Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned


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1 It eats up all our free time

Yep - RoseCandyMusic

2 It causes high stress levels

Homework is crazy stressful, especially when your working on an average of 6 hours of sleep in middle school. Just today my teacher math teacher bothered the dickens out of me. Half my class didn't do the homework worksheet on lined paper, and instead on the worksheet itself. We have to copy them all over and it's 24 long problems. Then 17 classwork problems on the computer, which I didn't even start because I'm still copying problems I solved last night. (Finished at 1 am before getting up at 6 am for school) Then our homework is 14 more problems. In addition, we have a test in a couple days, and a possibility of school being canceled tomorrow due to a snowstorm. In that case, my teacher plans on putting more work on our class web page. That's just math.
Reading class is another story: 3 pages on 1 book chapter. Social studies is a test. The list doesn't end with our language and instrumental classes as well.

3 It's so boring
4 We already go to school for 5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day, and 12-15 years

If that isn't enough for teachers to teach their lessons then what is

5 You're having fun and your parents say "HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK?!"
6 The questions are hard
7 No time to spend time with family

yes true

8 It brings the hell of school to your house
9 School doesn't understand we have lives outside of school, too
10 Adults don't understand the stress

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11 We don't have enough time to sleep, which probably makes our grade lower in the long run.
12 It isn't fun

Not everything in life is fun.

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