Top 10 Reasons Why Humans Are A Strange Species


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1 We have religion

I'm talking about the ridiculous rivalry of ours. Let me give you advice: If you don't understand my comment in the surprising thing list and if you don't bother of making a very naive decision of replying to me of what I truly meant, this wouldn't have happened of me "spamming" your other list. Not my fault. Anyway, I'm an atheist, that's why I agree with you very much. P.S I obviously went to your other list to grab your attention because I'm suspended and I'm clouded as a visitor, turns out to be a WASTE of time. Sorry, it's your fault of wasting my time, not mine... - Kevinsidis

I'm not religious. - Firemist

I'm not religious (sorry Dad), but some people are. - Ashes

It's rather a good list you have. Very funny, you should've done that then that wouldn't happen of me "spamming" your lists.- Kevinsidis

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2 We have advanced technology

And we don't share because we're the smart ones. Sorry dolphins! - Ashes

How the hell are you going to share advanced nuclear technology with animals? - Bolshoy_Brat

Back when only the Neanderthaler, African Neanderthal, and Denisovan race was round (well there were more hominids but still) they made glue from a pitch you had to extract in a complex way, with only Paleolithic technology. They also navigated the world with the sky as a map, much like the Aborigines millennia later.

3 We are civilized

Rarely. But sometimes we act like we know how to be the rulers of Kingdom Animalia! - Ashes

4 We cook our food

Fire is easy to harness, hard to control. Just ask California. - Ashes

5 We have wars

Most of which could have been prevented. - Ashes

So do chimpanzees.

6 We kill for sport

I know that people view hunting as a game. - Ashes

What? - Firemist

7 We hold grudges

I have many and yet I don't care. - Ashes

8 We have government and politics

It's a weird system, global politics. - Ashes

9 We are addicted to our own creations

Phones, for example. - Ashes

10 We have currencies

And we waste it anyway! - Ashes

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11 We have fidget spinners

Ah, the dreaded fidget spinner...what could be worse? - Coreforce

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