Reasons Why I Recommend My "Xander Versus the World" Series In Little Big Planet 2

The Top Ten

1 It's a hidden diamond in the rough
2 If you like videogames
3 It has an incredible and fast-paced storyline
4 It has a great and creepy atmosphere
5 The soundtrack (which you can collect in a music gallery) is phenomenal
6 The Tails Doll has a major role in it
7 It is centered around infiltrating a space station
8 It has very creative and decent level design with some solid gameplay
9 You get to kill the Tails Doll with a machine gun
10 You never really have to wait for people to finish talking while you're playing; only during the cutscene levels when it is appropriate

The Contenders

11 It needs more plays
12 It is extremely underrated
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