Top Ten Reasons Why Honey Boo-Boo Sucks


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1 She's ugly

Please tell me she's no longer relevant. Sometimes, I question America's taste in televised media given that only rednecks could even find one bit of enjoyment in Honey Boo Boo's awful show. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

As much as I hate this stupid show, it really is not okay to call kids ugly. - 445956

She is not an ugly girl, just overweight and needs to lose weight. I feel bad for the poor girl.

Even though I hate Honey Boo, I think it’s disgusting the reason people hate is because she’s “ugly” or “fat”. I mean, it’s awful to judge someone based on their look.

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2 She's stuck up
3 She's disgusting
4 Her parents don't raise her well

They let her drink red bull. Then she runs around town creating havoc like a psycho.

Go-Go Juice, Sketti and Butter. All that food, that's UNHEALTHY FOR A YOUNG KID

They feed her Red Bull, how is that good parenting? I heard how harmful Red Bull is, definitely not okay for a child’s body. “Go Go Juice”? More like drugs.

5 She's trying too hard
6 She had her own TV show

Thank god it got cancelled. - BubbleBear01

It got THREE seasons. Three seasons too many. - Turkeyasylum

This show was a disaster.

7 She's somewhat famous for being famous

Her mom made her famous.

8 She's a horrible stereotype of rednecks
9 She's annoying
10 They're mostly all over the media along with the Kardashians

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11 She and her mom are fat

Fat is such an understatement, they're obese okay? Everyone knew this from the start.

12 Her mother married a pedophile
13 She plays with her fat

I find that kind of disturbing considering her obesity.

Yucky. I'm overweight but I don't play with my fat. This disgusting, fat little girl in terrible.

That's disgusting.I'm slightly chubby(I'm not obese just a bit chubby) and I hate that.-DarkBoi-X

14 She Drinks Go Go Juice Which is Mix of Red Bull and Mountain Dew

Just imagine how fat Alana would've gotten if the show kept running (by the time the show ended, she weighed 125 pounds by the time the show ended)

I'd recommend pure fruity veggie juice with dried, powdered nuts and stevia added - BorisRule

Mountain Dew is fine, but Red Bull? That’s not for children, stupid parents.

15 Her show is very boring
16 She’s a Brat
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