Top Ten Reasons Why Homosexuality Isn't Bad


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1 Being gay is natural

Exactly. Homosexuals are people as much as heterosexuals. They deserve the same privileges it doesn't get fairer than that. - PositronWildhawk

If males were the only gender, homosexuality would not be condemned. - madoog

There are scientific studies which prove that homosexuality is found in wild animals. Now try to say it's unnatural. - SammySpore

It's unnatural. Anyways did you know cannibalism is going in wild animals? So animals do it means we have to do? That's just like say animals eat their young means you have to eat your young. - SapphireGrim

No, it isn't natural. But very disgusting!

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2 They are nice people

Well, isn't that overgeneralizing? - drdevil

Some are and some aren't. My dumb neighbor is gay and a moron. - Lucretia

Well, just like heterosexuals, not ALL are nice. Remember, gays are still humans. - RockFashionista

My next door neighbour in Canada was gay and he was really friendly. - PizzaGuy

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3 It shows you are unique
4 You can't control it

You can't control who you like? That's strange. Every girl in my grade chooses which boy to be in love with. - RockFashionista

They mean you don't choose to be gay; that (as a lesbian) I can't find myself attracted to males, but I can choose which female I like - AnonymousChick

5 More adoption

Oh god I'm suspicious about those queers its nasty and a sin

Ah yeah sure, when many gay "parents" are reported to molest their adopted children. - 2cool4u

6 It's okay to be different

They're still human beings, just like the rest of us are. I don't really want to change my sexual orientation, but then again, I'm only 12, and my life has just started. Maybe heterosexuality won't be my permanent sexual orientation, who knows. But you should treat homosexual people just like they are your best friend. - RockFashionista

7 Love is the same even if it's homosexual
8 It probably doesn't affect you

NO BuT I a StRagit WomAn WilL Be ForCEd To MarRY a WoMAn If ItS LegALiZed! - AnonymousChick

Seriously, it's not like a gay person came into your house and killed your family or anything.

9 It's legal

If homosexuality is so bad then why is it legal? Exactly, cause there's nothing wrong with it.
"- made an entire country realize love is love." Obama said that!

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