Top Ten Reasons Why Ice Hockey is Better Than Soccer

The Top Ten Reasons Why Ice Hockey is Better Than Soccer

1 Soccer players pretend they are hurt and hockey players pretend they're not

Soccer players flop more than Lebron James. They barely get touched and hit the ground like they just got shot. Only bigger flop this year was Robin Hood.

This is true. I know a soccer player named Jon Dyer and he dives all the time. He is very weak and is also a nicotine addict.

Soccer just kind of lets diving happen, its become an accepted part of the sport. In most levels of hockey except for very little kids who are still learning to skate, diving is at least a 2-minute penalty either as diving, embellishment or unsportsmanlike conduct. In most of the professional leagues there is also a fine per a dive, in the NHL it can be as much as $15,000 per a dive aside for the fact that in hockey your own fans will turn on you if you dive, hockey players will feel there own fans wrath if they disgrace their team and the sport by diving.

This is the number one reason by far! I hate how soccer players get nicked and they're fall down crying! - TheHabsFan

2 Soccer players are weak

good job

Its just facts.

Not necessarily, some are very strong. I guess it depends on the group of people/team you’re talking about, comparing soccer and hockey

3 Hockey is more fun to watch

I actually kind of agree with this one. Soccer is when you just kick a ball around, but they do have some cool tricks for getting the ball around. Hockey has more action with getting around the arena and making it to the goal and stuff like that

4 Hockey has better fans

This is more of an opinion and it depends on the certain people that are Fans. Like picking the certain people you’re talking about for this scenario

5 Hockey is more physical

This is true, especially if you include Ice Hockey (which does count with Hockey). Soccer is, again, a sport where you run around and kick a ball. Hockey on the other hand uses more equipment and action, leading to good and bad sportsmanship for both sides

6 Hockey has more history

With evidence and research, this can be proven true

7 Hockey is more intense

Especially if you consider Ice Hockey for this reason, it is more intense.

8 Hockey makes more sense

The only thing that I can think of for this one is the name of the sport Soccer. It doesn’t match with the actual sport itself, whereas other countries call it Football. Our Football and Soccer doesn’t make sense and the names just don’t work. So I guess Hockey makes more sense in this way

9 Hockey is faster paced

Again, this is mainly for Ice Hockey due to skating around faster and including more action

10 Hockey has more action

I already kind of said this in number 9, so yea I do agree

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11 2-0 game in soccer is considered destroying
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