Reasons Why Homer Simpson Is Better Than Peter Griffin


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1 He's funnier
2 He's not offensive

Peter is offensive to lots of people in some jokes - simpsondude

3 He doesn't use inappropriate jokes V 2 Comments
4 Peter blames his problems on Meg
5 He pays attention to Bart

Peter doesn't care about stevie at all - simpsondude

6 He has funnier quotes

Both, I think, were funniest in the older days. - PositronWildhawk

7 He's more original
8 D'oh is the best quote ever

How is that catchphrase funny.Can someone please explain that to me

9 He doesn't hate Marge

Actually in my opinion, I think peter has a reason to hate Lois

10 He's not mean

Yeah... Peter shot Meg in the face for saying HI. Homer lets Lisa say hi to him all the time. Homer strangles Bart, Peter attempts to drown Meg.

Homer cares about his family,
Peter would rather drink beer with his friends.

Homer is the better man

V 1 Comment

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11 Homer is a better husband
12 Homer's Sane

Lets face the fact, Peter is INSANE!

13 Homer's more of a family guy than Peter

Homer is a family Guy, Peter is just not...

14 Homer is funny stupid, Peter is stupid stupid
15 Homer would let most characters from Springfield live in his home.

I do agree with you

16 Homer tries to be a good father
17 Homer isn't mean to his daughter
18 Homer has a big heart
19 Homer is stupid, but plausibly so

Peter does/says things sometimes that are so stupid it's painful to listen to or watch, for example, the time he cut off his thumb and gave it to Lois because he forgot to buy her a present. Nobody, anywhere would do anything so stupid... the stupid things Homer does/says, there are people in real life who do/say them.

20 Homer is less judgmental

Homer may be stupid, but at least he has a heart. Homer actually treats his family better while Peter treats his own wife like crap. Peter never listens to anyone, all he does is says what he thinks is right, he never has time to listen to other people's opinions. And when he does, he belittles them! What a jerk!

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1. He's funnier
2. He's not offensive
3. Peter blames his problems on Meg
1. He's funnier
2. He doesn't use inappropriate jokes
3. He's not offensive
1. He's funnier
2. He's not offensive
3. He doesn't use inappropriate jokes



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