Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

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It eats up all our free time

I end up canceling plans for the weekend just because of homework, EVEN school holidays LIKE DAMN

8 hours of normal school plus 3 hours of homework a night is very stressful enough said

I have loads of extra curriculum stuff, and I struggle to find the time!

If you have plans with friends you will have to cancel them over evil homework!

It's so boring

I completely agree, but is anyone actually trying to ban homework? NO! You can’t hate it too much, can you?

I totally agree. I get homework almost every day and I’m really tired of it.

Who ever comments is gay

Can't play roblox

We already go to school for 5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day, and 12-15 years

we go to school and they make us do homework which is more homework

If that isn't enough for teachers to teach their lessons then what is

Give us a break!

Ug homework is so dumb it just eats up all your free time

It causes high stress levels

Right now, I still have assignments that were really hard that it makes my mom going to help me. These assignments were quizzes since I was done reading the stories.

This can negatively affect children's mental health, causing child endangerment.

Because If you have dyslexia, Autism it can be very stressful

I am also a student I also got stressed after
8 hour school and after that homework for 5 hours

No time to spend time with family

It gives you know time to spend with your famillies that you were gifted with

I don't know I hate homework

I miss movie nights

Homework sucks

You're having fun and your parents say "HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK?!"

This is probably what causes kids to not do their homework.

that's annoying even more annoying than because I said so

This always happens

That drives me up the wall

You've been at school all day, home should be a place where you get to take a break and not have to worry about school.

I totally agree

The last thing I want to do when I get back home is homework.

i agree


School doesn't understand we have lives outside of school, too

exactly I agree I H8 HOMEWOK after a really hard day at school you gotta go home and do even more work!

I'll get a massive project/worksheet on Wednesday due Thursday. And...

I have Drama Kids on Wednesday. Screw me!

My teacher doesn't understand that at all

My teacher thinks its GOOD for you. WRONG.

The questions are hard

Hard as a peen

Homework is gay

Depends on how smart you are.

I always have headaches when I do hard questions.

Adults don't understand the stress

When my mom is at work and my dad is working I don't have any one to help

"Deal with it" my mom says.

My mom doesn’t understand how hard my homework is

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It brings the hell of school to your house

Totally agree

my school is already hell so might as well bring it home

Happy to not do it

Yes totally,no school!

We don't have enough time to sleep, which probably makes our grade lower in the long run.

My grades are just always ass


The stuff in homework is the stuff you learn at school

Same exact thing

Most of the stuff we learn in school we wont use

Math is for boring places like school

its crap

It causes procrastination

Every time I have homework to do, that's what happens. I'm so bored and I'm wishing that I was doing something else so it causes me to procrastinate and it takes 2 more hours to finish it.

Yeah. Like my total amount of homework should take like 3-4 hours, but I procrastinate and it takes me at least 5-6 hours instead. And yes. I am procrastinating while having to do my homework now. LOL.

We get home very late and haft to do homework and we’re so tired

I procrastinate every day! 1

It has caused suicides

How does homework cause people to commit suicide? It's sad that visitors here make fun of it. No offense, but if homework drives you to suicide you are seriously hypersensitive. Sometimes we need to do things in life that we don't like. These people who want to commit suicide need help I swear.

It depends on the situation and as well as your perspective. I think homework can increase the potential of suicides but if it got major enough under circumstances, it can possibly lead to it.

Who ever said they like it when people die, legit stop. You aren't quirkey, I'm positive you haven't killed anyone.

Suicide is really fun to watch when people kill them selves I have managed to kill a couple in my days

I will find you and kill you too

Suicide is going to be the best thing that will happen to me

You don't really learn anything

Homework is more about memorization than actual learning. you do that in class

I really agree with that.

It stops us from going outside and getting active.

We put on weight without getting active.

It's pointless

Unless you write with a sharp pencil.

Userguy44 sorry, but I disagree!

Well, what I think is that the homework should be made at school instead of home. Yes, I still said it isn't pointless, because it's a part of school. I respect your opinion though as I do usually.

No it isn't.

We spend enough time in school doing work we shouldn't have to take it home with us

I agree

#when yr late 4 shkool

i agree


People have lives

Exactly! We already had 6-8 hours at school! We have better things to do than memorize mindless facts.

Ye woo

Yes sir

I totally agree because I can’t play roblox adopt me

Tests have shown it affects your health in a negative way

You are all right homework is boring

It isn't fun

Not everything in life is fun.

We have to learn at school not at home

"we have to play

Tell me about it

Life should be enjoyed



It makes you tired.

I strongly agree


Probably one of the reasons why I’m always tired.

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