Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned


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1 It eats up all our free time

Don't you ever think Homework will ever get full?

I hate homework its very hard


I don't agree because it helps us learn more and makes us more sturdy in a subject. It usually only takes 10 to 20 minutes for most worksheets.

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2 It causes high stress levels

Yes I think you are correct it does raise stress levels

I agree, and some studies show that the more stress you have, the quicker you die.

Its makes me mad!

Homework should be banned because we need more time to relax

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3 It's so boring

Who ever comments is gay

So true-alessandra

it sucks

Yeah it's so hard AND its boring

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4 You're having fun and your parents say "HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK?!"

mm hmm

This is probably what causes kids to not do their homework. - RoseWeasley

This always happens

So annoying!

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5 We already go to school for 5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day, and 12-15 years

i agree


If that isn't enough for teachers to teach their lessons then what is

<(! ~! )>

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6 The questions are hard

Hard as a peen

Depends on how smart you are. - Userguy44

m hm

7 No time to spend time with family



Homework sucks

It gives you know time to spend with your famillies that you were gifted with

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8 It brings the hell of school to your house

Totally agree

Ughh I'm cringing thinking about it now.

Happy to not do it

MORE hell is brought to my house (my house is already hell :P)

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9 School doesn't understand we have lives outside of school, too

I'll get a massive project/worksheet on Wednesday due Thursday. And...

I have Drama Kids on Wednesday. Screw me!

My teacher doesn't understand that at all

Ya yeet

10 The stuff in homework is the stuff you learn at school

its crap

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11 It has caused suicides

Suicide is really fun to watch when people kill them selves I have managed to kill a couple in my days

I will find you and kill you too

Suicide is going to be the best thing that will happen to me

Welcome to my world.

I'm gay lol

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12 Adults don't understand the stress

My mom doesn’t understand how hard my homework is

13 We don't have enough time to sleep, which probably makes our grade lower in the long run.


14 We spend enough time in school doing work we shouldn't have to take it home with us

I agree

#when yr late 4 shkool


15 It isn't fun

Not everything in life is fun.

16 It's pointless

Userguy44 sorry, but I disagree!

No it isn't. - Userguy44

17 It makes you tired.


18 We cant spend time with our family because we have either homework or projects

It stops time with family

And tests, too

19 It can drive you to madness

All I hear is REE

Mom: Why are you out?
Me: I have too much homework and it's so hard and it takes me forever to do it all!

20 The teachers become bossy
21 Life should be enjoyed



22 Tests have shown it affects your health in a negative way
23 3-6 hours of homework a night doesn't help me sleep more.

It takes me over 7 hrs to do mine

24 You could overwork yourself
25 It's a home wrecking thing

Ikr its gay

26 Family vacation and leisure are not observed
27 It wastes time and energy

This is a true statement, I truly agree.

28 It encourages conflict

It sure does

29 Some people feel too stressed to do homework

This always happens to me. - lunalovegood677

I’m always stressed

30 Homework distracts from studying for tests and exams

It doesn’t

31 People have lives

Ye woo

32 You don't really learn anything

Homework is more about memorization than actual learning. you do that in class

33 It makes you less productive

I feel like this is very true because we are being forced to learn something we don't want to

34 It is stupid

No, its not. But it is boring. I mean, you must learn something from it, or become better at something by doing it. And, I'm trying to wright an opinion essay and I can't just tell my teacher I think homework should be band because its stupid! Some of the other reasons are good but NOT this one

35 It causes us to have less time to do something
36 Homework can ruin some people’s lives
37 We came home from school
38 It's boring and we have better things to do

We have lives to live

39 Homework causes suicide and anxiety
40 It stops us from going outside and getting active.

We put on weight without getting active.

41 You stay up at night if you are too busy in the day to do your homework

That's true, that always happens to me and I get in a lot of trouble:(

42 We have to learn at school not at home

"we have to play

43 People actually have the right to have some free time to relax


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