SeeU

The Contenders

11 Hollyleaf and Ivypool are smarter

True - Holly_leaf

Are they though?
Just kidding. I agree with this one - Scarletfall

That's true

12 They Aren't Mary Sues

Very true - Holly_leaf


13 Hollyleaf and Ivypool are Way Better Cats Than Dovewing

Also true - Holly_leaf

In my opinion HOLLYLEAF deserve it more than ANYONE. She is the one who would sacrifice her self to her clan. She is devoted and always make sure that everyone follows the warrior code, because she just doesn't want anyone to Make the mistakes she made and end up have agony at one point/period like her.

Ivypool is the one who takes risks (Good or Bad) and figures out to help her clan. Ivypool would be a great leader but if she got the powers from the very start, she would just be another Dovewing.

We already know what it would be like if Hollyleaf had the powers (In the Power of Three series.) Even Jayfeather and Lionblaze thought than she would be a way better choice said in after she came back to the Clan from her run away to the Tunnels.

Dovewing is just a boring Mary-Sue that think the world revolves around her.

That's true - Scarletfall

14 Hollyleaf and Ivypool had better character arcs
15 Hollyleaf really deserves the powers, Dovewing isn’t really greatful for it and Ivypool deserved better as well

Hollyleaf defiantly deserved powers, she was always searching for her power and she wanted to use her power to help the clan and serve the warrior code while dovewing just constantly asked to be normal and didn’t care that she was in the prophesy, when jayfeather and lionblaze asked her to spy so that they could help the clans to find out who tigerstar and the dark forrest were training but she refused, stormed off and (naughtly) talked to tigerheart - Holly_leaf

Dovewing isn’t extremely thankful for her powers, Hollyleaf worked her life off for her powers that she never got, and Ivypool deserved to be more recognized than her gifted sister because Ivypool was a spy in the DARK FOREST! If Hollyleaf didn’t earn the powers (which she didn’t unfortunately) Ivypool should’ve been chosen and the third holder of the powers of three, not her Mary Sue sister Dovewing.

16 Hollyleaf and Ivypool are more relatable

They are! Dovewing is all perfect and u can't really relate to her! How many have you have been rejected in tryouts. A lot of you! you would understand that you don't always make it in and you can still be better than the people who do (talking about Dovwing). Honestly, more people lose than win and you can really relate to them for that.

17 Hollyleaf was supposed to be the fourth cat, but it was the whole spotlight for Firestar.
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